September 2008 Issue: Joe Vitale


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Cover Story: A Clear Path

Joe Vitale, best-selling author featured in the book and movie The Secret, reveals how to eliminate the roadblocks to attracting unlimited abundance into your life using the law of attraction.

Editor’s Letter: Believe to Achieve

FREE Preview: Searching for Spirit

When bound by the grip of addiction, belief in a higher power can lead a person from a life of chaos, fear and isolation to one of connection, freedom and love. (Article won a 2009 Folio: Award for Editorial Excellence in the Spiritual and Religious Category).

Also Featured in This Issue:

  • Law of Attraction Column: Good Vibrations by Paul Goldberg
  • The Healing Sounds of Quartz
  • Book Spotlight: When Your Falling, Dive
  • Healing Corner: Sound Healing Special