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Editor’s Letter Dec 2011 Issue


Trust the Higher Voice

I’m sure you’ve heard it before—the voice that rationalizes everything, making up excuses for you to do things you know deep down you should not. The one that says, “It’s O.K., go ahead and eat that second piece of chocolate cake,” or “You have been through a lot this week. Treat yourself to a new outfit,” even though credit card debt is piling up.

This is the voice many of us hear most clearly and most often. But what if there was another voice — a healthy and strong one that could drown out the one wreaking havoc on our life? Well, there is one, and it exists in all of us. It’s trying to shout over that destructive one, but most of the time we can’t hear it. However, once we learn to get quiet and start consciously listening for it, this higher voice can take over.

Whether it’s through meditation or simply taking a deep breath, asking for our higher self to take the lead, and then listening for the answer, the true spirit within will never point us in the wrong direction.

During our interview for this issue’s cover story, Dr. Wayne Dyer told me: “In ‘A Course in Miracles’ it says, ‘There is always two voices playing inside of our heads. One is the voice of the ego, the lower self, the one of fear, and the other is the voice of God, the higher voice.’ I’ve learned to trust in that higher voice.”

And on the big issues in life, he always trusted the guidance from these voices inside, urging him in the right direction. “I always trusted them, and I trusted them more than I trusted anybody else’s opinions about what I should be doing,” he told me.

In this issue, we celebrate Dyer’s more than 30 years of work, teaching others the lessons he continues to learn in life, and spreading the gift of spirituality to others. Elevated Existence honored him with our 3rd Annual Spiritual Service Award for his dedication to elevate the consciousness of people all over the world, creating a shift in the awareness of others and improving lives one person at a time through his incredible work.

Dyer teaches by example, sharing his ups and downs with his audience, including his diagnosis with leukemia, looking at everything that shows up in his life as a lesson. Thankfully for all of us whose lives have been changed because of his work, he continues to share these lessons with the world.

As the holiday season approaches, and stress hits an all-time high for many, know that your higher self — that voice waiting for you in the stillness — can offer you guidance and support. Whether it’s choosing a career, finding a soul mate, or keeping the peace around the holiday table, the answer lies within you.

As one of Dr. Dyer’s best-selling books explains in the title, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.” The key is to start with your higher self — which I assure you is not the voice leading you toward grief and pain, but the one leading you toward happiness and love.

Blessings and love to you all!

Tammy Mastroberte

Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director

Elevated Existence Magazine