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Editor’s Letter Jun 2010 Issue


New Directions

Growing up, most of us adopt the belief systems taught by our parents. And while some continue with those beliefs as adults, others find they no longer serve them, and begin to look for something more. It was my own search that led me to create this magazine two years ago, something I didn’t originally plan to do. I always knew I would be a writer, but it wasn’t until I began looking within that I discovered what I was really meant to do.

I don’t think mine is an uncommon story. There are so many people who start out on one path in life and suddenly find themselves heading down a different one—whether it’s career, relationships or faith. In this issue—our second anniversary issue—we interviewed two people with stories just like this.

Patrick Muldoon, this issue’s cover story, started his professional life as an actor, appearing in the soap opera Days of Our Lives,and the primetime hit Melrose Place, as well as a number of movies. He was voted Outstanding Male Newcomer at the 10th annual Soap Opera Awards, and in 1996 was named one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. But Muldoon had another passion he felt compelled to pursue—music. Today he is still acting, and is also the lead singer and songwriter for the band The Sleeping Masses, with lyrics reflecting his own journey within and his spiritual beliefs.

Everybody’s life is like the greatest detective story in the world and if you look inside, you can start to see the mechanics of how you work, Muldoon says in the cover story. Instead of things within you having a hold on you and working unconsciously out of them, you can get a hold on them and work consciously. The more knowledge you get out of yourself, the more you understand everything around you.

Muldoon was raised Catholic by his Croatian mother and Irish father, and began expanding his belief system during his college years. His music and lyrics are a reflection of this.

Also in this issue, we interviewed publicist and reality television star Kelly Cutrone about her New York Times best-selling book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You. Cutrone grew up in an Italian-Catholic family, and also found herself searching for beliefs and truths that resonated with her, rather than what she was told to believe as a child.

There was a period of time where I bought into everything—I’d had great success, recognition and money, and that started to destroy me because I didn’t have anything to anchor that, she tells Elevated Existence. I don’t mean that I didn’t have family or a good value system—I just didn’t have anything of my own. I had their morals and their ideas of what was important.

With her book, Cutrone is inspiring young women to listen to the inner voice of their soul in order to discover who they are, and who they want to be, rather than what society, friends or family tell them. She has managed to find success in the fashion and publicity world and remain true to herself and her spirituality—and that is something to admire.

We also bring you coverage of the Omega NYC conference this past April, which included Byron Katie, Sonia Choquette, Debbie Ford and more. Spread over nine pages, we take you inside the event to share what we learned from attending. And that is just the beginning.

It’s been an amazing two years, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of creating this magazine for all of you. I hope you are enjoying it too—and don’t worry, there is plenty more to come!

Blessings and love to you all!

Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director