VIDEO: One Thing NOT To Do When Manifesting by Tammy Mastroberte

When you are trying to manifest something into your life, there is one thing that will STOP you in your tracks every time.

I call in visiting “how land.”

Find out more in the quick video below, including the affirmation that will help.

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VIDEO: How to Improve Your Mood in 3 Minutes or Less with Tammy Mastroberte

Have you ever found yourself in a bad mood — feeling angry, anxious or depressed — and you are not sure why?

Or maybe you know why, but you can’t seem to get yourself out of it to start feeling better again?

Sometimes one of these “moods” can start one day and drip into the next, and this not only effects your daily life (and those around you), but it changes your vibration and what you are drawing to you or creating in your life.

I’ve seen this in my own life, and those around me, and I’ve become pretty good at shifting my energy when I get like this, so I want to share with you a quick process for you to improve your mood in 3 minutes or LESS!

Yes, it IS possible, so watch the below video and try it for yourself.

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VIDEO: Out-of-the-Box Meditation Techniques

Do you struggle with meditation?

Do you feel you don’t have enough time to fit it into your day?

Then I have good news!

Research shows that we don’t have to meditate 20 or 40 minutes straight to gain the HUGE benefits of meditation.

In the below video, I share with you 3 types of meditation that you can do in short periods of time to start your day, end your day, or use throughout the day to raise your vibration and reconnect to your Spirit.

Even if you already have an established meditation practice, you can add one or more of these into your day to carry that practice even further!

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VIDEO: How to Create a Spiritual Morning Routine

Did you know how you start your day has a HUGE effect on how the rest of the day goes?

And did you know studies show people who create and maintain a morning routine have less stress, depression and anxiety, and more happiness?

Starting your day with a spiritual morning routine will raise your vibration, connect you with your Source and can have amazing effects on success in all areas of your life.

And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time!

Even 5 minutes will make a huge difference, and in the below video, I share the steps to creating your own spiritual morning routine.

Also, be sure to click the link below the video to download the FREE article PDF where some of today’s top authors, such as Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette, Mastin Kipp, Gary Renard and Arielle Ford share their own morning routines!

CLICK HERE to download the PDF featuring the morning routine’s of some of today’s top spiritual teachers, including Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette, Mastin Kipp, Gary Renard & Arielle Ford!

VIDEO: Raising Your Environment’s Vibration

Those of us on a spiritual path know the importance of maintaining a higher vibration. Whether it’s manifesting our desires, healing our body or opening up to signs and synchronicity (from the Universe, our guides and loved ones who have passed) reaching for a higher vibration is key!

And it also just makes us feel better. One higher vibration or elevated thought can change your mood instantly.

But do you realize that your environment — whether home, work or even in your car — has an effect on your vibration?

In the below video, I offer 5 easy tips to raise the vibration of your environment, and in turn, the vibration of YOU!

And here are links to some of the things I mention in the video:

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“Your Life in Color” by Dougall Fraser

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4 Tips for Daily Gratitude

The topic of gratitude is not new.

We KNOW it helps raise our vibration, instantly improves our mood, and helps us attract our desires.

But are you bringing gratitude into your daily life?

Maybe you have a gratitude journal that you write in each morning or evening. But what if there were simple things you could do to incorporate even MORE of gratitude’s healing powers into your day?

In the below video, I share 4 tips for daily gratitude, and if you take just one of them, and incorporate it into your life, I promise you will see a difference.

How do you incorporate gratitude into your day? Comment below!