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The Surprisingly Calculated Healing Power of Animals


We can learn a great deal from our furry friends, whose behavior—both good and bad—is often an attempt at helping and healing the humans they love

By Danielle MacKinnon

Have you ever thought your pet might be trying to tell you something by growling at your new boss? Do you feel like your dog might know you better than anyone else in your life? Maybe you secretly believe your cat is trying to help you get through your break-up?

As an animal communicator and intuitive life coach, I get to talk and work with animals and their humans every day, and I’ve found all of these things to be true and more. Based on my work with thousands of animals over the years, I’ve learned pets can actually help us live better lives overall. In fact, animals work at an incredibly complicated level in order to help their humans heal themselves in order to become the best humans they can be. Once you understand animals are working to help us at every moment, it makes taking advantage of their help incredibly enjoyable, exciting and most importantly, rewarding for all.

  • Animals have mastered living in the moment. There is no better emotional uplift than feeling happy and secure in the now. Dogs are a great example of this, although humans often mistake their carefree nature for stupidity. I’ve heard my human would be much happier if she could just stop worrying about the future, from hundreds of dogs over the years. Dogs (and animals in general) are modeling being in the now moment by laying around the house, playing with a housefly, stalking a mouse and more. If you think your dog or pet is lazy, take a deeper look! He or she is showing you how to live in the now.
  • Animals sacrifice themselves in order to help humans heal. They are aware that a greater number of humans today are waking up to living more consciously. I recently worked with an elephant that had just been rescued from an abusive situation. While a difficult story to hear, the elephant (like many other animals I have worked with) asked me to share her story of abuse and rescue. She knew what she endured would inspire people to work, save and heal other animals, and that this type of rescue work would be healing for the humans taking part as well. This beautiful elephant has already inspired hundreds of people to help and many to wake up to conscious living, just like so many other animals.
  • Bad behaviors are actually messages. When a pet misbehaves, many people believe there is no hope for change. However, in reality, an animal’s misbehavior is a calculated message directed to their humans. Yes, it’s hard to believe that your cat’s inappropriate urination or your bird’s feather pulling could be related to your drinking problem or your depression, but they often are. Very few humans communicate with animals psychically on a regular basis (although all people do have this innate ability) so our pets often choose these annoying methods for getting their messages of healing, help and support through to their humans. Pooping, growling, pulling feathers, running around in circles and attacking are really signs to you! By changing the way you think about your pet, and by looking at misbehaviors as intentional rather than exasperating, your pet will be able to help you become aware of what thoughts, ideas and behaviors in yourself to modify to become healthy.
  • Your pet’s behaviors are a barometer for your own healing. Even though some of the methods animals use to get their message through to humans can be annoying (pooping in the house every time the pet’s male human checks out from the family by turning on the TV for example), animals are really helping their humans work toward positive change. As a human improves his or her behavior (dad watches less TV) the pet will alter his or her behavior as well (less poop in the kitchen). Knowing that the better you do, the better your pet will do, is a great reason to make positive changes in your life. Animals look at everything in life as a two-way street. You give, I’ll receive. I’ll give, you receive. Everything in balance and everything in moderation—lose or gain that balance and it will result in behavior differences in your pet.
  • Animals model unconditional love every day. I’ve met many people who were afraid to work with me because they feared their pet would say he or she didn’t love them. The truth is that every animal I’ve ever worked with has held deep compassion, love and understanding for their humans, regardless of their human’s treatment of them. Amazingly, even formerly abused animals still center their existence around love! Animals just don’t hold grudges. Take a cue from your pet and let go of what your mother said to you at the holiday party last year or what your colleague did during the conference call yesterday. You’ll feel happier and healthier because of it, and in that happier, healthier place you’ll be able to enjoy your life even more.

In many ways, animals are smarter than us. They’ve mastered unconditional love, they are working in service to humans to help us heal ourselves, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get their message of healing through. To honor this, just pay attention to the connection between you and your pet. Look at all of your pet’s behaviors, both good and bad, and try to see how they are related to your own behaviors. And remember—your pet wants you to be the best human you can be. The better you are, the better your life in general, and the better your connection with your pet. It’s a win-win for everyone!

About Danielle MacKinnon
Danielle MacKinnon is an animal intuitive and intuitive life coach. She works with people to help them move through blocks in their life, and works with people and their pets to assist them in coming to a deeper understanding of each other. MacKinnon is currently writing her first book focusing on the healing power of animals. For more information about MacKinnon or to schedule an appointment, visit her Web site at http://www.daniellemackinnon.com/.