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Tuning Into Spirit


Psychic medium Lisa Kay shares what she discovered from communicating with the other side, and how we can all learn to connect to the messages and wisdom of spirit

By T Love and Tammy Mastroberte

Having always felt there was more to life than the physical world where we live, work and fall in love, Lisa Kay believed we as humans were wired for more. After suffering a considerable loss, she found herself on a path of exploration that led her to question her own purpose and eventually develop her intuitive ability.

Kay believes we all have within ourselves a deep connection to the universe, and has devoted the past 10 years of her life to sharing the wisdom she has acquired on her journey. By connecting with spirit, or the other side, she helps those in the physical world access the loving messages of those who have passed on, in the hope of offering peace, healing and understanding.

Elevated Existence sat down with Kay to discuss how she discovered and developed her ability, what she has learned from working with spirit, and how we can all learn to connect with those who have left this physical plane and open ourselves up to recognize the signs they are sending.

Elevated Existence (EE): How did you first discover you had the ability to communicate with spirit?

Lisa Kay (LK): It was after a significant loss of a loved one 10 years ago that I began to really look within myself and evaluate what my life was all about. I was seeking my purpose, and as a result I began to come to a deeper understanding of the universe. Sometimes a traumatic event jumpstarts an ability already inherent in a person. I began to notice I was receiving messages from spirit. At first they came in stages, incrementally. It was as though I had access to an information highway that I was not yet ready to embrace. As I continued to prioritize my life and really ask, What is my purpose? I began receiving more messages in the form of images and then embraced this newfound ability wholeheartedly.

EE: Can anyone develop the ability to communicate with those who have passed on?

LK: I believe we all have this ability, and we are all wired for more. Some will choose to develop it and some will not. Some people have chosen to express their life purpose in a different way and are serving it in a different way. I choose to do it this way, and by embracing what was shown to me, I found I was receiving more. It’s by questioning that we receive more. I refer to it as my intuition, or inner compass, and when intuition is developed it becomes psychic ability. Psychic ability springs forth from intuition.

EE: How can one work to develop his or her own ability?

LK: First, we need to recognize that we all have it. It is in that recognition that we are then able to develop it. You don’t find it outside of yourself. It’s within yourself. We are all made up of energy, and our energy continues beyond the physical plane. Essential to this process is trust, belief and meditation. It is what you focus on that grows. Quieting the mind facilitates a deeper connection to spirit.

EE: How did your friends and family react when you told them you were able to do this?

LK: My friends really knew it before I did. Some of my family knew as well. I was giving out advice they connected to and found accurate. They knew it, but just weren’t saying anything. They were way ahead of me.

EE: How do you communicate with the other side?

LK: I see, hear and feel the information. Spirit uses my life experience to show me symbols so that I can deliver messages. Spirit can only send messages to me in a language I understand. For example, I was speaking to a young woman who had lost her mother. During the reading her mother showed me an image of a phone and the next image was that of a photograph. While I did not understand it, the woman’s daughter responded by saying, Yes I used to have her picture on my cell phone. Then the daughter went on to explain that she lost her cell phone. The next image was that of a green car. The young woman later found her cell phone in that very car.

EE: Do you see spirits, hear them or both?

LK: Yes and yes, but not the way I see and hear someone on the physical plane. It’s more subtle and that’s the part that one has to develop.

EE: What do you do to prepare for a reading or to tune-in to the other side?

LK: I meditate. If I cannot meditate and if I have too much energy flowing, I take a walk in nature to clear my mind. I always drink water before each reading because water conducts electricity, which is energy, so being well-hydrated is very important. Then I begin the reading with a prayer and in my mind, I ask the question, How may I help this person? I become the receiver and the interpreter simultaneously.

EE: In your experience, is there anything spirits have in common that they are trying to communicate to loved ones?

LK: It’s all about love. That’s all there is, both in the physical world and the hereafter. That is the single-most important thing that we need to understand.

EE: What are some of the other important things you have learned from spirits on the other side?

LK: Spirit taught me our lives here can be richer and have much more depth. I have learned to live more fully in the present moment. I learned about the importance of forgiveness. Spirit is also playful, they don’t hold grudges and there is no judgment.

EE: Is there something I can do to become aware of signs from loved ones?

LK: Absolutely. Begin a dialogue with those who have passed. Some choose to speak to them out loud while others do so in thought. By engaging them and beginning a dialogue, you are letting them know that you are ready to receive more.

EE: How can I get them to send a sign?

LK: They are already sending signs. It’s us who need to recognize and understand that they are sending them. It’s more about the recognition. Appreciation and gratitude are key elements. When we appreciate, we are telling them, I hear you. I get your message. Thanks. It seems that spirit wants to be engaged and has a sense of humor, too. Speak to them the way that you speak to others, and yes, go ahead and ask if perhaps next time they send a sign, they could do something specific. Spirits are loving and they want us to be filled with joy. But it’s important to grieve too. It’s a process that is different for everyone. There is no statute of limitations on grieving. Our loved ones want us to live fully in our lives because that is part of their joy. We need to be gentle with ourselves during the grieving process and take the time we need.

EE: What are some of the universal ways spirits try to communicate to their loved ones?

LK: They work with electricity, and love to use electricity. For example, lights flickering or a piece of equipment seemingly turning on or off for no reason. Music is a common language as well. It may be a song that comes on the radio that connects you to a loved one.

EE: Do spirits retain their personality after passing on?

LK: For the purposes of communicating to me so messages can be passed to their loved ones, their personality does come through. It’s their personality traits that give people confirmation they are indeed here. If for example someone is fastidious or perhaps they were a practical joker, then this will come through in the reading. There was a reading where I had an image of a man bending down picking up lint from the rug—it was a habit and the people who I was reading for recognized him as their loved one who passed, simply by that description.

EE: Can spirits still get angry and feel negative emotions?

LK: It has been my experience that there is no baggage in the afterlife. Their level of understanding of emotion is more highly evolved, therefore they do not harbor anger or resentment. They do not have the same concerns we have here on the physical plane. They want us to appreciate and enjoy our time here.

What I’ve learned is to be less externally focused, and that everything I have and manifest comes from within.

We are all energy systems. Life is not segmented. It is not Act I and Act II. It’s a journey that continues. The journey is about the soul, not about the material world, not what we’re collecting here. It’s about growing our soul and what our true nature is. I know my true nature is that of an infinite being. In understanding that there is a continuance of life, it enriches my life here on the physical plane, and when I connect to that, I connect to everything.

About Lisa Kay
Devoted to her work and dedicated to sharing the wisdom she has acquired along her journey, Lisa Kay’s primary desire is to help foster the physical-spiritual connection and to facilitate personal growth. It is her hope that by sharing the messages she receives, people will see that life does indeed continue beyond the physical plane. Also, she is currently writing her first book about how the evolution of her ability as a psychic medium changed her from a skeptic into a believer.

Kay has clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan, and is available for telephone readings, seminars. and group readings. She can be reached via her Web site atwww.lisakmedium.com, or at (212) 252-2457. EE