Are you ready to see RESULTS in 2018? Do you want to heal your body, manifest your dreams & create the life you deserve and desire?  

It ALL starts with your vibration. And it's not just about raising your vibration. It's about sustaining that higher vibration so you can become a magnet for what you want! 

And I can show you how!

Join me for this LIVE class where I will teach you easy and quick tools to Raise Your Vibration, Raise the Vibration of Your Environment (YES, this matters) and finally start creating the life you desire!

LIVE Online Class Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018 8 p.m. Eastern (Plus 2 Guided Meditation/Visualizations)  

Retail Value $97 Now Only $47 (Includes Lifetime Access to Replay)  

Class Registration is Closed! 

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In this LIVE Class, you will learn:

  • A guided "Reconnection" Meditation & Visualization mp3 to raise your vibration (You get this immediately!)  
  • A LIVE guided "Release & Elevate" meditation & visualization during class (Lifetime Access to Replay)  
  • 5 easy ways to raise your vibration at any time  
  • 4 Ways to instantly shift & boost the vibration of your environment to aid in your own vibration  
  • How to implement the 5 Elements of feng shui to balance any space (and raise your vibration)  
  • An exercise to protect yourself from absorbing or taking on the energy of others (which drags your vibration down!)  
  • Easy mantras to use in moments you need a lift  
  • How to quickly boost your mood & vibration in 3 minutes or less  

Here is what other people have to say about using my techniques:

"I love how all of your teachings are broken down into small and easy-to-implement steps. They are simple and make a big difference — especially your tips about raising our vibration and maintaining our spiritual connection. They are changing everything for me!" - David G.  

"I love the simplicity of your approach in all that you teach. It's always simple and easy to implement into my life right away. Thank you for helping me and everyone grow spiritually.”  

-Marni S.  


"Your teachings are soooo helpful! They have changed my life, and I'm incredibly thankful! 

- Patricia S.  



Tragedy hit my life at age 22 when my mother died suddenly of a brain aneurysm, only 3 days after Christmas in 1999. 

But this sparked my spiritual journey & made me realize everything in life happens for a reason — even my mom's death, which led me to start Elevated Existence & publish the 5-time award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine.

Over the past 10 years, I've interviewed top experts & authors in the spiritual & self-improvement world & a common thread in all teachings is the importance of our spiritual connection & maintaining a higher vibration. 

Your vibration determines ALL that you see in your life. It's the magnet that brings to you the people, opportunities & ideas to draw in all you desire. Let me help you master it!