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Editor’s Letter Jun 2009 Issue

A Year of Lessons

Time and space may be an illusion, but I still can’t believe it’s been a year since the first issue of Elevated Existence Magazine premiered in June 2008. It’s been said, if you really want to learn something, teach it to someone else—and that has certainly been true for me.

Over the course of this year, I’ve learned more than ever before, and hope you have too.
I’ve learned to find gratitude for everything that does or doesn’tcome my way, and how meditation really is the cornerstone of any spiritual practice. I’ve realized synchronicity occurs every day if we just pay attention, and finding and living ones purpose is truly one of the greatest gifts we can receive.

Even though this is our fifth issue, I am just as excited to present this one as I was with the first issue and each one in between. I believe in the healing and heart-opening power of everything we print, and I am grateful it continues to resonate with our readers. But, of course, I could not do it alone. All of the contributing editors, who continue to amaze and enlighten me with the articles they write, and the entire staff of Elevated Existence, who believe in this company and continually go above and beyond for its success—I whole-heartedly thank you all for your hard work and support!

Over the past year, Elevated Existence featured many visionary authors and spiritual leaders, including Deepak Chopra, Joe Vitale, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Collette Baron-Reid and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. This issue, I’m thrilled to feature intuitive and spiritual psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff, and her new book, Emotional Freedom.

Our emotions can be a very powerful tool when we learn to utilize them correctly. Author Esther Hicks, who channels the evolved beings known collectively as Abraham, talks about emotions as a guidance system for us to gauge how connected we are to Source, and when it comes to the Law of Attraction, feeling as if you already attained your goal can speed up the manifestation process tremendously.

Dr. Judith Orloff views emotions as teachers, offering the chance to transform the negative into positive, and ultimately generate more love and compassion in our lives.

I view each emotion as a trusted guide, there for the purpose of enlarging your heart, she says in the cover story. Emotional freedom is being able to own the moment no matter what you are facing, and having a commitment to change the negative feelings into positive.

Each of us has a choice in every moment of our lives. We have the power to instantly change not only how we feel, but also our point of attraction. In her book and in the cover story, Orloff offers exercises, examples and techniques we can utilize to become more conscious of our emotions—whether it’s anger, anxiety, depression or frustration—and looks at emotions from a biological, spiritual, energetic and psychological standpoint.

Also in this issue, our Law of Attraction columnist, Paul Goldberg, looks at how emotional reactions relate to self esteem in The True Gauge of Self Esteem, and Matt Kahn, who authors our Divine Guidance column, writes about embracing and loving each emotion with acceptance, loving kindness and appreciation in his article, What Really Matters. We also reviewed two amazing DVDs on transforming fear with the power of love in our Read, Watch, Listen section. As with every issue, I hope our readers find helpful, healing and inspiring information, and I thank you all for taking this journey with me over the past 12 months. And stay tuned—we are just getting started!

Blessings and love to you all!

Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director