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Conscious Life, Conscious Parent

Conscious Life, Conscious Parent

Growing and evolving as souls while temporarily in human form is one of the greatest gifts we get from inhabiting this physical world. While here, God/Source/the Universe offers us endless opportunities to accomplish this, especially through our relationships with others — and this includes our children.

In fact, New York Times bestselling author of “The Conscious Parent,” Dr. Shefali Tsabary, believes the primary purpose of the parent-child relationship is for the transformation of the parent, and the secondary reason is to raise the child.

“When my daughter came, she showed me how monstrously immature I yet was, and I began to see, we can either go down under with the overwhelming nature of this journey, or we can rise above and really use this journey to position ourselves into a higher state of evolution,” she explains in the June 2015 issue cover story. “I saw it happening in my own life, and I now see how my child is my greatest teacher.”

Just like any relationship, our children serve as mirrors, reflecting back to us all the areas we still need to heal and evolve. They trigger our own childhood wounds, and often do so more intensely than any other relationship, says Tsabary.

“You are triggered daily by them because you so want for them and love them, but you can’t control them really. They trigger your own childhood issues like no one else can, and they take you to your 3-year-old self really quickly,” she says.

Each stage of childhood offers parents the opportunity to let go, detach from the ego, focus on the present moment and connect with the child — all essential tools for any spiritual path. But this relationship is also where our egos roar the loudest because we feel our children represent us. We believe they are our possession, and are very attached to how they turn out. However, it’s key to remember they are separate beings with their own destiny, Tsabary explains. They are here with their own purpose, path and plan — including helping their parents evolve.

“Every stage has the element of drawing you into more spiritual awakening, but also potentially ensnaring us into more egoic attachment. Which way you go is up to your level of spiritual evolution,” she says.

jun-2015-coverI’m not a parent. I have a niece and nephew who I am very involved with, and often feel are mine, but I have not yet experienced (at least in this life) the role of parent. However, Tsabary’s work spoke to me. Becoming more mindful and conscious in all relationships and areas of our lives is the crux of the spiritual path. I believe parenting offers another area of practice for us, and honestly, is probably one of the most rewarding journeys we get to experience as human beings.

So, I dedicate the June 2015 Issue to all parents. May you find the strength, power, guidance and courage you need on your journey, and may you remember, not only who you are at your core, but who your children are as well, which is only love.

Blessings, love & elevation,

Tammy Mastroberte
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