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Editor’s Letter Mar 2010 Issue

Transforming Pain

If I gave you the ability to manifest just one thing, what would you chose? Would it be to attract your soul mate or a brand-new house? Maybe for some it would be a million dollars, or discovering a money tree in the backyard.

During my interview with Don Miguel Ruiz and his son Don Jose for this issue’s cover story, Don Jose posed this question, and his answer, while so logical, would probably not be the first thing many of us would chose.

If I wanted to, I could manifest a Corvette, but why would I want that? If I could manifest anything I wanted, I would not want to suffer anymore, he said.

He reminded me why so many of us start down our individual spiritual paths, and what we hope to achieve. Whether it’s choosing to eat organic, whole foods rather than processed, sugar-laden sweets to nourish our body, or reading self-help books, learning meditation or practicing present moment mindfulness, the goals are the same—to find freedom from suffering, both physical and mental.

This issue offers a number of solutions to help ease suffering, transcend the role of victim many of us find ourselves playing, and move from fear into love.

In his first book, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz gave readers four simple agreements, offering freedom from suffering and unlocking the door to happiness. In the cover story, both Don Miguel and Don Jose talk about The Fifth Agreement, a book they co-wrote to unveil the next step in personal transformation—mastering the self. The book shows how to incorporate doubt into our lives, while still remaining open and listening to others—respecting their beliefs whether we share them or not. It’s about taking responsibility for everything in our life, and leaving behind—or doubting—what no longer serves us.

Additionally, our Book Spotlight, Traveling at the Speed of Love by Sonia Choquette, uses the metaphor of airplane travel to explain how to stop living as a victim of fear-based consciousness and start living in love-based consciousness. She explains until we start taking responsibility for everything in our lives, we will not transcend the suffering victimhood inevitably brings. And the only way to do that is through love.

We are also launching new columns, including All About Angels by Deanna August, a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner who trained under author Doreen Virtue, and Energy Awareness Radio, bringing coverage from the popular radio talk show hosted by T Love, a Reiki Master and Certified Sound Therapist. In its debut, we highlight Isha Judd, author of Why Walk When You Can Fly?, where she presents The Isha System, used to transcend fear and cultivate unconditional love.

And our popular Law of Attraction column has a new author, Sonia Ricotti, an international speaker, author of the book Law of Attraction Plain and Simple, and president of Lead Out Loud, a self-development company. Her article, Walk on the Sunny Side, gives practical tips to stay focused on the positive in every situation.

While life will inevitably throw rocks in our path, we can arm ourselves with tools to shield us from the blows. Whether it’s taking responsibility and leaving victimhood behind, transcending fear with the power of love, or taking the edge off of pain—physical, mental or emotional—I hope this issue provides you with practical advice to use on your personal path to freedom.

Blessings and love to you all!

Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director