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Editor’s Letter Mar 2011 Issue

Success Starts on the Inside

A few years ago, I attended a Chopra Center Renewal Weekend retreat in New York, and one of the instructors, named Davidji, spoke about the importance of incorporating meditation into our lives as a daily practice. He offered the attendees an acronym to enforce the importance of starting each day with meditation, which was RPM or Rise, Pee, Meditate. Everyone laughed, but almost three years later, I still remember it.

I think many people underestimate the importance of incorporating a daily spiritual practice like meditation or yoga into their lives, even though they know the benefits. I write about and cover these topics every day and still fall off the meditation wagon from time to time myself when life gets hectic. But I know for me, the day flows better and I attract more positivity to me when I take the time to sit, get silent and ground myself each morning—especially when I add in other practices such as yoga, giving back and gratitude.

This is the message hip hop mogul, activist and philanthropist Russell Simmons, who is this issue’s cover story interview, conveys in his newest book, Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All. He credits practices such as meditation and yoga as contributors to his success in life, and explains that real wealth starts from within.

Being in the present moment is a simple, yet elusive idea, he told me when we sat down for the interview at his office in New York. People don’t understand that noise is the biggest distraction separating them from their goals. Being awake and being in the present is what allows people the freedom to attain their goals. That has to be step one before you start to chase the world. Go inside and then the world will come to you.

He also explained that the success people are chasing after is not what will bring them happiness—it’s through spiritual practice and giving back that true and lasting happiness is found. All leaders are servants, and people need to learn to be good servants if they want to get some of the worldly success they are chasing or think they want. If you want that success to mean anything, it has to come from these practices.

Following this same theme, our main feature in this issue is The Power of Conscious Breathing,where we highlight the benefits of taking a conscious breath and incorporating breathing exercises into our routines each day. We interviewed Shamrock Holtz, who is a shamanic breath and body worker, and is also known for traveling with best-selling Hay House author, Sonia Choquette. Holtz explains how one deep, conscious breath can bring us back to the present moment; activate the witness within ourselves to think before we react; anchor our spirit into our body; and dissipate fear and anxiety.

Lastly, I would like to welcome our newest columnist, Dr. Craig, a spiritual counselor, astrologer and interfaith minister who will be writing a column on love relationships called Soul Connections. This issue he discusses how to find the right partner, and what that really means. He is the author of the book Elemental Love Styles, and has been featured on ABC, Martha Stewart Living Radio and more.

We are moving into March as I write this, and I encourage all of you to incorporate some type of daily spiritual practice into your life this Spring, whether it’s meditation, breathing exercises, keeping a gratitude journal or giving back to at least one person each day. It is here where true success begins on the road to lasting wealth—from the inside and out.

Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director
Elevated Existence Magazine