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Do you feel like you were put on Earth with a mission to improve the world and the lives of others? Are you highly sensitive, and tend to see the best in others — including their hidden potential? Do you hate conflict and avoid it at all costs?

If this sounds like you, then you may very well be an Earth angel — and bestselling author Doreen Virtue’s new book, “Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How to be Loving Instead of Too Nice,” is a must-read in my opinion.

I’m a fan of Virtue and her work, and have enjoyed many of her books, but this one caught my attention, and I couldn’t stop reading it. Then I began to tell friends about it, and kept hearing the same thing: “I think that’s me! I need to read that!”

This book, which Virtue tells me is one of her favorites out of the more than 50 books she has written, is really a manual or crash course for Earth angels. Not only does it bring a whole new understanding to the emotional and spiritual struggles of an Earth angel, but it also offers concrete advice on how to recognize signs where we may be acting “too nice” as she says in the title, and need to take our power back.

“Earth angels aren’t perfect,” Virtue says in the March 2014 Issue cover story. “Because we stuff down our feelings, Earth angels have meltdowns and then feel ashamed because they think they shouldn’t act that way. They think, ‘I should be more angelic, and here I am having this out of control temper tantrum.’ So I really wanted to reach out and teach what I learned through 55 years of being an Earth angel on this Earth.”

In the book, she covers assertiveness basics, its role in relationships — whether intimate, friendships or business partners — and offers advice and tools to help us navigate the world in a healthier way. It’s not the Earth angel’s job to “fix people,” she says. It’s our job to inspire and uplift by being happy ourselves.

In the cover story, Virtue shares how to call upon Archangel Michael to cut the cords between us and unhealthy relationships — whether with people, things or substances — and how to begin to recognize the signs within ourselves that we are not being assertive enough, taken advantage of, or drained of energy.

There are so many Earth angels alive on the planet today, and when we learn to tune into our energy and keep ourselves balanced, we can make the positive difference in the world that we set out to make when we incarnated into this life. And it makes the trip a lot more joyful and peaceful too!

Blessings, love & elevation,

Tammy Mastroberte

Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director
Elevated Existence Magazine
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