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The Power of Mind

The research continues to pour in on how powerful the mind body connection truly is and how our genes and current wiring of our brain do not have to determine our future. Once believed to be unchangeable, science is now proving we can indeed change our brain, change our genes and heal our lives — body, mind and soul.

One of the people at the forefront of this research is Dr. David Hamilton, a former scientist working in the pharmaceutical industry to create drugs for cancer and cardiovascular disease, who started investigating the mind body connection after seeing the amazing effect placebos were having on subjects of scientific studies. He has since written a number of books on the topic, including “It’s the Thought that Counts” and “How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body.”

“After I published my first book, people would come up to me at lectures and workshops and tell me how they used the mind body principles to heal themselves,” he told me in the March 2015 issue cover story interview. “People were visualizing cancer tumors shrinking, for example, and they were all intuitively using the same mind body principles like visualization. I started looking into neuroscience and psychoimmunology so I could build a framework and understanding I could explain to my mom, dad or anyone off the street. There was so much science that validated it.”

March-2015-Facebook-230x300While his newest book is still investigating the mind body connection, he takes on a new subject, showing we can actually rewire our brain to change our level of self-esteem, self-worth and ultimately, self-love. The two-year project came to him through synchronicity, and as it so often does, the universe provided all he needed to research the subject.

Right around the time he started writing the book, his dog Oscar came into his life. Unfortunately, the dog was diagnosed with bone cancer, and died just around the time he finished the book. Looking back, he realized the dog came into his life to teach him about self-love, and a big piece of that was learning vulnerability.

“I knew about vulnerability, but I didn’t think I was going to include it in the book until I had an experience with it and found myself breaking down and crying in front of people about Oscar,” he shared. “It taught me a lot about vulnerability and actually made me feel stronger. I had the courage to be vulnerable and that is a massive part of self-love.”

In his book, and the cover story, Hamilton offers exercises we can do to improve our self-love quotient, and the fact that his work is backed in science makes it even more compelling. The power of our mind to attract what we desire, heal the body and boost our self-esteem should not be underestimated, and I envision a day when this makes it into the science books at every school for children to learn early on.

Hamilton ends his new book with what he calls the fourth stage of self-love, where we realize the truth of who we are, and our connection to infinite consciousness. During our interview, he shared how different our lives could be if we all operated from this level of understanding. If we knew, at our core, we are beings of light and pure love. “If we really knew that, we would never question our worth,” he says.

I hope his interview in the March 2015 issue issue, and all we do at Elevated Existence helps bring you closer to that conclusion.

Blessings, love & elevation,

Tammy Mastroberte
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