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Editor’s Letter Sep 2008 Issue

Believe to Achieve

Imagine waking up next to your perfect mate in your dream house. You get into your dream car to drive to your dream job. There is never any traffic, and you are always on time. It may sound too good to be true, every day. Are they just lucky, or do they know something you don’t?

Until I discovered the Law of Attraction, I thought it was all about luck—but now I know better. I know this Universe operates on the principle of like attracts like, or more importantly, what we think about or focus on is what we bring into our lives. It’s hard to face the fact that we are responsible for all of the chaos we experience, but on the flip side, we can attract the positive things as well. It’s all a matter of focus and belief.

The bestselling movie and book The Secret brought the Law of Attraction into the limelight, and many authors, teachers and philosophers who participated in it, as well as those who did not, know the Law of Attraction works whether we are aware of it or not. But there are still so many people who have questions about the law and how to apply it in their lives. So when I got the opportunity to interview Joe Vitale, bestselling author of books including The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits, who was featured in The Secret, I immediately began making a list of questions.

I wanted to know what is standing in the way of attracting the things we desire; how can we raise our vibration to align with what we want; and the tips and techniques we can use to get us there. Vitale provided these answers and more, and even took it a step further by offering all Elevated Existence subscribers free access to a 75-minute online seminar called Beyond the Attractor Factor. (See the cover story on page 15 for details on how to access this video online.)

I know the Law of Attraction helped to start this magazine. I attracted the right people to work with, the experts needed to create the content, and the audience who is just as passionate about these topics as I am.

Do you want to know my secret? I believed. Vitale reveals in the cover story one of the secrets to attracting what we desire is to clear any beliefs, unconscious or conscious, holding us back. There was not one moment during the creation of this magazine that I thought it wouldn’t be possible or succeed. I believed, and I achieved. So can you.

To help you on your path, we are launching a new Law of Attraction column in the December issue, written by Paul Goldberg, an expert Law of Attraction trainer and coach based in New York. Goldberg runs Law of Attraction workshops and has been recognized in New York Newsday as well as the television show Inside Edition.

Also, Elevated Existence is giving away a Law of Attraction gift box filled with books, DVD’s and tools to help attract what you want into your life. To enter for a chance to win, send a question you have about the Law of Attraction to editor@elevatedexistence.com, and we may cover it in a future column. The winner will be announced in the December issue.

One of the greatest ways to raise our vibration is gratitude, according to Vitale. And I have to take a minute to say how grateful I am to all the readers who contacted me regarding the first issue, and the wonderful feedback given. I am thankful all of you are enjoying the content, and have chosen to subscribe for more. I hope this next issue will continue to inspire and enlighten you all.

Blessings and love to you all,

Tammy Mastroberete