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Editor’s Letter Sep 2009 Issue

Finding the Gift

In my very first Editor¹s Letter for Elevated Existence, I explained how my mother’s death led me down the path to spirituality, and ultimately to the creation of this magazine. I noted how the road to discovering the spiritual world is usually preceded by a crashing halt in the physical world. Based on the many e-mails I received from readers sharing their experiences, I know this is true for many of us, and it’s certainly true for this issue’s cover story subject, Olivia Newton-John.

During our interview, she explained a connection to spirituality has always been part of her life—particularly with regard to nature—but it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with cancer and struggled with a number of subsequent emotionally trying events that she really started to connect. And like many of us, she decided to use her gifts and talent to make a difference.

Whether through her powerful healing album Grace and Gratitude, featuring songs such as The Power of Now and Let Go, Let God; her passion to preserve the Amazon Rainforest, along with her husband John Easterling, founder of the Amazon Herb Co.; raising money for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center to be built in Australia; or her efforts to raise awareness for breast cancer and early detection, Newton-John is determined to make a difference.

The more we go through in life, the more we grow, she tells Elevated Existence. You don’t grow in life without difficulties, so you can make a decision to get angry or bitter, or chose to learn and be grateful. It’s your choice, and I chose to feel grateful that I was given a second chance at life and love.

I’ve found even through the most difficult situations, there is usually a gift hiding amidst the turmoil. Maybe we learn to be grateful for what we have or to be compassionate for others in similar circumstances. Or maybe the darkness leads us to our true purpose in this life.

I consider myself lucky that even though my mother is no longer in this physical world, I still hear from her quite often—whether it¹s a song on the radio, a visit in my dreams or messages through a medium. But we can all be this lucky—we just need to open up the lines of communication.

In this issue, we provide you with a number of tools and techniques to open up the channel—starting with Colette Baron-Reid’s four-CD set, Messages From Spirit, which offers guided visualizations and meditations to help you connect with the Divine. Also, psychic medium Lisa Kay sat down withElevated Existence to answer questions on how spirit communicates with us, and what we can do to learn how to receive the messages and signs they send, in the feature Tuning Into Spirit.

And in our Book Spotlight, contributing editor Dr. Laurie Ann Levin offers us an exclusive look at her new book called God The Universe and Where I Fit In: A Psychic’s Reflections on Figuring Out the Rest of Your Life. In the past year of working with Levin, I’ve learned more from her than all the books and lectures I’ve attended in the past. In this book, she takes the reader through her life, from an intuitive child to a Hollywood agent, and finally a psychic medium and psychologist who is using her gifts to change the face of mental health one patient at a time. Her story will move you and unveil the power of both intuition and love beyond what words can describe. Like many, Levin found the gift in her struggles, and is intent on sharing it in the hopes of helping others.

May this issue inspire you to find the gift hidden within your own difficult times, and to discover that not only is there life after death, but a love that can be tapped into any time we tune in.

Blessings and love to you all!

Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director