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Leaping With Faith

When I heard Mastin Kipp speak at a Hay House I Can Do It conference in NYC last year, I knew immediately I wanted to interview him. The high energy and passion he brought to the stage was contagious, and I instantly connected with his message.

He spoke about “divine storms,” his term for when everything seems to be going wrong in life; moving forward despite feeling fear when stepping out of our comfort zone; and his reliance on a higher power to guide him through life. He covers this and more in his new book, “Daily Love: Growing Into Grace,” where he shares his own journey from what he calls “crisis to grace.”

Through his website TheDailyLove.com, he maintains a daily blog and email, where he often challenges his audience to not only face their fears, but also to follow them. He believes it’s within our fears that our greatest potential for growth lies, and has seen it unfold this way in his own life.

“I always say unless you are in mortal danger, fear is a compass showing you where to go because there are teachers who will tell you to live a fearless life, and I think that’s B.S.,” he says in the September 2014 issue cover story. “I think we want to live what I call a ‘fear-full’ life because if you think about it, right before the most incredible times in your life, you were terrified. That is a sign you are growing. So I say follow the fear rather than making yourself wrong for being afraid.”

EE_Sept_2014_CoverDuring our interview, he explained much of his work boils down to the question: “What are the three to five things you are most afraid of, and why aren’t you doing them?” Fear holds so many of us back from pursing our dreams, and I love that Kipp challenges people to take the leap forward despite it. I also resonate with his view of uncertainty — something he believes should be embraced rather than avoided.

“All the progress we want to make in life stems directly from our relationship with uncertainty,” he says, explaining the way we heal our relationship with it is to surrender our lives to a higher power, knowing we will be taken care of no matter what.

In honor of his work, I challenge you readers to make a list of the three to five things you are most afraid to do — and then go and do at least one of them, knowing you are protected and loved beyond measure by God, source or the universe. Don’t just let Kipp’s words in this cover story interview inspire you — let them move you to take action in your life.

I promise you will be astonished at what you and the universe can co-create together when you leap into the unknown with faith.

Blessings, love & elevation,

Tammy Mastroberte
Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director
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