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Global Guardians

Global Guardians Operating at a higher level, archangels can help us with a variety of issues, from banishing fear to finding our life purpose—as long as we ask them.

By Deanna August, MA, ATP

Thanks for joining me for another edition of Calling All Angels. In this issue, I’ll talk about archangels—what they do, who they are and how we can connect with them. From my previous column, you might remember that archangels are high-ranking angels who serve as managers for the angelic realms. They hold supervisory and global roles, while guardian angels, for example, hold more personal roles. The word archangel derives from the Greek arche (ruler) and angelos (messenger).

The names of archangels vary depending upon the religious traditions identifying them. While many archangels exist, the four most commonly accepted are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Judaic and Christian theologies also subscribe to a belief in seven core archangels, although the names and roles of those angels differ.

In addition, Eastern Orthodox traditions identify Jeremiel and Barachiel as archangels, while Islamic works speak of an archangel named Azrael. Judaic and Kabbalistic texts name a variety of archangels, including Jophiel, Haniel, Raguel, Zadkiel, Chamuel, Uriel and Metatron. Several sacred texts also mention fallen archangels such as Lucifer and Samael.


Archangels serve a variety of functions, including overseeing nations, managing the cosmos, engaging in spiritual battles and interacting with humankind. The following describes some of the more commonly known archangels and their roles:

Michael: He who is like God is a leader among archangels. His main role is to remove the toxins of fear from Earth and her inhabitants

Gabriel: God is my strength, known as a messenger angel, guides hopeful parents toward child conception or adoption, dictated the Koran to Mohammed.

Raphael: God heals, powerful healer of humans and animals, aids with spirit releasement and space clearing, and is also known as the Patron of Travelers

Uriel: Fire of God is the psychologist of the archangels, serving as a sage for intellectual information and practical solutions, and he warned Noah of the flood

Jeremiel: Mercy of God, archangel of prophetic visions, helps souls who have crossed over to review their lives. He is also known as Remiel

Azrael: Whom God helps has the primary role of helping people cross over at their time of death, and helps grieving family and friends. He also works with grief counselors.

Chamuel: He who sees God is the leader of the powers (angels who protect the world from lower energies), and helps us with our life purpose

Metatron: While the meaning of his name is unclear, he is a lively angel who helps children become spiritually aware, and he is believed to have once been the human prophet, Enoch.

Jophiel: Beauty of God is the archangel of beauty and art. Present in the Garden of Eden, he has an uplifting and positive energy, and is known as the Patron of Artists.

Haniel: Grace of God brings more grace into our lives, aids healers in creating natural healing remedies and works with the energies of the moon.

Zadkiel: Righteousness of God is the archangel of benevolence and mercy, helping us forgive ourselves and others. He stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac

Some people may wonder if they have to belong to a religion or faith to communicate with angels. But while archangels are known to us because of their mention in various holy works, its not necessary to believe in a religion or particular system of faith to work with them. Archangels are aspects of God/Universe/Divine, just as we are. Our common divinity ensures we are naturally aligned to the energies of angels.


Archangels are unlimited beings. Because they do not live within the physical dimensions of the Earth plane, they are not bound by time and space. They are multidimensional beings who are capable of simultaneously helping everyone who calls upon them.

We can ask archangels for help with anything—big or small. Archangels encourage and support our spiritual understanding of our God-Self. As such, they enjoy helping us with daily challenges (lost items, parking spaces, arguments, etc.) that distract us from our Divine nature. In addition to calling upon archangels during high-risk situations, we can call upon them for other aid, too. For example, we can ask Michael to help us fix glitches in our computers. We can pray to Chamuel to help us find a soul mate, and we can call upon Jophiel to help us think beautiful thoughts.

There are a variety of ways to communicate and connect with archangels. I suggest experimenting with a few techniques to find the ones that work best for you. It’s important to remember that we need to invite the archangels to help us because they respect our free will and will not typically intervene in our lives unless we ask.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to communicate with archangels, as it puts our mind and body into a receptive state. Experiment with different types of meditation (walking, breathing, fire, etc.) to find out what works best for you.

Divination or oracle cards are fun and informative. Using oracle cards helps to open our intuition to better receive and understand messages from the archangels. (I like Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Card deck and use it almost daily in my personal and professional work.)

Prayer is another great way to connect with archangels. Our words don’t matter as much as theenergy of our prayers. If we are sincere when we pray, the archangels will hear us. Prayers are most effective when they include listening as well as asking.

Use a pendulum to receive yes or no answers from your archangels. If you’re not familiar with how to use a pendulum, there are a variety of books and Web sites that can help you with the process. Some people find pendulums very helpful.

Express gratitude during your meditation and/ or prayers. Gratitude raises our vibration, which helps us more accurately perceive angelic communication.

Practice listening with your mind and heart rather than your ears. This form of listening strengthens our intuitive skills, allowing us to more easily connect with the archangels. Place celestite or angelite stones near you when you meditate or pray. These stones have a high vibration, which helps us connect with the angelic realms.


In my next Calling All Angels column, I’ll talk about guardian angels and share some personal stories, as well as tales from others who have encountered angels.

Until next time, may your heart know joy and your spirit soar as you grow ever more grandly into the full expression of your Highest-Self.

About Deanna August, MA, ATP
Deanna August is an Intuitive Advisor, Angel Communicator and author. After earning her graduate degree from an accredited body/mind/spirit counseling program, August attended Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner training in Laguna Beach, Calif. When working with a client, she uses her intuitive abilities to receive information from the client’s guides and angels, and supports that with counseling techniques. This unique approach brings a therapeutic and practical perspective to the advice her clients are seeking. August is currently writing a book about how to communicate with angels. For more information, visit http://www.deanna-august.com/.