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Love Starts in the Mirror

To receive love, we first need to give it—and the best place to start is with ourselves

By Paul Goldberg

The Beatles reminded us of the timeless truth, All You Need Is Love, but many have heard this wisdom before in a variety of ways. Maybe that’s why it sometimes sounds cliché and isn’t always taken to heart. But the amazing aspect of this ancient knowledge is that when applied, we gain access to the ever-present opportunity of allowing all our desires to flow to and through us.

Serious students of the Law of Attraction know love is the highest, purest and fastest vibration, or thought-energy. Love is the natural state of our Inner Being, our true self. We usually feel it as joy, passion, peace within and excitement.When feeling these emotions and acting from them, we are guided to all we perceive as good and preferred, and self-love is the primary principal that allows the shifts in our reality more effortlessly. Without the understanding of our individual worth, all other tools and beliefs are rendered ineffective.

In fact, the most important fundamental understanding we must grasp initially in applying the Law of Attraction is self-worth. However, many people find it very difficult to realize their own value because they were taught to believe they were not deserving individuals. Since childhood, many of us have been inculcated with ideas that make us doubt ourselves and forget our connection to the Infinite.

Unfortunately, a paradox of life is to survive in this physical world, we must become distracted, caring more about other people’s beliefs and feelings than our own. As we continue to focus on and pay attention to external phenomena, we take ourselves away from our essential internal nature.

It’s for this reason that I focus on teaching self-love as the primary state of being to all my private clients and in my workshops. May of us know what we put out into this vibrational universe we receive back to us, and ultimately, our beliefs and only our beliefs create our reality. But one big mistake people often make is accepting the belief that they need to get love and approval from others in order to love themselves. They demand to receive love, and are quite frustrated and forlorn when they don’t get it.

But our reality does not transform until we become cognizant of the fact that infinite love is the fundamental nature of the universe, and that we are all worthwhile, beautiful and unconditionally loved aspects of creation. Physical reality is really just a mirror of our beliefs, and the vibrational frequency we give off determines the experiences we have. Physical reality only exists as a reflection.

If you look at a mirror and see a frowning face, you don’t try to force the reflection to smile. You know if you want to see the reflection smile, you must smile first. Physical reality is the same. We must change ourselves first and physical reality will follow because it is only a reflection.


Often a person can go for long periods of time not even realizing he or she is disconnected from the heart center. At those times we are living unconsciously.

Check yourself now. Take a moment and consciously tune into your heart, and check to see what feeling you are generating. Try closing your eyes and sending some love to someone you care about. Now open your eyes. Do you feel differently? How many times a day could you do that? And now, the big question—if I said the person I’m asking you to send love to is yourself, how would you, and how often would you be able to do it?

Why are we so hard on ourselves? Essentially, when feeling unworthy, we act as if we are the one exception to the perfection of the Universe, which unconditionally loves all of its aspects. We are the one instance where the universe fails to love. How grandiose of us!

We can always tell how close we are to radiating love by tuning into our heart. It is an unfailing barometer of our emotions. If someone plays a piano and a certain note sounds out of tune, he or she doesn’t give up playing piano and curse it. The person simply tunes it and aligns it until it’s harmonious. And that’s how to deliberately engage the Law of Attraction using our emotions.

Things aren’t always going to go the way we originally intended. But we need to trust that there is a plan our higher self has already figured out. Like a lookout from a mountaintop, our inner, higher and truer self has seen the courses and paths, and chosen the best connection for us at that time. Trust that when we are connected to the center of our being we are guided divinely.

And remember, the more we project love, the more we will reflect love.


Paul Goldberg is a Transformational Trainer, leading the world’s largest interactive Law of Attraction Workshops. He is also a Life Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Intuitive enjoying his abundant life in the heart of Manhattan and on Long Island. His work was recently recognized in New York Newsday and on the primetime network TV show Inside Edition. For more information, visit his Web site athttp://www.lawofattractionworkshop.com/ or e-mail him at PaulG@LawofAttractionWorkshop.com. EE