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Taming the Chaos: Spirituality for REAL People Community 

We live in a chaotic world and our lives have come to reflect that.

We are busy. Overwhelmed. Sick. Tired. Worried. Afraid.

We long for change, but don't have time for a 2-week retreat to mediate on a mountain. Yet we want the same results.  

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You believe in spiritual practices, and use them, but struggle to remain consistent and make them a permanent part of your daily life.
  • You are short on time and have a long list of to-dos and responsibilities.
  • You feel overwhelmed A LOT of the time
  • You try to meditate, but have a hard time finding the time or doing daily.
  • You read spiritul and self-help books, but can't figure out how to make them work in your daily life
  • You struggle to notice signs from the Universe (and loved ones on the other side) 
  • You intend to create more calm in your day, but outside circumstances always get in the way
  • You keep manifesting what you DON'T want instead of what you DO

You Need Tools That Work in the REAL World (which is often crazy and chaotic)!  

You Need to Tame the Chaos So You Can Connect with (and stay connected to) Spirit. 

And I Can Help! 


Here Is What You Will Discover:

Week 1: Taking Inventory & Setting Intentions

  • Taking inventory of what we need to let go of in all areas of life, and how to find joy even if we can't let go yet
  • Uncovering what you REALLY want to create
  • A LIVE Meditation/Visualization to get clear on what you truly want in 2019

Week 2: Creating the Visuals & Clearing the Blocks

  • We will build on Week 1 and create a visual representation of what we want to create in 2019
  • A LIVE Meditation/Visualization to get you started (which you can build on throughout the year)
  • A LIVE EFT Process to clear some of the blocks or limiting beliefs you have about manifesting

Week 3: Creating a Spirtual New Year (and Staying in Flow)

  • Learn easy tools to keep your vibration high throughout the day
  • A LIVE Meditation/Visualization to reinforce your desires (we will include your specific intentions in this)

BONUS: LIVE Facebook Q&A and Group Oracle Card Reading on January 6!

PLUS: access to replays, additional meditations and all the content in the membership site right now!

What Members Are Saying:

“All my life I've been a seeker, am sensitive and deeply spiritual. Recently having a great deal of upheaval and change in my life left me feeling I'd lost my sense of purpose. Somehow Tammy's Facebook page showed up, and I love all the different areas of spirituality it touches on so when I was offered the opportunity to go even deeper with the membership I decided to join. I have learned so much! I love the live classes as you can be interactive with both Tammy & the guest speakers. It is awesome to be able to get an immediate answer to any question you have! And since they are posted on the site it's easy to go back to review it again. There are many guided meditations that Tammy has shared that I now use daily. These teachings have all been so helpful...I'm finding a sense of peace & connection again."  

~ Claudia Azzarelli

"I joined the membership because I wanted to go deeper and be more consistent with my spiritual practices. Tammy breaks things down into smaller steps that make teachings and practices easy and quick to do, and they produce big results. I look forward to every live call and the monthly Facebook Live readings. I feel more connected to Source/Spirit in my every day life, am finding more peace no matter what happens around me, and I feel I am finally making progress on my spiritual path. I feel like I found my spiritual home.” 

~ Gina Prado 

"I have started my days with [your morning] prayer. Everyday I am aware that I am not alone. I am learning to trust the universe. There are too many miracles to list. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Such powerful insights, I am so grateful to you."

~ Danell P.

"I called in the guides like you said. I didn't know what to ask for so I used the problem I was having in the moment - money! I have been laid up for 1 year battling MS recovery and have run out of finances. In a recent meditation I was told I'd be laid up until July. How would I continue? After asking for help, all the money I needed for the next 2 months appeared in less than three hours! Thank you!" 

~ Susan B.

It's not only important to learn how to recognize and receive signs from the Universe. It's also important to know how to ask for help and direct the Universe so it can help you achieve what you desire.

We all long for support, guidance, direction and certainty in life, but often feel life gives us anything BUT these things.  

We find ourselves wandering, second-guessing ourselves, feeling lost and missing the inner peace we so desire . . . but we forgot the most important ally we have to help us navigate this life and discover joy . . . that is Spirit.

The Universe Spirit, God, our Angels and Guides — you have an entire community and a vast amount of resources available to you right now!

You just need to learn how to tap into it!  

Once you learn how to communicate with the Universe AND how the universe communicates with you, you can decode the messages it sends you and find the answers you seek; recognize the opportunities that will lead you to your highest good; and find reassurance you are on the right path.  

We were never meant to navigate this life alone!  

It's time we started learning the language of the UNIVERSE so we can translate our worries, fears and anxiety into knowing, understanding, peace and love.  

If you are looking to:

  • Open yourself up to signs and synchronicites from the Universe and loved ones on the other side  
  • Learn to call in elevated help - including who to call on, when and how - to assist you in all aspects of your life, big and small  
  • Discover tools, processes and meditations to help you receive messages and guidance from the Universe, heal the body, and manifest more  
  • Learn the BEST ways to communicate your needs and wants to the Universe (your guides and angels)  
  • Direct the Universe and your energy to co-create your desires so you get what you WANT and not what you DON'T 
  • How to surrender and allow miracles and magic to flow into your life  
  • How to uncover and the limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind holding you back form health, wealth and more


Join us and learn how to dialog with the Universe to help navigate your life, find the answers you seek, discover the comfort in signs from the other side, manifest your dreams, and so much more! 

Welcome to the Taming the Chaos: Spiritualiyt for REAL People COMMUNITY  

Everything is online, and available to you from any device. Just login to the membership area and get access to all the classes (Both LIVE and Replays), keep on top of what is coming up next, listen/watch, download the meditations and more! 

After my mother passed suddenly from a brain aneurism when I was 22 years old, I began searching for answers. It was my mother's death that catapulted me into the world of signs, synchronicity, and communicating with the Universe and Sprit, and I always say, my mother taught me the truth about life AFTER her death.

Now I want to help YOU learn how the Universe, Spirit, Your Loved Ones on the Other Side communicate with you, and how you can start a dialog of your own!

LIVE Video Masterclasses with Tammy Mastroberte

I will teach you quick, easy and actionable processes, practices and tools to help you stay connected to your Spirit, open your intuition, and accelerate growth in all areas of your life. The classes are LIVE, but replays will be accessible in the membership area online.

LIVE Video/Audio Classes with Top Spiritual Teachers/Healers

I will open my rolodex to give you access to the top authors and experts who will help you take your spiritual practices to the next level — including access to psychic readings, live healings and more. In the past, members have learned from Doreen Virtue, James Van Praagh and Sonia Choquette. You will also have a chance to ask questions live, and replays will be available in the membership area.

New Guided Meditations  

Recorded meditations, by me and other experts, will help you receive more abundance, heal the body, create deep relaxation, connect with your guides, protect yourself from negative energy and more.

Easy Guided Processes for Spiritual Growth

Detailed instructions on new processes or tools to help you accelerate your spiritual growth, bust through blocks, enhance your intuition and manifest faster! Then report and discuss your progress in the Private Facebook Group with others and me for support.

Private Facebook Group 

The first Sunday of every month, I do a Facebook Live Q&A and Member Oracle Card Reading! This is a private hub for members to come and get support on their spiritual journey, talk about the classes, get help with the exercises, and share their experiences. I will be active in the group as well, taking questions, doing Facebook Live sessions and sharing what I’m working on in my own life to add even more value to each month’s new teachings.

BONUS: Elevated Existence Magazine (Digital & Interactive On Any Device)

Receive the 5-time, award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine each quarter with the latest and best in spiritual and self-improvement teachings from top teachers and celebrities, including Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein, Alanis Morrissette and Shirley MacLaine. It’s digital and interactive with EXCLUSIVE video interviews and more.


BONUS 1: JUMPSTART VIDEO CLASS! (Retail Value: $97) Yours FREE! 

To get you started on your journey to spiritual connection and elevation, I recorded a 4-hour workshop called the Elevated Jumpstart Package JUST for members! 

Here is what you get: 

  • Mastering Meditation & Mindfulness Class (mp3)
  • Enhancing Intuition & Opening to Signs from the Universe Class (mp3)
  • Manifestation Though Elevation Class (mp3)
  • The Basics of Mind-Body Healing Class (mp3) 
  • Jumpstart Resources PDF

BONUS 2: Guided Meditations Library (Retail Value: $150) Yours FREE!  

All in mp3 format:

  • 12-Minute Gratitude Meditation 
  • Calling In Abundance Meditation  
  • Reconnection Meditation by Tammy Mastroberte
  • “I AM Affirmations Meditation (PDF) 
  • I CAN Affirmations Meditation
  • 3-Minute Release Meditation
  • 3-Minute Connection Mantra Meditation
  • Letting Go Meditation
  • Melting Fear & Anxiety Meditation
  • Tammy's Morning Prayer Meditation
  •  Guided Evening Relaxation Meditation
  • Healing Inflammation Meditation
  • Ganesh Chant Meditation (to Remove Obstacles)
  • Relationip Repair Meditation

BONUS 3: Tammy’s Masterclasses (Retail Value: $485) Yours FREE!  

  • Tammy’s Masterclass “How to Ground Yourself” (Video & mp3)
  • Tammy's Masterclass "How to Tap Into Your Intuition" (Video & mp3)
  • Tammy’s Masterclass “How to Find & Change Limiting Beleifs” (Video & mp3)
  • Tammy's Masterclass "Creating Abundance" (Video & mp3)
  • A Rare Q&A Call with Members (Video & mp3 

BONUS 4: Expert Calls/Classes (Retail Value: $97) Yours FREE!  

  • Jennifer Flynn Mediumship Readings Call (mp3)
  • Colette Baron-Reid Oracle Cards Class/Interview (Video) 
  • Melissa Cynova Tarot Card Class (Video & mp3)
  • Anthony Mrocka Mediumship Readings (mp3)
  • Dana Wilde Interview on the Mind & Manifestation (Video & mp3)

Join the Community for only $29 a Month (Less than $1 a day)! 

Plus you get immediate access to $829 worth of bonuses!

“You talked about how deceased loves ones can contact you through signs … I followed your instructions and that same day received three different signs from my daughter who passed almost 3 years ago. Words cannot describe my feelings. I'm grateful for the information I received from you and look forward to more.” 

~Richard S.

No commitment. No contracts. No risk. Cancel anytime.

About Me

My own spiritual journey began like so many of you — after a tragedy that brought me to my knees. I was 22 years old when my mother died suddenly of a brain aneurysm only three days after Christmas in 1999.  

It catapulted my search to understand more about my life, the Universe and my place in it. And 8 years later, I launched Elevated Existence Magazine with Deepak Chopra on its very first cover, which has gone on to win 5 awards for both content and design.  

This magazine has granted me exclusive access to the best authors, teachers, techniques and tools available in the spiritual and self-improvement world — interviewing and spending time with them, and gaining early access to their newest teachings and books before they are released to the public. 

All of this experience, knowledge and know-how led me to develop my own teachings and techniques, offering them to others on the spiritual path through workshops, online classes and more!