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Whether you are just embarking on a new spiritual journey, or you’re looking to go deeper, wouldn’t it be easier to stay on the path if you had support and direction to keep you moving forward? 

Living at a higher vibration, staying connected to Spirit or Source, and learning to tune into the signs and synchronicity, and intuitive guidance is a daily practice.  

Embracing your spiritual connection to manifest all you desire, while removing the blocks to doing it is a daily practice.  

But it doesn’t have to be hard. 

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. 

And you DON’T have to do it alone! 

The Exclusive Elevated Existence Membership Community was created to help you:

  • Discover the latest cutting edge tools and techniques as they emerge to boost your vibration, like the Reconnection Visualization and the Protection Tap 
  • Stay consistent with your spiritual practices 
  • Create and sustain new practices to help you grow faster 
  • Gain exclusive access to a community of like-minded peers, all on the same path 
  • Have direct access to me (not available outside the membership community) through a 
  • Private Facebook Group, where I’ll answer your questions, offer Facebook LIVE sessions and more, and teach LIVE members only video classes, Q&As,&process walk-throughs and visualizations  
  • Learn from some of today’s top experts and authors specializing in mind/body healing, manifestation, intuition, meditation and more through LIVE video classes, and the ability to ask your questions. In the past, we’ve featured Doreen Virtue, James Van Praagh and Sonia Choquette.  
  • Learn to recognize signs and synchronicities to guide you (and re-route you) on your path 
  • Quickly reconnect to your Spirit and learn to maintain the connection longer, no matter what is going on around you  
  • Get support so you are not walking the spiritual path alone

“I am listening to you now. I am totally mesmerized by your story and the sound of your voice. I never heard the term synchronicity, however, it makes so much sense! Synchronicity explains perfectly so many if not all of my life experiences. All I could say is I have goose bumps all over my body."  

~ Mila B. 

"I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I appreciate your emails. I get SO MUCH from every one of them! But the one that has given me the most is the one you sent to learn to comunicate with angels and loved ones who passed away. I put into practice what you told us and it has been amazing!! I feel so loved and supported and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I feel my dad always arround me and also this presence of love. It hast changed my life! THANK YOU so much!" 

~Patricia S. 

“I just finished listening to your wonderful webinar on synchronicity. Thank you for such an enlightening talk. The things you said reinforced my belief that the universe and everything and everyone in it are connected and are in constant contact with each other.” 

~Paula G.

Have you ever experienced an “elevated moment?”

You know what I mean. That one moment in time where you feel light . . . and connected . . . and it feels like all is right in the world? 

How would you like to learn to sustain that feeling on a more consistent basis — no matter what is going on around you?  

Imagine a life where the perfect opportunities, people, signs from the universe and intuitive guidance are a part of your day-to-day existence — flowing to you with ease.  

A life where manifestation and miracles happen every day, and when something unexpected happens, or you find yourself knocked out of alignment with Spirit, you have simple tools and support to quickly shift yourself back.  

You might believe, like I do, that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience in this physical world. If so, then that means we WILL get distracted form our spiritual path. We WILL fall out of alignment and feel disconnected.  

No one likes when that happens. Most of us would rather just feel connected and blissful all of the time. But it does happen. And when it does, I believe it’s our job to recognize we have fallen into fear and have strayed from our spiritual connection — and then bring ourselves BACK!  

Staying connected and aligned with Spirit/Source/the Universe takes consistent practice, but it IS possible. 

Why is it so important?  

Because being connected to Spirit is where all the magic happens. That’s where the signs and synchronicities flow, pointing us in the right direction to discover what we want or need, and rerouting us when we make a wrong turn. It’s where the right people, opportunities, jobs and romantic partners show up at the PERFECT time. And it’s where co-creation and effortless manifestation become easy and natural.  

No matter what you’re trying to improve or elevate, and no matter what you are trying to transform — whether you are looking to move forward faster in some area of your life, find more peace no matter what or who comes your way, or to connect to your guides and be more in tune with your own intuition — it starts with your connection to spirit.  

And it's that incredible connection to Spirit that I can help you master.

ELEVATE EXISTENCE MEMBERSHIP where Everything is in One Place!

Everything is online, and available to you from any device. Just login to the membership area to get access to all the classes (Both LIVE and Replays), keep on top of what is coming up next, listen/watch, download the meditations and more! 

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I haven’t found anything else like this membership community — and I have access to it all! 

Let me take you into the inner circle, where I am using my exclusive access to the newest teachings out there, and personally cultivating and bringing you the best to help you connect to your Spirit and live a high vibrational life —including enhancing intuition, mastering manifestation, healing the body and more!

LIVE Video Masterclasses with Tammy Mastroberte

I will teach you quick, easy and actionable processes, practices and tools to help you stay connected to your Spirit, open your intuition, and accelerate growth in all areas of your life. The classes are LIVE, but replays will be accessible in the membership area online.

LIVE Video/Audio Classes with Top Spiritual Teachers/Healers

I will open my rolodex to give you access to the top authors and experts who will help you take your spiritual practices to the next level — including access to psychic readings, live healings and more. In the past, members have learned from Doreen Virtue, James Van Praagh and Sonia Choquette. You will also have a chance to ask questions live, and replays will be available in the membership area.

New Guided Meditations  

Recorded meditations, by me and other experts, will help you receive more abundance, heal the body, create deep relaxation, connect with your guides, protect yourself from negative energy and more.

Easy Guided Processes for Spiritual Growth

Detailed instructions on new processes or tools to help you accelerate your spiritual growth, bust through blocks, enhance your intuition and manifest faster! Then report and discuss your progress in the Private Facebook Group with others and me for support.

Private Facebook Group 

This is a private hub for members to come and get support on their spiritual journey, talk about the classes, get help with the exercises, and share their experiences. I will be active in the group as well, taking questions, doing Facebook Live sessions and sharing what I’m working on in my own life to add even more value to each month’s new teachings.

BONUS: Elevated Existence Magazine (Digital & Interactive On Any Device)

Receive the 5-time, award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine each quarter with the latest and best in spiritual and self-improvement teachings from top teachers and celebrities, including Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein, Alanis Morrissette and Shirley MacLaine. It’s digital and interactive with EXCLUSIVE video interviews and more.


BONUS 1: FREE JUMPSTART PACKAGE! (Retail Value: $97) Yours FREE! 

To get you started on your journey to spiritual connection and elevation, I recorded a 4-hour workshop called the Elevated Jumpstart Package JUST for members! 

Here is what you get: 

  • Mastering Meditation & Mindfulness Class (mp3)
  • Enhancing Intuition & Opening to Signs from the Universe Class (mp3)
  • Manifestation Though Elevation Class (mp3)
  • The Basics of Mind-Body Healing Class (mp3) 
  • Jumpstart Resources PDF

BONUS 2: Guided Meditations & Processes (Retail Value: $102) Yours FREE!  

  • 3-Minute “Healing the Body” Meditation by Dina Proctor (mp3)
  • Abundance Meditation by Tammy Mastroberte (mp3)
  • Reconnection Meditation by Tammy Mastroberte (mp3)
  • “The Guessing Game” Intuitive Process (PDF) 
  • “The Binder” Manifestation Process (PDF) “Signs from the Universe” Intuitive Process (PDF)

BONUS 3: Tammy’s Masterclasses (Retail Value: $94) Yours FREE!  

  • Tammy’s Masterclass on “Calling in Elevated Reinforcements” (mp3)
  • Tammy’s Masterclass on “Raising the Vibration of You and Your Environment” (mp3) 

BONUS 4: Author Interview/Classes (Retail Value: $81) Yours FREE!  

  • Dr. Judith Orloff Interview: “The Empath’s Survival Guide” (mp3) 
  • Kerri Richardson Interview: What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You” (mp3) 
  • Kaia Roman Interview: “The Joy Plan: How I Took 30 Days to Stop Worrying, Quit Complaining and Find Ridiculous Happiness.” (mp3)

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About Me

My own spiritual journey began like so many of you — after a tragedy that brought me to my knees. I was 22 years old when my mother died suddenly of a brain aneurysm only three days after Christmas in 1999.  

It catapulted my search to understand more about my life, the Universe and my place in it. And 8 years later, I launched Elevated Existence Magazine with Deepak Chopra on its very first cover, which has gone on to win 5 awards for both content and design.  

This magazine has granted me exclusive access to the best authors, teachers, techniques and tools available in the spiritual and self-improvement world — interviewing and spending time with them, and gaining early access to their newest teachings and books before they are released to the public. 

All of this experience, knowledge and know-how led me to develop my own teachings and techniques, offering them to others on the spiritual path through workshops, online classes and more!