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Revelations in Regression

Author Mira Kelley shares insights gained through past life regression, including life purpose, parallel lives and physical healing.

At age 13, most children are hanging with friends, studying for school or playing sports. Mira Kelley was regressing herself to explore her past lives. After she discovered a family member reading a book on past life regression by author Dr. Brian Weiss, called, “Through Time Into Healing,” she created a recording out of one of the scripts in the book with the hope of experiencing a past life.

“Right before hitting play, I remember thinking, ‘Why am I even doing this? I don’t have any phobias, illness or challenges.’ But I was just curious,” she tells Elevated Existence, explaining she had never been taught anything about past life regression, but had an inner knowing it was something she needed to explore. “I had a very vivid and emotional experience, and all of a sudden I became a different woman.”

In her book, “Beyond Past Lives: What Parallel Realities Can Teach Us About Relationships, Healing and Transformation,” Kelley shares what she experienced during her first regression at 13 years old. She was a female doctor living as a Soviet spy during World War II, and she was running for her life. Instead of healing a Nazi general as she was required, she poisoned and killed him, and now there were men after her. She eventually experienced her death by electric chair, and saw her spirit leave her body and float upward, then greeted by “a being that glowed with love and light,” who told her the lessons she had to learn in that life were to “be good; be loving.”

Kelley spent the first year of her life in Communist Bulgaria, where religion was banned. She didn’t grow up with any specific set of beliefs. Eventually when Communism ended, there was an influx of new ideas, and she came across the book by Dr. Brian Weiss. However after her first regression, she got caught up in her current life, and went on to complete high school, college and

“It was such a powerful experience, but when you are a kid, there are other things that are more pressing, like homework and boys,” she says. However, the universe had other plans for Kelley, and she eventually found herself drawn back to past life regression — this time out of a physical need for healing.

“I was in my late 20s and developed a jaw condition. Nothing my dentist or anyone did was working, and after a year of debilitating pain and suffering, in a moment of desperation, I remembered past life regression,” she explains.

She went to see a local practitioner, and by the second session, experienced a life as a slave wearing a big metal collar around her neck. She was a man, and saw herself in a big, strong, powerful body, but also saw that emotionally, she was powerless.

“My spirit was broken down, and the metal collar was hitting my jaw because of the way it was welded together. The metal kept rubbing against my jaw, and that was the spot where my current pain was in this life,” she says. “I struggled to understand how he could be so physically strong, but so emotionally powerless. I cried for the rest of the day, and when I woke up the next morning the pain was completely gone.”

After some time, Kelley started sharing her story with others and regressing friends and family members. She was doing the work part time while still working as a lawyer full time, and her path eventually led her to Dr. Wayne Dyer. After contacting him on an intuitive instinct that she could help him on his path to healing, she flew to Maui to do a regression with him. Dyer wrote about the experience in his book “Wishes Fulfilled,” and also wrote the forward to Kelley’s book “Beyond Past Lives.”

“It was a profound experience for him and for me,” she says. “It helped him validate his soul path and work, and who he is as a person.”

In working with clients through regression, one of the most powerful concepts Kelley uncovered was the “Oversoul” and “parallel lives.” While regressing one of her clients, he described six different lifetimes that overlapped in time and spanned 130 years.

“I was blown away because I had an understanding of time as being linear and flowing from one moment to the next — past, present and future,” Kelley says, explaining with past life regression we often assume we are viewing a life from the past and that we only live one life at a time. “When I work with people, I always connect them with their higher self, angels and guides. So I asked this client’s guide how he could have experienced these overlapping lives, and was told, time is a concept that works here on Earth, but if you step outside of the Earth plane, to our souls, time doesn’t really exist as a factor.”

She also learned about the Oversoul, or main soul, which is “comprised of all the souls you have ever been and ever will be,” Kelley explains in her book. A soul can actually split to live different lives simultaneously, where fragments of the Oversoul will inhabit human bodies. However, the main soul still experiences all of the lives.

“When a soul wants to learn a lesson, it may pick a seemingly broad spectrum of time to create these lifetimes — as a caveman, during the Roman Empire, the 13th Century, during the French Revolution, and the present lifetime, as well as going into the future,” she notes. “In a regression, we experience lifetimes in terms of how human beings think of time, but for our soul, these lifetimes are all presently unfolding.”

It helps to think of time as parallel tracks running next to one another, says Kelley. Our present life is unfolding at the same time a life during the French Revolution is unfolding. In understanding this, we begin to realize we are connected to each and every life unfolding.

“When I get on the phone with a girlfriend of mine, and I tell her about my life, and she tells me about hers, we often give each other advice, and help each other find courage. It’s much the same with our other selves. They are working through similar lessons, and our energy is intermeshed and connected, so we are always influencing one another,” Kelley notes.

During a regression, we may see ourselves experiencing unfortunate events, but the life we discover is not done and over, she says. We can be a source of energy and support by sending love and offering strength and encouragement to that part of ourselves. In fact, this may be happening, and we don’t even realize it. For example, if we are feeling down about something in our current life, and after a night of sleeping, we wake up and suddenly feel more positive and better about our situation, this could have come from our connection to another life currently unfolding, she says.

“Don’t think of lifetimes as done and over with because there is always the potential and possibility for something else,” she says. “We look at the future full of possibilities, but the same is true with the past.”

We can also connect with future lifetimes, something Kelley has also seen with clients. She recently had a woman come to her with chronic pain in her jaw, skull and shoulders. She had been to every doctor imaginable, but no one could find anything wrong with her.

“She was in excruciating pain all the time,” she says. “I asked her, ‘How do you feel about standing up on your own two feet and being true to yourself?’ This opened up a lot of emotions in her, and she experienced a future life where she was in a leadership position and able to speak up. It was so meaningful and healing for her to see it was possible.”

The reasons people seek out past life regression vary. However, whether it’s a physical ailment, phobia or because they feel stagnant in some area of life, what we experience during a regression is always what our soul needs most at the time.

“I believe we are guided to what is most appropriate for us to move forward,” Kelley explains. “I always tell people to come with the intent of healing or whatever they are seeking, but do a regression with an open mind. You may have other needs before we get to what you think you need.”

Additionally, one of the key lessons continually coming through is to remember who we really are and to reconnect with the energy of love, she shares. Every time a Divine energy comes through one of her clients, it always comes from a loving place — wanting to nurture the person and let them know they are loved and supported.

“We are always given exactly what we need, but we have free will and may choose to be disconnected,” she explains. “But our guides and angels know we can change our mind and reconnect. A lot of us have forgotten, and are so far removed from who we really are, but our guides and angels will be there when we remember. They feel, ‘I love you so much that I will allow you to disconnect and have this experience of thinking you are alone. But as soon as you change your mind, I will be here for you.’”

For more information on Mira Kelley, her products, online programs and more, visit www.mirakelley.com.