VIDEO: A Sign the Universe is Talking to You

Do you get messages from the Universe?

We are always communicating with the Universe — through our thoughts and emotions — but the Universe is also communicating back.

But are you recognizing it? Or are you missing its messages?

I share a sign to look out for that will clue you in when the Universe, your angels or guides, are trying to guide you, direct your or offer some reassurance that you are on the right path in the below video.

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VIDEO: A Common Way the Universe Communicates With Us

Did you know the Universe is constantly communicating with you?

It’s ALWAYS directing  you, guiding you and helping you. The problem is, you don’t always recognize it!

What I’m most passionate about, and focusing many of my teachings on, is creating a dialogue with the universe. This means, not only learning how to communicate to the Universe, but also learning how it communicates back to us.

In this video, I share one way the Universe communicates — and it’s a big clue that it’s trying to tell you something!

Once you know what to look for, you can get the message and act on it!

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