Eckhart Tolle CD: Music For Inner Stillness

“Music, like nature, bypasses the conceptual mind,” says Eckhart Tolle, and to help find our center, the best-selling author handpicked a new compilation of music for his latest CD, “Eckhart Tolle’s Music for Inner Stillness,” sequenced to center listeners in the present moment and what he calls, “the joy of being.”

The tracks include “A Thousand Whispers,” “The Song of the Universal Light,” and “Epiphany,” and artists such as Grammy-nominated Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechog, ambient composer and sound healer Alex Theory, and more.

You can preview these tracks and see other CDs and DVDs available form Eckhart in our SoundsTrue store.

Eckhart Tolle to Lead Retreat at Omega Institute in June

Best-selling author of “A New Earth” and “The Power of Now,” Eckhart Tolle, will be leading a workshop at the Omega Institute’s Rhinebeck, N.Y. campus, June 17-20, 2012, starting at 8 p.m. on Sunday and concluding on Wednesday.

The four-day retreat will offer attendees the chance to “come together to open individually and collectively to the silence of joy and being, and surrender to the depth and beauty of the present moment,” according to Omega.

Each day, Tolle will hold teaching sessions, but there will also be a time for personal reflection to explore the Omega campus.

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