Dr. Darren Weissman: Uncovering the Emotional Root of Symptoms, Stress & Disease in Order to Heal

At the root of every symptom, stress and disease is a subconscious emotional pattern of reaction, according to Dr. Darren Weissman, best-selling author of “The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude,” and “Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind.”

Dr. Weissman joined Elevated Existence founder, Tammy Mastroberte, as part of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Spirit Summit,” to talk about uncovering the emotional root of stress, symptoms and disease in order to heal.

He explained the conscious mind is what we perceive with our senses, and only 2 percent to 10 percent of our mind is conscious. The remainder, and what is running the show for many aspects of our life, including physical symptoms in the body, is the subconscious mind. It actually controls all of our bodily functions from heart rate and blood pressure to our immunity, hormone balance, sugar metabolism and more. It is also where emotions, memories and beliefs are stored that have not been processed or integrated.

“Symptoms and stress and the health of our body is really relative to a fish and it’s relationship to water. We are so submerged in our emotional reality, and we don’t even realize that it’s influencing how I am able to digest food, how I’m able to recognize pollen in spring or ragweed in autumn. How my body is able to amp up its immune system under different types of bacteria or viral stresses,” said Dr. Weissman.

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He continued: “Our body is designed to heal, regenerate and be whole. However, there is this whole other world called the subconscious that stores every experience we’ve ever had, whether we know it or not, and the thing about the subconscious is it’s below our awareness so we don’t’ even know it’s in there. But when those emotions or memories get triggered they change us immediately and instantly, and the change is palpable. You can feel it in your body. It’s painful, and it’s stressful.”

These subconscious emotional patterns of reaction are often something from childhood still operating on us today, and they are literally causing the symptoms we are feeling or the diseases we are being diagnosed with.

“The subconscious mind is the driver. In our subconscious mind, there are memories from when we were younger or even in our mother’s womb, still living in us today,” Dr. Weissman said during the call. “Our emotions come to life, and we replay them over and over and over again. So all the sudden somebody says something that is remotely similar to when I was three, and i didn’t even know that it was in me. All the sudden I feel tenseness in my chest, and I’m having a hard time breathing. If it happens long enough, I go to my doctor, and I’m diagnosed with asthma or some type of respiratory challenge, or it creates in another person an acid reflux or a stiffness in the neck.”

Dr. Weissman developed the LifeLine Technique to help people immediately get into the root emotions and memories and create a shift. It raises the energy and consciousness so people can make quick and lasting changes in their body – which is essentially designed to heal itself.

“When you get to the core emotion and memory, and with LifeLine Technique we can process this energy in the subconscious mind, changes occur immediately, and people can learn this as a tool to use on themselves,” he noted. “Everything, including stubbing your toe in the middle of the night, has a subconscious root.”

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Real Life Examples
Dr. Weissman shared a couple examples of clients he worked with in the past, including a woman who was beginning a ski season and tore her ACL in her knee. The MRI showed a complete rupture. Dr. Weissman worked with her using LifeLine sessions, and they uncovered emotions stemming from the discovery her husband had been having an affair.

“There was underlying anger, resentment and depression, and that is always associated with knees and shoulders and eyes because in Chinese medicine has to do with the wood element,” she said. “There is an interconnection to parts of the body and emotions and what was amazing is after we worked together to clear them, she went back and had an MRI and the ACL had reattached itself.”

Another example he shared was a 9-year-old boy who suffered from migraines. The family attempted everything to help him, from over-the-counter medication to heavy medication from a neurologist, and after the second LifeLine session with Dr. Weissman, his migraines were gone.

“After that, the parents invested in the husband learning the LifeLine Technique and he is getting certified next weekend,” said Dr. Weissman.

Pain in our body and stress in our life are actually gifts and messengers, and they are communicating to us areas in our subconscious that need to be healed with what Dr. Weissman calls “infinite love and gratitude.”

“People look at symptoms and taking a pill for it and to make it go away,” he explained in the call. “Inside that pain, fear and stress, there is a gem. It looks like coal because of the way we are looking at it, but there is a diamond in it. The first step in translation is to say, ‘Wait a minute, this is a conversation,’ and  follow strategic methodical steps that anyone can learn to shift the patterns of the subconscious mind.”

During the call, Dr. Weissman also walked listeners through his newest technique called the “See Feel Hear Challenge,” which is the basis of his newest book “The Heart of the Matter: A Simple Guide to Discovering Gifts in Strange Wrapping Paper.”

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Joan Ranquet: How to Communicate With Our Pets

Internationally renowned animal communicator, Joan Ranquet shared how our pets communicate with us and how we can better communicate with them during a live call for the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit going on now through February 2014.

Ranquet explained how she learned to communicate with animals more than 20 years ago, and now teaches people worldwide to do the same. She is the author of the bestselling book “Communication with all Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator,” published by Hay House, and the founder of Communication with All Life University, a comprehensive certification program for Animal Communicators.

“I learned it as a skill, and it is something you can develop. It is truly something we can all tap into,” she told listeners.

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During the call, she explained animals communicate telepathically – with the transference of pictures, words and feelings – and we all came to this physical world understanding this form of communication. This is how we communicated with our caregivers and parents when we were infants, but once we learned language we let telepathy go.

“We have kind of let that muscle atrophy when we learned words and we learned language,” she said. “By reconnecting with it, it’s retraining that muscle.”

We are constantly sending and receiving information, whether we realize it our not, and Ranquet refers to it as “broadcasting.” In our pet’s world, they are familiar with recognizing this form of communication, but as humans we don’t always get the signals our pets send to us.

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“For us, the signals come in from our animals and we don’t always get it,” she noted. “Or we don’t realize we’re getting it. We suddenly have this great idea to go on a walk and the dog is sitting there going, ‘Duh, I’ve been sending you that picture for hours.’

Because we are always sending images – even when speaking to our animals – we need to be aware of it, especially concerning problem behavior, said Ranquet.

“Any time we speak out loud we are sending pictures. We are always sending, so I always tell people when they have a naughty dog situation, if you are focusing that the dog goes out and digs in the garden, you are accidently sending — as fast as you hit send on your computer for an email — you are sending the picture to go dig in the yard,” she explained. “Now, when the dog sees you are upset about something and see’s the picture of digging in the yard, they are not sitting there thinking, ‘Oh she is upset because I’m digging in the yard,’ they think she is upset and she seems to be picturing me digging in the yard, so I should go dig in the yard. That might make her feel better.’”

Also, it’s not just our minds, but also our energy field and the emotion behind our thoughts and images, which impacts the way our pets perceive us and our communication. This is why the energy of a household is important and can have a huge effect on an animal.

“Their survival is dependent on the how the energy field of the whole household feels. In the wild they would be looking to the leader, and if the leader was distressed about something, they would be thinking, ‘Uh oh, I better keep my eye out here.’” said Ranquet.


Calming Your Pet
Whether dealing with a rescued animal or a random thunderstorm, there are ways we can help our pets to calm down and feel safe and secure. The first is to center ourselves and calm our own energy before approaching the pet.

“One thing that animals do is they will pretty quickly imitate our breathing so just taking the time to breath and say, ‘You get to be the cat or the dog, and I’ve got this people stuff. You are fine,’” Ranquet shared on the call.

She also recommended looking into flower essences to put in their water, including Rescue Remedy and others specifically for calming or shock, and even bodywork.

“I like to do acupressure points, especially on the hind feet to ground the animal into their body,” she said. “I would consider some grounding essential oils like a Vetiver or something that has a real grounded scent. There is a lot of things like grapefruit and things that are lively, but you want something that is going to really ground the dog.”

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Sonia Choquette Shares How to Access & Follow Intuition

Kicking off the 3-month long “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit,” New York Times bestselling author, Sonia Choquette shared with listeners how to tune in, access and follow their intuitive voice — the voice of spirit or the higher self.

Explaining her 4-step approach to accessing and using our intuition, she said it’s starts with “waking up” to it.

“The first step is waking up . . . when we experience a disruption in our lives that is significant enough that we realize just trying to figure it out alone is not enough,” she shared on the live call. “It can be the loss of a job. It can be an end of a marriage, a sudden illness or an accident, or it can be more subtle, like a general feeling of dis-ease or depression, dissatisfaction, apathy, or when you can’t find your joy. You finally get to a point where you recognize that living with the intellect alone and just trying to watch the world around you and live from your ego isn’t bringing you any relief.”

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The next step after waking up is what Choquette calls “Digging Deep,” and is the next phase in opening up to our intuitive voice. This is when we start to turn inward and come back to our heart or our true self.

“We start to recognize that we have another guidance system that we have been ignoring,” she said.

But what really begins to change our life is the third step in the process called ‘Taking the Leap.” This is really a leap back into our heart and letting our intuitive voice start making our decisions. This will then lead us into what she calls the “flow.”

2 Exercises to Tap In
During the FREE call, Choquette shared a number of tools and techniques to begin to awaken our intuition and also find evidence that it not only exists, but is speaking the truth. One of these is journaling.

“Journaling gives you evidence and helps you get in touch with your inner voice,” she said. “When you start writing that down you begin to see in a very short period of time . . . you begin to shift your energy, and then you have this evidence over a period of time that says, ‘This is accurate. This matters. This is important. This in not crazy, this is reliable.’”

One exercise in journaling includes carrying a small notebook with us and each time we have an intuitive hit – a hunch, a thought, a feeling – we take a moment to write it down. For those who prefer, Choquette also recommends using a recorder on a smartphone to record the thoughts as they come up.

“You don’t have to do anything about it, just put it on paper. Watch what happens over a period of two weeks. They will start showing up as very significant markers that have very valuable information to your life,” she noted.

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Another journaling exercise is to ask a question to your higher self. Write out the question, and then begin to answer it as if it’s your higher self speaking back to you, she said.

Ask out loud: If it was my higher self, if it was my spirit, what would my spirit say? And be sure to write it out because handwriting is the best since the hand is a direct link to the heart, she shared.

“Intuition is a function of the first organ in your body to develop, which is your heart, which is an intelligent organ, 5000 times stronger then any other sense, and developed way before your brain develops,” she told listeners.

Look to the Heart
When looking for evidence we are hearing our intuition, and that it is leading us in the right direction, Choquette warned not to get caught up in the intellect or left brain – which she referred to as “the ghetto.”

“When you look for evidence in your intellect, you are going to the wrong neighborhood. That is the first thing I tell people. Don’t go to the ghetto because you’re not going to find it there,” she shared. “Don’t go to the ghetto. Don’t go to the left brain — the fight, flight, stress, freeze and anxiety. Go to the heart. That is the good neighborhood. Come back to the heart space and rather then think it, feel it. Don’t ask yourself if it feels right. Ask yourself if it feels true.”

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Editor’s Advice: Follow the Footsteps of Synchronicity

How would your life change if you knew that everything occurring in it – both good and bad – was solely for your benefit and the growth of your soul? What if you knew that no matter how far you stray from the path you are meant to be on, the universe will never stop offering opportunities to navigate you back?

It’s seemingly impossible to see the silver lining when blinded by those dark clouds that can temporarily block our view from the sun. But even in the most chaotic of times, meaning often reveals itself when the smoke clears.

That’s what I find comfort and peace in today, and that’s what keeps me going when I hit a speed bump that temporarily slows me down.

You see, I don’t believe in accidents or coincidences. I believe there is only a meaning we have yet to uncover. And I believe this because I’ve seen synchronicity play out in my own life time and again.

When I started college I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I went to school full-time during the day, and worked part-time at a chiropractor’s office in the evenings. I eventually decided to major in English Writing because writing was something I enjoyed. It came easily to me, and I was told by teachers at an early age I had a talent for it.

When I turned 20, I was dealing with a lot of conflict at the chiropractic office, and was no longer happy there. We often see conflict and chaos as a bad thing, right? Well, keep reading…

I thought it might be a good idea to get a part time job where I could do some writing. Then I might be better able to get a job when I graduated college the following year. I quickly found an ad in the newspaper from a local magazine publisher seeking part-time help from an editorial assistant, and writing was part of the job. They offered flexible hours so students could apply, and the office was only 10-minutes from my house. With absolutely no experience, I applied for it, interviewed and was hired!

It was just 10 years later, after experience at two other publishing companies where I worked my way up to Executive Editor, that I decided to start Elevated Existence Magazine.

Do I think it’s a coincidence that writing came easily to me, and I was told I was good at it when I was very young? No way! We are all given unique gifts and talents to use in this life, and when you marry those talents with passion and purpose, there is no limit to how far you can go.

Do I think it was an accident a publishing company only 10 minutes from my house was hiring someone part-time when I started looking for a new job? Of course not! The universe is constantly presenting us with the opportunities we need and want. The key is to be open to them, recognize them and act on them when they are given – and of course, be grateful every step of the way.

I know the universe was setting me up with the experience I needed in the magazine industry, and it was also connecting me with the people I needed to carry out my purpose. I actually met the current creative director of Elevated Existence at one of the publishing companies I worked for (she was the art director and graphic designer for one of the magazines I worked on). And the creative director who designed the template for the magazine and helped me launch it five years ago was also a co-worker in the publishing industry.

This is just one example of many synchronicities I have been able to see clearly by looking back at my life path up until now. It’s an exercise I call “Following the Footsteps,” and can help you gain the reassurance you need in your present and future circumstances to keep moving forward. Knowing that everything does indeed happen for a reason, and for our ultimate good, helps us trust and have faith in the future – especially when things don’t seem to be going our way.

Did you lose a job, but find yourself grateful because an even better one came along? Maybe the new job allowed you to travel to a convention where you met the man or woman you were meant to marry. What about the last minute decision to attend a dinner party where you met someone who helped you take your business to the next level? Or the woman on line in Starbucks who overheard your phone conversation and had the perfect solution to your problem?

Synchronicities are gifts from the universe, and they are everywhere. They are happening all the time for everyone on the planet. When you start following the footsteps and connecting the dots to these links in your past, it will be easier to spot them as they unfold in the present and future.

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Do you have any experiences to share? Leave them in the comments below!