Exclusive Coverage: Hay House I Can Do It Ignite NYC Part 2

During the Hay House I Can Do It Ignite NYC conference in mid-February, the company introduced a number of new and upcoming authors who each took the stage for 20 minutes to share their unique stories and expertise.

One of these was The Daily Love founder Mastin Kipp. He sprung onto the stage full of energy, very much like his mentor Tony Robbins, and immediately shifted the energy in the room. At age 21, Kipp thought he had it all – the girlfriend, the career and the BMW, but this lifestyle led him to drugs and alcohol.

One day while getting high on cocaine, he felt a presence around him that told him he was “more than this,” and he decided to get sober. “I stopped cocaine, but didn’t start listening,” he told the audience. “I was still striving for a sense of significance outside of myself.”

He was in the music business, but his career wasn’t going where he wanted it to, and one day a girl gave him Caroline Myss’ “Energy Anatomy” CD. He connected to what he heard, and eventually started a company called “Love Yourself.” He even got some celebrities to wear the clothing he was selling. But then everything suddenly fell apart.

“Within one week, my girlfriend broke up with me, my investors pulled out, my back went out, I got gout and my roommate moved out,” said Kipp. “I had been doing an abundance mediation from Kundalini yoga, but everything left.”

He had nowhere to go, so his ex-girlfriend’s family allowed him to move into their small guest house, which was essentially an 8-foot by 8-foot room. One day he was meditating and said to God, “I’m in this 8 by 8 room, but I hear you are abundant.” He couldn’t understand why all of the things had occurred in his life. Then he heard an answer: “You are in this room because this is the size of your faith.”

“I stopped looking outside of myself. I thought, ‘what if when all of the crap hits the fan, it’s actually a divine storm? What if everything is going wrong so it could go right?” said Kipp. “Divine storms often occur right before our surrender point.”

At the time, all he had left of the business was a Twitter account called The Daily Love, and he started tweeting positive messages about love. Then one day, reality star Kim Kardashian retweeted one of his quotes, and his Twitter account went from 1,000 to 10,000.

“That is what happens when you surrender. God’s Rolodex is deeper than anyone you know and God’s bank account is deeper than the U.S. treasury,” said Kipp.

He explained to the audience that fear holds us back, and that if we truly want to grow, we have to step into uncertainty – and that means we are going to feel afraid.

“Be willing to be terrified, and still do it,” he said. “Be willing to surrender and keep going. It took me five years. Let God surprise you. No matter how big you think, God is infinite.”

Father & Son Journey
In eighth grade, Michael Eisen’s friends abandoned him. He was bullied and picked on, and his only real friend was a toy poodle named Brandy, he told the NYC audience when he took the stage on Sunday afternoon of the weekend conference. He was angry and he would cry to Brandy because not matter what Brandy loved him unconditionally.

“That dog saved my life,” said Eisen, who said by grade 12 he finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. He knew if he got good grades, he would get into a good college, get a good job, have money, find a partner, have kids, retire and be happy. So he worked himself to the point of sickness.

“I felt like a victim to society, my town, my parents, and I wanted to get out of there,” he explained. “I was so stressed and anxious from what I was putting myself through, I wound up with a bunch of stomach issues.”

He finally made it to a university, and realized people liked him there. He was funny and had a great time socializing, but he forgot to study. He soon realized he needed to go back to his beliefs about working hard and getting good grades so he could lead the life he thought would make him happy, and even felt guilty for having too much fun.

“I tried to study and the stomach issues came back. I didn’t get good grades, and by the time I was 19, I had a complete breakdown,” he said.

In the meantime, his father, Jeffrey, who had achieved everything he set out to in his own life, including becoming the CEO of a multi-million dollar steel-distribution and fabrication business, realized he wasn’t happy. He hired a life coach, began to read a lot of self-help books, and he “completely transformed his life in one year,” said Eisen. “I showed up for the holidays and my dad was a different person.”

Eisen decided if his dad could do it at age 50, he could do it at 19, and he became his father’s first student. “He taught me awareness creates choice, and choice creates change. Life is about learning, not about the results. We are here to learn and grow. Everything else stems from that,” he told the crowd.

Within six months, Eisen’s depression lifted and his stomach issues were gone. Eight years later, not only are he and his father good friends, they are also co-authors of a new book, “Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living.

His father Jeffrey is a skilled life coach, spiritual guide and speaker, and Michael is the founder of the Youth Wellness Network (YWN), an organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering youth across the globe to live happier and more positive lives.

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Exclusive Coverage: Hay House I Can Do It Ignite NYC Part 1

In mid-February, Hay House I Can Do It Ignite came to New York City and the Javits Center for a weekend of inspiration and advice from bestselling and brand new authors in the spiritual and self-improvement field.

From a mob daughter who shared her story of a life filled with anxiety, stress and shame, and a man who discovered the power of social media through a video that went viral after United Airlines broke his guitar, to a woman’s miraculous recovery from terminal cancer after the doctor’s gave her hours to live, the two-day event brought laughter, tears and inspiration to all who attended.

Kicking off the weekend was best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer, who explained to the audience the greatest gift they possess when it comes to attracting their desires is the power of imagination. In his book, “Wishes Fulfilled,” Dyer explains how to tap into the manifesting power within us.

“The No. 1 principle is that if you would like to be able to create something, you must first be able to imagine it, because everything that is created is first imagined,” said Dyer.

He also brought new author of the book “Dying to be Me: My Journey From Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing,” Anita Moorjani to the stage, who spoke later in her own segment about recovering from cancer after a near-death experience. Moorjani had been suffering from cancer for four years, and had tumors “the size of lemons” in her lymphatic system. On February 2, 2006, she slipped into a coma, and doctor’s told her family she was in her final hours and would not come out of it.

“I didn’t know I was in a coma,” she told the audience. “I was aware of what my family was doing, but also what they were feeling. I felt so incredible – like my energy, soul and essence expanded, and it went outside the room.”

She explained how she was able to become aware of her brother who was in another country and frantically packing to get on a flight and see her in the hospital. She was pain free, and all of her fear was gone.

“I felt free, and I felt connected to everyone around me,” she told the audience. “I felt unconditional love bigger than anything I had ever felt.”

She encountered the essence of her father, who had passed away years before, and felt love from him, despite them not getting along when he was alive in physical form. In the realm she was in at the time, there was no time and space, and she remembered being aware of her brother in India, her father in spirit form, and her mother at her bedside in the hospital room simultaneously.

“I had incredible clarity, and realized why I had the cancer and why every decision in my life had led me to that hospital bed, dying,” she shared.

She was given a choice whether she wanted to stay where she was or go back to her physical body, and she admits she did not want to go back. But her father told her it was not yet her time and she needed to go back. After making the decision, she remembers opening her eyes to the hospital room, and although she was very weak, she started to talk to her family and tell them what happened.

Within four days, her tumors shrunk by 70 percent, and the huge open lesions she had on her body – which the doctors told her would require surgery – began to heal on their own within three weeks.

“Within weeks they could not find a trace of cancer anywhere in my body at all,” she said.

Moorjani shared a few of the lessons she learned in the other realm with the audience, including self-love, and the importance of removing fear. “It is really, really important to love yourself. If you don’t you can’t love anyone else. You can’t give what you don’t have,” she said. “If you fill yourself up first, giving yourself joy, you will be the most joyous to be around and you will love people unconditionally without even trying.”

She also lost her fear of dying through her near-death experience, which helped her to now live her life more fearlessly. “Where there is love, there is no room for fear. The more you love yourself, the less you will be fearful. Fear doesn’t keep you safe. Love keeps you safe,” said Moorjani.

Life is a gift, and it should be lived like a gift every single day, she told the audience. We should all wake up every day and ask ourselves what would bring us joy. For those who have lost loved ones, we need to know they are fine, blessed and still around us, and they do try to communicate with us. But most importantly, they want us to be happy.

“Nobody leaves before their time,” she said. “My only purpose and your only purpose is to be who you are. We make life really complicated, but you don’t have to work hard at anything. Love yourself enough to be who you are and when you are unafraid to be who you are, whatever is yours will come to you.”

Doreen Vritue & the Angels
Another best-selling author, Doreen Virtue, took the stage after Dyer to help the audience discover the help, healing and guidance available from the angels – who are non-denominational, celestial beings that we all have around us at all times whether we believe it or not, she said.

“We have all these friends in high places, literally, who don’t want anything in return from us,” Virtue told the audience. “We may believe in angels, but a lot of us don’t realize they want to help us with even the small day-to-day things, like getting a parking place.”

She explained we are all “earth angels” here to help one another as well, and this is something we all agreed to before coming here. The purpose of earth angels is often to carry out the messages from the angels when people are not tuned in to listening themselves.

“Angels want to hook you up to your higher will, and sometimes the answers have nothing to do with what we are praying for,” she said explaining how many people are now getting clear signs and messages it is time to change their diet and lifestyle.

“Every time someone gets the message to change their diet or make a lifestyle change, such as start yoga or exercise, these messages are about tuning the piano so you can hear the messages from back home – the angels,” said Virtue.

She told the audience the veil has been thinning between our physical world and the non-physical world, and more of us are opening up to the truth of who we are and what our purpose is in this life. Additionally, Virtue spoke of the worry around money, explaining it is only energy and something we can manifest, but the key is to keep our energy high.

“They key to manifestation is to have higher energy levels,” she said. “This is why the angels get on you about your lifestyle.”

Many people wonder how to stay positive when they see negative situations around them and in the world, and Virtue explained if we want to manifest positive, we must stay in that space no matter what.

“We think if we anticipate problems it will protect us, but when you anticipate problems you attract problems,” she told the audience. “We procrastinate with our purpose because we want to know the ‘how,’ but sometimes it’s better not to know because we often think we won’t be able to handle it. But once we are in it, we are always able to handle it.”

Virtue also spoke about her newest book, “Mary Queen of Angels,” explaining it looks at Mother Mary outside of the religion she is associated with, but as a non-denominational being like the angels.

“Just like the angels, you don’t have to go to church or temple. Mother Mary loves you unconditionally, and what she does is open your heart,” said Virtue. “Any time you are stressed all you have to do is close your eyes and say a prayer.”

Ending her time on stage, she asked those who have awoken to the true essence of who they are to embrace it, and work to help others remember the same. “You are all here with gifts to help sleeping brothers and sisters who forgot who they are,” she said. “The bigger your purpose, the bigger your ego, and the louder the fear you have. But know your life purpose fits you perfectly, and it’s something you are passionate about.”

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Bruce Lipton on 2012 & Healing the Body

Science is showing us that before us there were five civilizations completely wiped out. We are now in the sixth, and “civilization as we know it is about to end … and a new one is about to begin,” Bruce Lipton recently told the crowd at Hay House’s “I Can Do It Toronto” conference. But it’s not exactly as it seems.

“The Mayans never said it was the end of the world,” Lipton explained. “It’s the end of the way we have been living in this world. The way we have been living has been destroying the planet from underneath us.”

Life cycles of civilizations are just like humans – they grow, develop and die out – and simultaneously while one is ending, a new one is beginning. Everything in the universe is always in a state of flux and movement. Nothing stays the same. Therefore, those with rigid beliefs, who resist change, are the ones who will experience challenges, he explained.

“When you see the world changing, don’t be afraid. Actually gravitate toward the change because life is sustained by change,” Lipton advised. “It’s a time to open up and say we must look at the world in a different way.”

Looking back 10,000 years ago, people saw the spiritual and material worlds as equally present and powerful, where one could not exist without the other. They also viewed the mind and the body as equally important. But as civilizations evolved, the focus began to shift more toward the material world, and the belief became the mind and body are separate. However, the good news is we are moving back toward spirit as science continues to evolve and disprove many of the theories once thought to be true, according to Lipton.

This culture is built on fundamental beliefs that science is proving wrong. For example, Newtonian Physics, based on Isaac Newton’s view that we could ignore the invisible world has changed. Now, Quantum Physics, shows the invisible is important because the universe is actually made up of energy, which Lipton referred to as “the field.” This field controls all matter – including human beings. With quantum mechanics, the mind is once again returned to the body, and we now realize it is what controls the body.

This means, if “you change your perception [mind], you change your biology [body],” Lipton explained.

Another misperception, or what Lipton called “Myth-Perception” was that our genes control our biology.  This thinking made us victims of genes, but now science discovered epigenetics proving that we can change our genes, said Lipton.

“Epi means above, so the control of your genes is above them – your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitudes. You are not a victim of your genes,” he explained, sharing what he called “the secret of life,” which is that it’s actually our beliefs that engage the “switches” in our cells that affect our genetics.

“If you think you are going to get cancer, you can manifest cancer,” he said. “Cells respond to environment. The nervous system picks up signals, which is called perception, and then your mind interprets it. Two people can have the same perception but different interpretations.”

These interpretations are what lead to the changes in body chemistry, he noted. We are our own biologists. If we open our eyes and see someone we love, our brain releases dopamine and oxytocin and our cells grow beautifully … but if something scares us, and we are in a state of fear, our brain releases cortisol and histamine, and fear shuts down the growth of the cells, he explained.

“When you change your perceptions, you change your life. It’s your beliefs about life that is creating the life you have. When you take back control you can become that master of your own biology … it starts by changing the chemistry from your thoughts,” he noted.

Hay House Launches Blogger Website

Hay House started a community-driven site for bloggers called BookNook, intended to encourage discussion about Hay House’s titles, and the publisher will give free books to bloggers who provide reviews of the company’s titles, according to Publisher’s Weekly.

Those who join may get traffic boost to their blog, according to the article, which explained Hay House has a database of 2 million e-mail names.

“We appreciate that reviewers start conversations, online and off, not just about our products, but all that Hay House stands for and how we fit into their lives,” said Gail Gonzalez, director of marketing at Hay House. She also noted there will be specific promotions rolled into the site, such as invitations to Hay House events and opportunities to live blog for the company.

Hay House Launches Film Division

Following the success of its first two films, Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” and Wayne Dyer’s “The Shift,” Hay House, launched a dedicated division to the new medium, Hay House Films.

“We want to offer another medium to attract more people to the Hay House message,” said Hay House CEO Reid Tracy. “The ways in which people learn has grown with technology, and Hay House is now growing to fit that need.”

The company is releasing its first four films on DVD May 1, 2012, and will also hold private screenings, and release apps and online streaming. The DVDs will be available for purchase exclusively via Hay House at www.hayhouse.com.

The four films are:

Painting the Future is inspired by the writings of Louise L. Hay, and reveals how the thoughts we choose create the life we live. An unlikely friendship is formed between a bitter painter who has lost his sight, and a sweet Hispanic girl, his 9 year-old neighbor, who is determined to save up for her Quincinera dress. View the trailer now at: http://tinyurl.com/7o7fonm

My Greatest Teacher is based on a true story by best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer, and is the story of one man’s life-long quest to find the father he never knew and resolve years of resentment he has held inside. The film is a drama that explores the transformational power of forgiveness. See video below to watch the trailer.

Magic Hand of Chance is based on the common underlying theme of Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer writings. It’s filmed in Vienna against the backdrop of a travelling Russian circus, and is the true story of a clumsy magician whose life is turned around when two clowns trick him into thinking he has received the highest honor by a fictitious Magicians Society in America. Because he starts to believe he is great…he ultimately becomes great. View the trailer: http://tinyurl.com/7dlt8cw

Entanglement is based on the writings of best-selling author and visionary Gregg Braden. It is an intense, sci-fi thriller about a science teacher confronted by a former student who believes he has a psychic connection with his twin brother. The film explores the possibility of quantum entanglement and our connection to “The Divine Matrix.” View the trailer now at: http://tinyurl.com/84tku2t

View the trailer for “My Greatest Teacher,” below:

Hay House Debuts Haylo Health & Beauty

A new Web site, www.haylohealth.com, offers experts, such as Kate Somerville, Christiane Northrup, Doreen Virtue, Dr. Wayne Dyer and more, offering views and information on the areas of weight loss and nutrition; lifelong fitness; outer beauty; and inner beauty. Those looking for advice or products on nutrition, energy, fitness, vitamins or supplements will find a community in Haylo Health and Beauty.

Additionally, the site offers products that compliment Haylo Health & Beauty mission, including customized vitamin and supplement programs, developed by a clinical MD and PhD at UCLA’s School of Medicine, as well as new skin care products featuring the benefits of the Omega Fatty Acid complex, not from fish oil, but from earth and sea plant extracts.

For more information, visit www.haylohealth.com.