Tammy Mastroberte: Uncovering & Understanding Signs & Synchronicities

by Jennifer McCartney

How would your life change if you knew everything in it – the positive and the seemingly negative – was happening for your ultimate good? The truth is there are no accidents or coincidences in life. There are only circumstances and events we have not yet discovered the meaning for, and by learning to uncover and understand the signs and synchronicities sent to us from the universe (and our loved ones in spirit), we can reinforce our faith, live with joy, and experience life as a series of miracles, rather than random chaos that causes suffering.

Founder of Elevated Existence and editorial director of the award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine, Tammy Mastroberte taught a bonus class as part of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” where she shared a number of her tips to uncover and understand the signs and synchronicity in our lives, including:

  • Common ways signs & synchronicity show up in your life
  • Tips to increase your awareness of these in your life
  • Common ways our loved ones communicate from “the other side”
  • How to uncover synchronicity in your past to help with your future

To begin, Mastroberte explained the universe works by sending us clues or hints in our daily lives. These little clues let us know we’re on the right track or they guide us back to the right path, but we must be open and aware in order to recognize them. Whenever we find ourselves saying things, such as “What a coincidence?” “That was perfect timing” “How strange or weird that this happened,” or “How lucky I was,” it is “usually not luck, but something greater than you, working for you,” she assured listeners.

She began the class with the four beliefs that set the foundation for what she teaches:

1. There are no accidents and no coincidences. “From the guy who cut you off in traffic last week to the horrible relationship that just ended, and even the timing of that ending,” she said, are all part of the plan God, Source or the Universe has for us. “Everything that happens in your life has meaning, even if you have not found it yet.”

2. We don’t die. Only our human body dies. The soul and the spirit truly lives on. Our loved ones that have passed are still with us. “If we are still here in this physical world, its because our job and our lessons are not done yet,” she said.

3. Whether you call it universe, god, or spirit—it always has your back. No matter how far you stray from your path, no matter how many wrong turns, the universe will continue to reroute you to the best path, she said. And how do we get rerouted? Through signs and synchronicities.

4. We are never alone. “We have help available to us in the form of the universe, angels, guides, or those that have crossed over,” Mastroberte shared, explaining she envisions these helpful energies as a boardroom of people, waiting to be called on to brainstorm and help with anything we need.

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So what is synchronicity? How do we learn to recognize it? Synchronicity as an experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, Mastroberte said. The events don’t have to be simultaneous—they can be years apart. Sometimes the pattern is only clear in retrospect as you trace events from the past.

She shared an example of deciding to incorporate green juice into our lives. Maybe, we’ve read about it and know the benefits, but have not committed to it yet. Then, we are in the bookstore browsing shelves and happen to find a book about green juice we decide to buy. Later that day, our friend calls and tells us about this great green juice she just tried. Later that week, we are flipping the channels and find a documentary about a man who changed his life through juicing. These things are not coincidence—they are an example of synchronicity, and the universe giving us a nudge towards the right path.

“There really is this force that’s guiding the circumstances of our lives,” Mastroberte said.

In order to fully understand how synchronicity is operating in our daily lives, she shared an exercise called, “Follow the Footsteps” to mine our past for examples and instances of synchronicity that has already taken place. “The universe knows where you’re going, what you need to accomplish your goal, and who can help you, and the best way to uncover and understand this is mining the past for where it has already happened,” she explained.

We can start by picking a major life event—it could be the date we got married, the day we met our significant other, or the day we started college or a new job. We can begin to trace the connections by asking the following questions: How did I end up here? How did this event happen? Why did this event happen? What led me here? Who led me here? What happened next? By picking an event and tracing it back, you can see how the seemingly small and unconnected events in our life brought us to where we are now.

“You will start to see everything is connected,” she said, explaining once we can see the synchronicity operating in our lives, we begin to uncover proof that the universe does indeed have our back, that everything has a purpose and a meaning, and this helps us have more faith in our present and future, no matter what the circumstances may be at the moment. “We can be happy and we can be joyful, if we allow it,” she said.

Becoming Aware of Signs
Signs are also important to watch for in our daily lives. Unlike synchronicity, a sign is a single event that lets us know we are on the right path, or steers us in the direction we need to take, where synchronicity is two or more events. We can receive signs form our angels, guides and the universe or sprit, as well as signs as communication for a loved one who has passed on. Our loved ones want us to know they are O.K., and are still around us and aware of what is going on in our lives. They also want to help and guide us when they can, and will use signs in this way as well.

Signs from loved ones can show up in a number of ways, including a song on the radio, a particular flower with a special meaning to you, a light flickering in your home, a feather in your path, and even a literal sign you pass on by on the highway on your way to work—anything can be a sign meant just for us, she explained.

“If that sign means something to you and that loved one, they will use it,” Mastroberte said. “They will often use things familiar to you.” Our loved ones will do whatever it takes to get the sign across, she assured us.

We can also get signs from our angels, guides and the universe directing us where to go next, or reassuring us on our path. These happen every day, but many of us either don’t recognize them, or don’t believe them as a sign.

“If you’re getting a sign, and you think it’s a sign, accept it,” said Mastroberte. “It’s not a coincidence.”

She also offered a number of tips to increase our receptivity to the signs and synchronicities around us. One of the top tips is to mediate. The goal is to increase our awareness overall and slow down the mind in order to do this. She also recommended keeping a journal.

“From the present moment forward you can start jotting down things in your phone or a journal that you can refer back to,” she says. Once these events are recorded you can flip back through your entries to make the connections, and reinforce your belief in them. This will help to recognize more in the future, and even make connections from what you have written down.

Once we become more open to receiving and recognizing signs from the universe, and we realize how guided we are in all that we do, we can begin to understand that what looks like chaos now will eventually turn into meaning, and that no matter what happens in life, we will be O.K.

“The more that you become aware of [signs and synchronicities] in your own life the more that you will get,” she shared.

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Morgana Rae: 6 Steps to Irresistible Money Magnetism

by Jennifer McCartney

Does money love you? Or is your relationship with money a mess? Morgana Rae is an internationally bestselling author of “Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation” and money guru who will walk you through 6 time-tested steps to turn your personal Money Monster of scarcity into a Money Honey of abundance. She spoke with Tammy Mastroberte, founder of Elevated Existence Magazine during the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2” to explain how to let go of financial anxiety and take a step towards wealth.

Morgana explained that money is actually a “made up” concept we all agree upon to make the world go round, and is also one of the most challenging things we face as adults—how to get it, manage it, attract it, respect it and be at peace with it. She discounted the myth that just by working hard we’ll automatically be financially successful—it’s much more complicated than that, she noted.

“Even if you work really hard, have a great diploma, a great website…that doesn’t guarantee you financial success,” she said. “Sometimes, it can feel like we have super human powers to repel money.”

The first step to bringing in abundance is “to get rid of the stuff that’s preventing you from being a money magnet.” All of this creates what Morgana calls our money monster—someone we all must meet so we can do away with them for good. She asks clients to actually make money a person, and explained the first time she did this she saw a scary biker and realized that is why she was struggling to let money into her life for so long. Who would want a scary biker to come into their lives?

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Morgana laid out her six-step plan for helping those on their own journey to financial freedom.

1. Uncover the root cause of your money issues. It usually involves something relating to our feelings of worth, love and security. Maybe a relative stole from you when you were younger. Maybe you were teased as a child and have grown up to feel unworthy of receiving money. Maybe you have money, but are fearful of losing it—crippling your ability to live life free of money worries. “The more money you have, the higher the stakes,” she said. “To find the real root cause you’ll dig deep to find whatever life event has the most pain around it.”

2. Personify your money monster. Who is it? How do they act? Why are we fearful of them? Once you see the creepy person she or he is, then your situation makes more sense. The number one excuse Morgana sees in her work for what somebody can’t have, do or be, is that they don’t have enough money—a sentiment that compounds our problems. “Every time you say “I can’t afford it,” it’s like we’re feeding the money monster.”

3. Get rid of your money monster. Kill it by any means necessary—if you aren’t sure if it’s gone, there’s probably still something there. Keep trying.

4. Meet your money honey. This is your positive money relationship. It’s a partner that loves you and accepts you. “Of course it’s really you…we only know the world through our own experience,” Morgana said.

5. Have a conversation with your money honey. Learn to love and respect it. You have the power in the relationship. Ask it, “What do you need from me?”

6. Take action. “If you want physical results, you need to take physical action.”

She assures people who are in debt, afraid of money, and feel hopeless, that’s she’s been there-and these steps can work for them, too. “For those of you that are in the panic, with the dark night of the soul with your finances and your circumstances, first—congratulations. The money monster is so up close for you that this process can be easier faster, and the most dramatic for you….you actually have an advantage.”

Whether you’re a single mother with a mountain of debt or are someone that cringes at the idea of charging for your services, even when those services are your livelihood, Morgana assures us that no matter what our money issue, it’s a cycle anyone can break out of once we’ve met our money monster and embraced our money honey. And once we’re on our path to financial freedom, we’re better able to serve ourselves—and others. “Your prosperity serves the world,” she reminded us. “I want you to have financial freedom so you can focus on love, lifestyle, and legacy.”

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Jeffrey Gignac: Happier & Smarter In 7 Minutes

by Jennifer McCartney

Did you know the secret to happiness, wealth and success might be between your ears? Clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Jeffrey Gignac, joined Tammy Mastroberte, founder of Elevated Existence during the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” to explain how the new science of happiness and productivity starts with the brain.

Gignac, a world-renowned expert in brainwave entrainment and brainwave stimulation, and the creator of nearly 100 meditation and brainwave programs told listeners how they can become happier and smarter in just seven minutes using proven techniques that increase the blood flow to their brain, and can actually re-wire it. He also shared how its possible to double, even triple, a person’s weekly productivity with just a few easy steps.

His work and the programs he creates are all about brain fitness—rewiring the brain to create new pathways resulting in new thoughts, behaviors and actions. He pointed to research showing that brainwave activity is remarkably consistent from one person to the next when they are under any type of stress.

“When we’re all stressed and frustrated” our brain activity takes on a particular pattern,” he shared, explaining on a scan we could actually see blood stuck in one area rather than flowing through to others. To do the “internal math” required of us daily, (processing language, etc.) we need blood flow to the brain and Gignac has studied and teaches techniques, including brainwave stimulation, using video and audio that encourage this blood flow and create the results people are looking for—whether it’s happiness, relaxation, a good night’s sleep or more productivity. Additionally, “things like nervousness and stress restrict blood flow in the brain….so using brainwave stimulation, we can push this blood flow back into the brain.” Once the blood is flowing, we’ll immediately notice the results.

So, it’s one thing to know when we’re stressed or nervous our brain isn’t getting the proper blood flow it needs. But what to do about it? “The biggest challenge in our lives isn’t making ourselves smarter but just using what we have,” he told listeners. “The benefits [of brainwave stimulation] are very similar to that what happens when you exercise a muscle. You get increased blood flow, increased activity…it improves the neuro-connectivity between various regions to the brain, closing communication gaps.”

Long term, the benefits of brainwave stimulation, or brain exercise, are numerous, he said. In addition to stress relief, there’s also “the ability to simply process the world differently on a differently level faster and better over time…[and] the ability to side step negativity over time.” Instead of getting stuck in traditional thinking patterns, where our blood flow is stagnant, we can sidestep those patterns. It also helps with our concentration, making us less susceptible to distraction, he said.

“This is not about increasing your physical intelligence,” he said. However, one of the long terms benefits is the increase of neural pathways, so over time, “it makes it more likely for you to think with greater clarity.”

To begin to identify our own brain patterns, Gignac advised us to take an emotional inventory—figure out our weak spots, strong spots, when we’re happy, etc. The idea is to “change the way the electricity and blood flow moves in your brain so that you break these patterns. It’s one of the simplest and easy ways to improve you happiness and productivity in your life,” he shared.

And it’s more than just reducing stress or increasing productivity. Increased blood flow to the brain can help strengthen different muscle groups, which can affect nearly every aspect of our daily lives—from happiness levels to libido, and encouraging better sleep to increasing the amount of energy we feel during the day.

Using brainwave stimulation, and neuro linguistic programming, Gignac says its about incremental steps toward change. “If we try to do these really, really big chunks it can actually demotivate us,” he said. “We’re not telling people, ‘you will change now’…It’s more guidance, not a pushy type of guidance.”

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Panache Desai: Discovering Your Soul Signature – Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Joy

by Jennifer McCartney

Do you feel exhausted and weighed down by the circumstances of your life? Do you subject yourself to an endless stream of self-judgment and criticism? Do you feel the energy of fear tightening its grip on you more each day?

Each time life throws emotional obstacles in your way, your soul signature – your spiritual DNA – becomes blocked. Anger, shame, fear, guilt, sadness, or despair overtakes you, creating a heaviness that doesn’t permit your energy to flow freely.

But all is not lost. For listeners at the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” Panache Desai—spiritual teacher and author of Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion and Joy—explained how discovering your unique soul signature can reignite a life of authenticity, rediscover your passion, and tap into the limitless possibility of all things.

“The function of spiritual practice in its most basic level is for an individual to help them come into the experience of themselves as more than just a body and a mind,” said Desai. Once practitioners are aware of themselves as a soul—once they’ve uncovered their soul signature or the unique expression of who they are at their core—they’re able to live their fullest life and embrace their true humanity, leading to greater health and happiness.

“What we’re doing is offering people access, authentically, to who they are at their core,” Desai explained on the call. “Sometimes people have some grandiose notion of their life’s purpose. You’re purpose is to be yourself…the more you can lovingly accept yourself, and engage the part of you that’s divine, you don’t have any mundane moments…You’re doing everything from a place of connection, from a place of awareness, and you truly become alive.”

Desai addressed many listeners who feel they are “stuck” and can’t move forward in certain areas of their life. We learn to get “stuck” very early in life, he said. “The way we learn to get stuck is through our conditioning—we learn from our family. Then at school. And society.” But we don’t become “unstuck” by seeking superficial solutions. It starts with acceptance of where we are and what we feel at the moment. Rather than running away from or suppressing our emotions, we must feel them and release them.

Desai told listeners that uncovering our soul signature requires three steps:

  • The first is a willingness to look
  • The second is a willingness to feel and experience
  • The third is to allow the feeling to be there (not fighting the feeling)

“Whether it’s depression, grief, fear, rage, or whatever, it’s about being available to the emotion, and accepting of it,” he said. “Dealing with the loss of physical attachment in grief, you can begin to access something deeper…because you’re not going to be in it all the time. There comes a point where the intensity of the emotion will begin to diminish.”

By feeling those emotions and letting them flow through us, we will be left with only love, which is the authentic self. “Befriend your humanity,” said Desai. “The part that everyone’s missing, is that the doorway to our divinity is through our humanity. We have to lovingly go through our humanity in order to access our divinity.”

When we discover this, we will realize we are more than just a body and a mind — we are a soul. “Our soul exists on a level of perfection,” he said. “And the more we can begin to embrace and accept the parts we believe aren’t perfect, the more we move into harmony with our innate potential, and the more we’re able to unleash it in the world.”

Putting it into Practice
Desai also led listeners through a practice of exploring their energy and uncovering their soul signatures.

“Think of the person in your life that you believe has hurt you the most,” he advised listeners. “Just breathe and relax your body. And begin to get present to what’s going on inside your body. Focus on how the body feels—whether it’s a tightness in the body—focus on it, and everything associated with that energy collapses. Everything that’s left in us we have to turn and feel.”

While he noted at times we won’t feel a shift right away, we should allow ourselves to be open to whatever it is we are feeling, and to not resist any pain, physical or otherwise. “When that density has been felt, the physical pain goes away,” he said. Desai’s program offered through the Living an Elevated Existence Summit is about consistency and commitment—for about half an hour morning and night, listeners hear a recording designed to address the density inside them and help access their soul signature.

“If you haven’t discovered your soul signature, you’re lost,” he said. However, by uncovering it, and accepting our true humanity, Desai said enlightenment is within reach.

“When you’re experiencing peace, you’re experiencing your enlightenment,” he said.


Jean Widner: How Technology Can Improve Your Meditation

by Jennifer McCartney

What if you could take your meditation to the next level by incorporating technology into your daily routine?

Jean Widner, co-owner and national sales manager of Wild Divine Inc., shared with listeners of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” how we can tune into our bodies natural rhythms — like breathing and heart rate — and improve our heart’s coherence cycle to meditate easily or deepen our existing practice. She explained how combining the ancient wisdom of meditation with Wild Divine’s modern technology can help train our mind, body and spirit to self-regulate; tap into our own personal power; improve our mental focus, creative thinking and intuition; and more.

Wild Divine Inc. specializes in designing and developing unique, whole-body relaxation training programs that help people reduce stress and live happier, more well-balanced lives—and is a leader in the emerging lifestyle technology market.

“What we have is a very simple sensor,” Widner explained about the hardware involved. This sensor, called an IomPE, works with a standard Mac or PC. “It’s just a simple little gadget about three inches by one inch. You basically just plug that into a USB port, and the other end of it has an ear clip, which you put on your earlobe.”

It’s hands free—allowing users to sit and meditate, while the software tapes the heartrate signal and inputs the data into the program allowing users to monitor not only their heart rate, but also their breath cycle. There are also a number of exercises, some spiritual and tapping into emotion, and others focused on breathing techniques, and the program provides feedback on a person’s meditation.

“You can see it live on screen,” she said. “When you’re graphing yourself, you can see your resting heart rate, along with two different visuals—a numerical representation of your coherence score, your heart rate, and your color spectrum. At the beginning it will be yellow. Then when you move into the heart breath it moves to green, then to deep blue.”

The breath is even represented by a butterfly icon in one program that opens and closes with each inhale and exhale. This ability to see concrete results means even on a mediation day that feels unproductive, or you realize through the meditation that you’re distracted, the program offers concrete evidence that the meditation has had a physical effect on the body. And it isn’t just about relaxing! There are also exercises for stimulating breath to gain rejuvenation and energy, Widner shared with the audience.

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Using the Software
The Wild Divine program offered to listeners of the Elevated Existence Summit uses 15 steps, which includes 30 guided meditations, and 13 inspirations around all different topics, and led by a variety of practitioners such as Zen master Nasim Aman, Dr. Dean Ornisch, Dr. Andrew Wild, Joan Borysenko, and Sharon Salzberg.

Widner broke down each of the 15 steps for listeners and explained each step was designed to work on a different area.

Step 1: Quieting the mind

Step 2: Observing your thoughts

Step 2: Working on inner balance

Step 4: Releasing physical tension

Step 5: Cultivating positive emotions.

Step 6: Revealing your inner wisdom

Step 7: Subduing your inner critic

Step 8: Opening yourself to others

Step 9: Practicing compassion for others and yourself

Step 10: Discovering gratitude

Step 11: Opening up to connect outside yourself (the collective consciousness)

Step 12: Setting your intentions

Step 13: “Taking your daily supplement”

Step 14: Learning to commit to a personal practice

Step 15: Finding a rhythm that works for you

The program can work for both beginners and seasoned meditators, along with everyone in between, and Widner offered a potential meditation schedule of about 10-15 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week.

“I don’t believe that we need to meditate for hours to get benefits,” she told listeners, recounting the story of a man with prostate cancer who had no background in meditation—but who found the tool “invaluable.” The program can also help if you’ve “meditated for years and you’ve never been able to find a practice that you could make stick,” Widner said.

“The great thing about meditation is that when you first start to carve out 10 or 15 minutes of your time in the morning, at first that feels like this sacrifice, that you’re greedy to have this time back laying under the covers trying to squeeze out a few more minutes of sleep,” Widner noted. “But once you really understand meditation and you start to gently embrace it and fit it into your daily routine, you find the reverse is true. You’re greedy for those 10 or 15 minutes of mediation time if you don’t get them in the morning. You find yourself out of sorts in the middle of the day.”

She likened the benefits of meditation to athletes who practice constantly to improve their performance. “You’re training yourself into a muscle memory reaction so that then you have more control,” she said. “If you’ve had a really busy and stressful day but you need to go to sleep, you can train muscle memory so that you can put yourself in a relaxed state. Just by knowing how to breathe.”

Widner also shared how the company will be launching, Wild Divine Online, a virtual world with group or individual meditation activities—and once a person has the hardware, they can sample other Wild Divine products.

“It’s a portal to a mindful world,” she told listeners. “People are demanding technology at their fingertips that will help them stay on track with their healthy habits. This is just the beginning.”

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Danielle MacKinnon: Revealing (and Releasing!) Soul Contracts

By Jennifer McCartney

How many times have you wondered why, no matter how hard you try, you can’t keep a relationship? Or stay healthy, or make enough money? Or that you just can’t seem to find happiness?

Danielle MacKinnon, author of “Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance,” intuitive, coach and animal communicator (who was named one of the country’s top 100 Astrologers and Psychics of 2014) shared with listeners of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” how we can learn to recognize and release these hidden energetic barriers, or soul contracts, which block the way to true happiness and success.

“We form these [soul contracts] really young when we start believing negative things about ourselves,” MacKinnon explained to listeners. This complicated belief system still operates in us adults, and often leads to a lot of our problems, she says. As a coping mechanism, we create methods to “fix” the negative things we believe about ourselves, and begin to act certain ways in order to feel better about ourselves. These soul contracts will continue to negatively impact our lives until we discover them and release them.

Most people have no idea they’re being guided by these contracts but they are usually aware that they are stuck in some way. MacKinnon shared the example of a 45-year old woman being guided by her soul system, which consists of all these contracts we have made in the past.

“She needed to sacrifice for others to prove that she was worthy,” she said, explaining this was one of her soul contracts. “It had never occurred to her that sacrificing for love wasn’t the way to receive love.”

However, the things we do in order to alleviate the “blockages” caused by soul contracts are just a band-aid solution. A person who feels unworthy in life may constantly feel the need to prove their worth. But if someone feels they have to prove their worth in order to receive, “that giving is not coming from a place of ‘I have so much overflowing love,’” said MacKinnon. It’s coming from a place of ‘I need to prove something.’”

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Identify & Release
So how can we begin uncovering and releasing our own soul contracts? “It’s not complicated work…but people need to know the steps,” said MacKinnon.

First, we need to identify where exactly we are stuck. What are the soul contracts that are holding you back? “A soul contract will show up as a block. Why do I work overtime and not get paid? Why do my relationships end in disaster? Why don’t a feel happy? It’s often not just in one area,” she said, explaining a soul contract can affect all areas of our lives, from health and relationships to money and career.

For example, if you don’t feel safe in the world, your may have a soul contract that prevents you from speaking up so that you can protect yourself. This can affect you at work and in relationships. You may have the awareness that this is an issue, but simply trying to change a behavior once we are aware doesn’t work in the long term.

“Instead of a behavior change, we work on a belief change,” she noted. “It’s about clearing the negative energy. Clear and release these contracts. Once you feel safe in the world, speaking up isn’t an issue.”

She advised working on awareness first because by simply becoming aware of our contracts, we can begin to shake up our energy — often enacting smaller changes before the final clearing. Some people may come to realize they have a large number of soul contracts, but having a lot of them isn’t a bad thing.

“When you identify one, you now know that it’s operating in many areas of your life—your health, your wealth, relationships,” she noted, explaining once you clear it all these areas will improve.

After identifying the contracts, it’s about releasing yourself from them, ad MacKinnon provided listeners with a way to do this at home, walking them through it on the call. Speaking in a powerful voice, after calling in our guides, angels and helpers on the other side, we can say the following:

“I now consciously release all energies that are no longer serving me as a result of my ‘aha’ moments today. This includes all that my soul knows I’m ready to let go of as well as [here you can talk to your guides about what’s on your mind]. Please release all resulting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attachments, and call my akashic records, consciousness and unconsciousness, and assist me in aligning with my greatest and highest potential. As these energies release please gracefully open my crown chakra and infuse me with the energy of unconditional love. [Take a moment and feel the love]. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The block then feels less after a successful release, explained MacKinnon. “The success comes in increments—each small shift results in a new experience. The belief is shifted a little bit each time,” she noted.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you work on releasing your soul contracts:

  • Be sure to set your foundations before getting started—remain grounded and organized and don’t just dive in and try and do everything.
  • Avoid trying to unblock too many contracts at once. You want things to shift in increments, otherwise it’s not sustainable. Shifting in bits is more natural.
  • “The proof really has to be in the pudding,” says MacKinnon. If you feel contentment and excitement you’re doing something right.

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