Sherry Gaba: Heal Past Trauma with the Somatic Recovery Technique

We have all been through trauma at some point in our lives – whether it’s divorce, a sudden death, health diagnosis, or even a car accident – and as a result, emotional and physical energy can get stuck in our body and mind.

Celebrity psychotherapist, life coach and author of The Law of Sobriety,” Sherry Gaba, explained how many of us don’t realize this stuck energy is blocking us and holding us back from living in joy, attracting the right relationship, healing our body, and so much more. She joined Tammy Mastroberte, founder of Elevated Existence and publisher & editorial director of Elevated Existence Magazine, on the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit to explain the Somatic Recovery Technique, and how releasing trauma can open us up to a life filled with more joy, love and happiness.

“Trauma is something that causes you to go unconscious and you can no longer fight or flee the situation, so your body just froze,” Gaba explained on the call. “What it did is froze energy and locked it inside your body and your cells, and there is no movement.”

People often wonder why they haven’t found the relationship of their dreams, or why their health is not improving, and what is really going on is they are stuck from past trauma energy in the body they have not released, said Gaba.

“Even though I am a licensed psychotherapist, I don’t believe you can talk through old trauma. Trauma in the body must be released in a very systematic, thoughtful way,” she said.

There are ways we can identify trauma in our body, including an exercise Gaba shared on the call. Start by thinking about an upset, loss, divorce or even abuse from early childhood, and notice what it feels like in the body. Is there a sensation in the lower back or the neck? This often gives us a clue of where the trauma is being held in the body. The key is not to run from it, but to actually notice it and be mindful of the emotions and sensations in the body, and allow them to discharge.

“It’s about being in the discomfort of the feeling in your body, entering the present moment and releasing all the pent up energy that has been holding you back from being fully awake and conscious,” she said.

Gaba teaches the Somatic Recovery Technique, which is a 7-step program to release and heal from trauma, and is also a way to find our true purpose, she explained.

“What I find is, we release the stuck energy and then what? We want to find purpose and a passion in our lives to replace it. That is the final result of the program,” she said, explaining people finally feel free from this process. “Your body is finally free of all that negativity and toxicity and able to let go. There is no resistance anymore. You finally have surrendered completely.”

Getting Unstuck
Gaba developed the Somatic Recovery process because she needed to let go of past trauma in her own life, which began prematurely. She was born three months early and put in an incubator, where her mother was not allowed to touch her because years ago people believed the mother could pass germs onto the child.

“I didn’t meet my mother until I was two and a half months old, so I missed that initial bonding period,” she shared. “I had a lot of issues growing up and later in my life with relationships because I didn’t have those first few months experience of early bonding. I had a lot of issues with picking unavailable people because I was unavailable to me.”

She found it didn’t matter how much therapy she went for, she didn’t heal until she discovered a therapist that specialized in trauma, and helped her get back into her body. Before that she was literally walking around in a “disassociated state,” just trying to survive, but not awake to her own authentic self.

“We have a knowing inside of us that is really our soul and soul purpose,” she shared. “When you start releasing the energy that has been stuck for so long, your soul’s purpose comes alive. You finally go, ‘yes, that is it! That is what makes me feel joy. That is what I’m passionate about.’”

So many of us work in jobs we don’t like and are in relationships where we are faking it until we make it, and this is covering up layers of truth inside of us. It’s impossible to be healthy when living in this state, Gaba explained. Releasing the trauma lets the negativity and old energy out, allowing the truth of who we are to come forward.

“Trauma keeps energy surpressed in every organ of our body. That is why people have aches and pains, and emotional issues, and that is energy that has not been released. It’s stuck in the body and keeping them from living a joyous life. This stored energy becomes toxic – all the distorted lies people tell themselves, the belief systems that no longer hold true, the moods that keep them living in fear and anxiety … it’s causing negative habits, destructive behavior and keeping people immobilized.”

This also applies to the law of attraction, she explained. Trauma weighs down our vibration, making it very difficult to attract the high vibrational life we desire.

“If you want to attract, joy, the relationship, the job, you have to be in the felt sense of the thing you want. You want to feel it in your body at the frequency you desire, but if you are filled with all that stuck energy, how could you be at that felt sense?” she asked. “I don’t’ see how that is possible. That is why I don’t think the law of attraction alone works. You have to do this work first. You have to get rid of the old energy. Everything great happened for me when I started doing this work.”

Karen Abrams: Theta Healing and Relationships

Theta healing is a unique form of meditation where practitioners enter the “theta state” and are able to shift thoughts away from negative, limiting beliefs to more positive perspectives. It’s a process of healing that can free people from longstanding emotional burdens and even chronic or unhealthy physical conditions.

Karen Abrams, a master theta healer, certified instructor and relationship expert joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, to discuss theta healing and relationships as part of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit.

“Theta healing is a meditation that connects you to creator, God or source. When you connect with that Divine energy, your brain waves go into the theta state and that is what happens when we are falling asleep and just hitting that dream state,” Abrams explained on the live call. “When we go into the theta brainwave, we are able to access our subconscious mind, and that is really our store house for all of our experiences, beliefs and feelings.”

Our experiences, beliefs and feelings are stored in every cell of the body, and theta healing connects to Divine energy to help shift belief systems no longer working for a person, she noted. Beliefs such as, “I’m alone,” “No one will ever love me,” “No matter what I do it will never work out.” This energy also allows people to shift emotions and feelings.

“This is a huge, huge thing because when you can change a feeling you have had in your body for as long as you’ve known yourself, you can start bringing better things into your life,” Abrams explained.

People often change belief systems, heal trauma and resentments, forgive themselves and forgive others, and while sometimes the shifts are subtle, many receive immediate benefits as well.

“I always say with the subtle ones, it’s like pointing a cannon one degree west – you are going to hit a whole other town. So those subtle changes are going to bring big changes as time goes by, and the big changes will bring bigger changes,” Abrams explained. “Theta can do that for you.”

She became interested in theta healing when a friend of hers quickly began to experiences changes in her life for the better through theta, and Abrams signed up for a Basic Theta Healing class. After the three-day class, her life began to change as well.

“I had anxiety for six years where I was literally shaking every day,” she shared. “After a three-day course on Theta healing, for the first time in six years my body came out of fight or flight. I was in a depression when I started this work, and now my default is contentment. When something happens, I know I can always go back to contentment.”

Elements of a Healthy Relationship
During the live call, Abrams shared three important elements we need to bring into a relationship for it be healthy. They include worthiness, self-love and joy.

Worthiness – “If you don’t believe you deserve to be loved, then you won’t be, and that is what will show up because the person you attract will mostly likely feel the same way,” said Abrams. “Like attracts like, and in this work we talk about how you are really attracted to people who have the same negative belief systems you have because that reminds you of how you grew up.”

If our worthiness is not in a place where we feel we really deserve love, the person we attract is not going to feel that way about themselves either, and is not going to feel that way about us, she explained.

Self-love – “If you love yourself, you are most likely going to attract someone who is very similar to that, so it will be much easier to be able to communicate with them and move yourself forward in that relationship,” said Abrams. “If you don’t’ feel really great about yourself, you are not going to attract somebody who feels great about themselves.”

Joy – Joy is what makes everything better, said Abrams. We don’t need to be 100 percent joyful to have a healthy relationship, but we need to be able to receive joy and express it with a romantic partner and find it in the relationship.

“Sometimes people look for relationships or they run away from relationships because they are projecting their parents marriage onto it, so they stay away from relationships,” she noted. “But usually people who are afraid of relationships are afraid of bad relationships not good relationships, and that may be something they don’t realize.”

Relationships are Mirrors
Any time we are in a relationship – whether romantic or friendships – it is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

“You have to understand that if someone is mistreating you, there is probably somewhere in yourself that you are doing the same thing to yourself, and it’s important when those things happen to step back and say, ‘I can be angry with this person, and I should let this person know to make sure my boundaries are healthy.’ But the other side of it is to go back and say, ‘O.K., so where am I being neglectful with myself? Maybe I need to fix that.’ Then that behavior doesn’t tend to come out of the other person, and if it does, maybe you leave the relationship, or you draw lines because it’s just not acceptable anymore.”

Theta healing repairs our relationship to ourselves because we learn to forgive ourselves and gain God’s understanding of why we acted the way we did. It can heal traumas and resentment towards ourselves, as well as others in our life, and when this happens, the burdens we carry begin to get lighter.

“People burdened by the past or those with a very heavy childhood wear that on their back, and with theta you can lift it off and become lighter and more comfortable in your own skin,” said Abrams.

Julie Daniluk: How Food Can Heal Chronic Inflammation

Did you know things like white sugar, harmful fats and processed foods contribute to inflammation in the body, and that by eating the right anti-inflammatory foods, we can quell this internal heat?

As the bestselling author of “Meals That Heal Inflammation,” and co-host of the OWN Network’s Healthy Gourmet, Julie Daniluk RHN, NNCP, has helped thousands of people enjoy allergy-free foods that taste great and assist the body in the healing process, and she joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, on the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit to discuss the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet.

Her anti-inflammatory diet journey started following a trip to a small island in Thailand where she ate pad thai and ended up with severe food poisoning. She was taken to the nurses station, and they gave her antibiotics in order to save her life, but the lining of her gut was “destroyed” after it, and she “couldn’t eat anything without pain,” she said on the call.

She eventually started writing down foods she could eat that didn’t cause her harm, like squash and pureed spinach soup with hemp seeds, and this eventually grew into her book “Meals that Heal Inflammation.”

“I realized inflammation is so much broader then just digestive inflammation or that twisted ankle. It’s actually the background of almost every disease state on the entire planet,” she said. “Anything with the ending ‘itis’ is inflammation, as well as heart disease or Alzheimer’s. I really started to be passionate and to research it. That is how I wrote the front of the book, which is a scientific look at inflammation.”

Inflammation is actually a normal response the body has – it’s the body’s emergency response system or healing response, Daniluk shared.

“Without the trigger to the immune system to cause the heat, the swelling, the pain, an all those symptoms you are having, we would not be alerted to the fact that there is something terribly wrong,” she explained. “It’s jus the dashboard light going off, telling you the engine needs repair, and it’s important you notice it.”

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Inflammation Root Causes
Daniluk explained there are four main causes of inflammation in the body, all starting with the letter “I”:

Injury – This can be both a physical injury and an emotional injury, such as a loved one dies too early, or the loss of a job at a crucial point where it is really needed, said Daniluk.

“Those emotional traumas have a massive impact to our physiology,” she said. “Physical injury we except, but the emotional injury is harder to look at, and if we are willing to poke at those places that are really tender, where we just want to store it away under the carpet and forget about it, then we really do resolve pain.”

Infection – This is the leading cause of inflammation, including infections in the gums causing heart disease; infections like genital warts causing cervical cancer; the virus we get from cold sores, which expedites the amount of Alzheimer’s plaque on the brain; and Epstein Barr, which is a virus that can trigger chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

“We point fingers at fibromyalgia saying, ‘I have muscle pain,’ but we have to resolve the fact that your immune system didn’t set off a terrible virus,” she noted.

We need to give the body the nutrients needed to balance the immune system, which Daniluk explains in her book. One of the greatest things is plant sterols, which is a fatty substance in plants that helps balance the immune system, she said.

Imbalance – This can be an imbalance in hormones or nutrition, which go hand-in-hand, Daniluk noted. For example, PMS caould be caused by a deficiency of vitamin B6, which is causing a hormonal imbalance.

Irritation – Often caused by toxins from what we are eating and the allergies we are consuming. She described an irritant as something that should not be a trigger for someone, but triggers the immune system response. Also, there are many toxins in the environment we can’t get away from, and they build up in the body causing a hormonal imbalance. Once example is dry cleaning fluid, which is a “massive hormone disrupter,” she said. “It throws off your estrogen to the point that you have a massive inflammation response.”

Signs of Inflammation
While some inflammation causes pain and swelling, like a broken bone, many people have hidden inflammation that is not painful, such as heart disease. But the major signs are swelling, heat, redness and loss of function, said Daniluk.

“Loss of function is the most important silent symptom we have to be aware of, and some people say it’s just a sign of aging, but I don’t agree,” she explained. “Why are people in Tibet living to 100 clear-headed with no Alzheimer’s at all. We can live full, vital lives without inflammation and then die peacefully in our sleep. It is possible.”

Once a person hits full vitality, all of the symptoms will be absent. They will have clear skin, a working digestion and no fatigue, to name a few things.

“Write a laundry list of symptoms that you have – a fungal infection on your toe; a creaky knee that is bothering you; rosacea on your skin; eczema on your elbow – all of those are inflammation, and if we address the little symptoms as they occur then we don’t have to listen to the screams of inflammation as we get older,” she explained on today’s call. “People who have serious inflammation in their 60’s had the evidence of inflammation in their 20’s and 30’s.”

Allergies are also a sign of inflammation, where the immune system overreacts to environmental allergens such as pollen, and the anti-inflammatory diet can help in this are as well, said Daniluk.

“It’s a harmless little piece of pollen. Other people breath it in, and it doesn’t cause them any harm, but some people breath it in, and its is causing a massive release of histamine. Histamine is the body is a messenger of inflammation. It causes the swelling, redness and pain, and that is why the immune system overreacts,” she said. “We don’t have to take immune suppressant drugs. We can reduce the amount of allergies in our environment by changing our diet. I had one client who was severely allergic to ragweed and could barely function. She was knocked up on drugs and couldn’t think clearly. After being on the anti-inflammatory diet for three months, her environmental allergies went through the floor, and she could completely function without having to take antihistamine drugs.”

Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Healing inflammation starts with the gut because the gut has a domino effect on the rest of the body, said Daniluk. In fact, 70 percent of our nerve endings are wired directly to our gut lining, and one in four people have some type of digestive complaint.

“The equivalent of a cat-sized brain is wired all along your digestive system. If we can heal that, then it will translate into a balanced immune system and repair mechanism of the entire body,” she explained. “If we eat a piece of organic salmon or wild arctic salmon, we have the proteins brush up against the wall of the bowel, and will trigger a positive response in the joint tissue. The omega 3’s in fish trigger an anti-inflammatory response that goes directly to the knees.”

The most inflammatory foods are:

Deep Fried Potato Chips – One in 10 people are sensitive to an alkaloid in potatoes, and with chips we drop it into boiling oil at 400 degrees, and this triggers an inflammatory substance in the body. Not only that, but the oil itself is inflammatory and toxic because it is so highly heated that massive amounts of oxygen molecules are attracted to it causing free radicals in the body that cause conflict in the joints, bowels and muscles, said Daniluk.

French Fries – Same as above.

Deep Fried Corn Chips – “Deep fried corn is very inflammatory, but also Doritos have crazy flavorings on it like red dye and the artificial dye is actually extracted from cold tar. People don’t realize tar being a petrochemical is toxic to the brain, causing brain inflammation, which triggers depression, memory loss and ADD,” she said.

Refined Wheat Flour – This is not only higher on the sugar scale then table sugar, but it contains gluten, which can cause pain and inflammation in muscles and joints if a person is sensitive to it, Daniluk explained. “One in three people hold the gene to be sensitive to it. If you are sensitive and have an emotional trauma, all of the sudden you can start reacting to wheat.”

Sugar – New studies show sugar causes heart disease more than fat or stress, she noted.

When it comes to meat, Daniluk said it depends on how it is cooked. She went back to eating meat when she became allergic to everything, including dairy, corn, gluten, legumes, nuts, fish and poultry. She realized having pureed soup that had ground chicken it is helped her. She recovered from her bowel inflammation within two years.

“If you grill meat it becomes inflammatory, so don’t grill or fry it, but you can have small pieces of organic, ethically raised, local meat from a small farm boiled in soup,” she said.

Some of the most anti-inflammatory foods are:

Dark Leafy Green Vegetables – Eating these vegetable from the cruciferous family of plants, such as broccoli, kale and cabbage are master healers, containing huge amounts of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that quell inflammation quickly, Daniluk shared. For those who have hypo thyroid, it is better to cook then eat raw, because raw could slow down the thyroid. But hyper thyroid would do find with raw.

Berries – Raspberries, Blackberries, Goji berries, Camu Camu, Acai Berries, and even frozen blueberries.

Small, Sustainable Fish — Artic char, which is similar to salmon is very high in special peptides that heal the whole body and great for the omega 3’s, she noted. “Rapid healing starts with high omega 3 foods, so go for small fish. One of the best fish for healing fibromyalgia pain is halibut because of the need for malic acid with fibromyalgia.

Seeds – They are more nutritious then nuts and don’t have the same allergic reactions, said Daniluk. They are high in protein and Omega 3’s. These include flax seed, chia seeds and hemp seeds, and hemp seeds have Omega 3, magnesium, zinc and iron, which are all needed to heal inflammation. She recommends sprinkling on salads.


Hale Dwoskin: The Sedona Method – A New Path to Happiness

What if someone told you there was a way to stop self-sabotage, achieve your goals, and be happy no matter what circumstance or situation surrounds you at any moment? Believe it or not, you can open the door to emotional freedom, happiness and success by learning to release negative emotions, thoughts and memories with the Sedona Method. This simple, yet effective technique allows you to reconnect with the peace and wellbeing already inherent within you.

Hale Dwoskin, New York Times bestselling author of the book, “The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Wellbeing,” brought the method to the mainstream after studying under its founder Lester Levenson. He joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, as part of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Telesummit to demonstrate and teach about the releasing technique – a simple yet effective method to reconnect with the peace and wellbeing already inherent within all of us.

“In 1952, Lester Levenson was sent home to die by doctors after a second coronary,” Dwoskin explained on the call. “He was a type A personality, very successful and driven, and living on Central Park South in Manhattan. He had good relationships, but was a physical and emotional basket case.”

Levenson was 42 years old at the time, and it was then that he discovered a process of self-inquiry he called “correcting things with love,” now known as The Sedona Method.

“He discovered we all have this natural ability to let go of our stress, tension and anxiety, and also all our inner obstacles to creating success and wellbeing,” Dwoskin explained. “He realized if you tap this natural ability, nothing can stand in your way. He discovered you could resolve longstanding patterns and started to feel more alive. At the end of a three-month period, he went from a physical and emotional basket case into a state of profound peace, and he lived another 42 years after the doctors had given him that death sentence.”

Dwoskin met him when he was 22 years old, took his course, and realized he wanted to dedicate his life to teaching others how to release and let go.

“I was only 22, and to see these issues I had  been carrying dissolve so easily, something shifted inside, and I had this inner knowingness that I was going to dedicate my life to these teachings. It’s almost 40 years that I’ve been doing this now, and there are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who do this process.”

Dwoskin also expanded on the technique and teaches five different ways of releasing, including the initial technique of welcoming the negative emotion, thought, attitude or belief, and a technique called Holistic Releasing, which is welcoming the polarities that run our life and watching them dissolve, he noted.

“There is also a technique for diving in, where if you go to the surface of any emotion, it feels like it is getting darker, but if you go a little deeper, there is nothing but light, peace and love. That is our basic nature,” Dwoskin said. “All the emotions we struggle with are just very a thin coating on the top. When you move through it, you will see underneath and the coating will dissolve.”

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Dissolving the Barriers to Peace
Many of us reach a point in life where we start searching for more than just good health, good relationships or money in the bank, believing there has to be more happiness then only external circumstances can bring, according to Dwoskin. The Sedona Method helps us dissolve your barriers to discovering the truth of who we are, and to sticking with our positive practices or disciplines we know we should be doing but can’t get ourselves to do, he said.

“From a process orientation perspective, it shows you how to tap your natural ability to let go of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, judgment, memories, and all the tendencies or past judgments we stumble over, even when things are going well. Having a tool to do that is what the Sedona Method is all about,” he explained. “It enhances whatever it is you are already doing because if you know you have taken a course in making more money, but you can’t get yourself to do it, you can remove the obstacles and start doing it.”

While a positive mental attitude and state of mind is important, and there are many tools to help us accomplish this, Dwoskin doesn’t believe we need to suffer in the process. We shouldn’t have to re-experience trauma or rub our faces in it in order to deal with it.

“Rubbing your face in it just gets your face dirty and you suffer more,” he said. “What the Sedona Method does is show you how to dissolve all your inner barriers to success and to maintaining a positive attitude so it happens naturally and you don’t have to work at it.”

We can peel away the negatives, and underneath we will find the positive, which is our natural state and at the core of every one of us. The Sedona Method helps bring this out, and can even help those who are currently successful go to the next level.

“Even people who are succeeding or not letting the barrier stop them – the barriers are still there. They are moving around them or compensating for them, and that is what most people say success is – not letting the barrier stop you,” Dwoskin explained. “But what if you could just dissolve them and spend all that energy on creating what you want instead of holding off the things you don’t. That is what’s possible with the Sedona method and success.”

In the area of health and wellbeing, as people release, their body and mind get healthier and more at ease, and many people will see ailments improving – similar to Lester Levenson did years ago, he noted.

At a recent retreat, Dwoskin worked with a man in his 60’s who was raped by a priest when he was only eight years old. When he told his father, he did not believe him, and beat him for 15 years because he though he lied about the priest. After working on it in the seminar, the issue dissolved.

“He started sleeping and decades of insomnia went away, his relationship with son and wife healed, and he had a whole bunch of other addictions fall away. His whole life completely transformed,” he said. “When you do this process, things you never thought possible start to change, and the goals that seemed our of reach now seem possible.”

Five Questions
The Sedona Method is as easy as asking ourselves five questions as a process of self-inquiry. This helps get us in touch with our natural ability to let go.

“Most of us adults have forgotten how to do this naturally, but as you use the Sedona Method, the natural ability we had when we were very young is available to us again,” Dwoskin noted.

By starting the process on negative emotions, we will eventually discover attitudes and beliefs also getting in our way. We are always doing something with our emotions – usually denying, repressing or escaping them – but this method teaches us to let them go.

“Healthy expression is necessary, but most of us are stuck in unhealthy expression or we repress,” he said. “Also, many of us are so unable to express how we feel, so afraid of how we feel, or are so in denial, we have lost touch with out emotions and then when it comes up, we explode like a pressure cooker. The Sedona Method is a balancing point. It’s the escape value so you can start letting go of the pressure.”

The basic releasing technique starts with an emotion, and the first step is to focus on the feeling. Then we can ask ourselves the following questions:

1.What is my ‘now’ feeling?
2.Could I allow myself to welcome this feelng?
3. Could I let this feeling go? (Just for now.)
4. Would I let this feeling go?
5. When?

This process can be repeated s many times as needed in order to feel better and find relief.

“If you are mousy you, get a backbone and stop letting people walk all over you. If you are over assertive, you get a balance,” Dwoskin said. “People com to a balancing point, and they start behaving in ways that are for their highest and best good.”

If there is a situation in our life we want to change or improve, we can start by allowing ourselves to feel the emotions connected to it as best we can. And if we can’t start with the emotion, we can start with the thoughts because as we work with them, the emotions will come, he noted.

“The more you do it, you will realize you can eventually do it without asking the questions. You can just tap that natural ability to let go,” Dwoskin explained. “Even people who have struggles with things for a long time are surprised at how easy it is. But I always say, don’t discount how easy it is. Most people think it has to be a struggle to grow, but it doesn’t have to be. You can just let go.”


Brad Yates: Tapping Into an Elevated Life with EFT

What if there was a tool you could use to decrease stress, help with physical pain, stop food cravings and change limiting beliefs? The Emotional Freedom Technique, known as EFT or Tapping, can do this and so much more.

EFT expert and co-author of the bestselling book “Freedom at Your Fingertips,” Brad Yates, joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, as part of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit to talk about the topic, and even walked listeners through a 10-minute tapping exercise.

“EFT is based on acupuncture and Chinese medicine, which has been around for thousands of years,” Yates said on the call. “In Chinese medicine, they say there is a flow of energy through these pathways in the body call meridians, and when this energy is flowing naturally we experience this natural state of wellbeing in body and mind. When this energy gets stuck somehow, then we don’t feel so good.”

By tapping on the eight key points given by EFT, we are balancing out the energy and getting it flowing again so we feel good and can clear out disruptions such as sadness, anxiety, anger and pain. Research has also been done showing the tapping process dramatically reduces stress. Particularly cortisol levels are reduced, which is one of the stress hormones, said Yates.

EFT & Emotions
Using EFT to bring down stress, fear and anxiety can offer immediate relief, and by getting our emotions under control, we can make better choices in our lives, said Yates. Most choices are made at the emotional level, and when they are not being made consciously, they are unconscious and based on our emotions.

“If we have uncomfortable emotions going on, and fears like, ‘I’m afraid to have more money then my friends,’ or ‘I’m afraid if I lose weight I might be more attractive, and I’ll have to get into a relationship, and relationships are painful.’ All of this stuff goes on at an unconscious level,” Yates said. “All we know is ‘hmmm, I wanted something to eat, and I was going to have a carrot and instead I ate a box of cookies.’ We make all those choices at an emotional level, and if we can use the tapping to clear out those uncomfortable emotions that so often drive unhealthy choices and unhealthy behavior, we can live a more elevated life.”

Each of the points we tap on with EFT is actually an endpoint along different meridians in the body, and each corresponds to a different organ in the body. These organs are also associated with different emotions, Yates said.

“The great thing about tapping is we are focusing on so many different emotions and so many different points, that we don’t have to narrow in because everything is so inter-related,” he noted. “When we are tapping all the different points we are covering our bases.”

Our emotions are designed to protect us and let us know when something is going on that needs our attention – similar to a smoke detector in our home, according to Yates. Anger is like having a smoke detector. It let’s us know something is going on that we need to look into. However, many people will sit and complain that smoke alarm is going off, and wont get up to turn it off or see if there is a fire, he noted.

“It’s not a matter of, ‘quick lets tap and make sure we get rid of that bad feeling.’ It’s a matter of ‘I’m going to process this and find out.’ So when the smoke detector goes off, is it a battery that needs to be changed, or is there really a fire that needs to be put out,” he said on the call.

The tapping process is a way of getting through our emotions to see what is really going on underneath. If we are feeling sad, or reaching for the cookies, tapping can help us find out why. Maybe we are really upset about an argument with a friend that brought up an issue from the past.

“With the nervous system, when we perceive a threat, our brain function goes to the midbrain and into fight or flight. Then when we realize the danger has passed, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and our thinking returns to the frontal brain where we have creative thinking, are open minded and can think more clearly,” Yates explained. “The tapping helps to move us back into that. It moves us back into the parasympathetic nervous system and helps us make better choices, and do better things and live a better life.”

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Pain & Food Cravings
One of the fastest ways to see how EFT works is to use it on pain – whether its someone dealing with fibromyalgia, back pain or a migraine. Often tapping on pain will also help our stress level, and vice versa, because the two are usually tied together.

“So much of the pain we experience has stress in it. I’ve heard people say 75 percent to 90 percent of physical pain is emotional. As we clear that out, we are clearing out the uncomfortable feelings that we have about it,” Yates said. “It’s not just the physical pain going on, but also all this physical disruption in our mind. As we clear the stress, our body naturally heals itself. So we start healing more quickly.”

It’s not abnormal for someone to tap on a physical pain, and then discover as the pain clears, so does anger about an argument with a friend, he noted. The same is true for someone who may be tapping on sadness, and then find relief from a physical pain.

Another way EFT can help is to release a person from cravings including sugar and chocolate. Yates shared a story of attending an EFT conference with founder of the technique, Gary Craig, who passed out Hershey Kisses, and asked how badly on a scale of 1 to 10 people wanted to eat it. Then led them through a round of tapping.

“I was a chocoholic at the time, so I said, about an 8,” he shared. “We tapped for a few minutes, and I had about as much interest in the chocolate as I did the foil wrapper. And I don’t think I even touched chocolate for about 2 years.”

The same tapping is structure is used not matter what the issue is, and if we are in public, can even work if we are only tapping on one point. The wording we use helps to bring up the issues that may be lurking in our unconscious mind that may have an emotional charge to it.

We can even use tapping to raise our vibration and attract more good into our lives because when we feel better, we create better things for ourselves.

“If you think of a hot air balloon, it’s untethered. It just rises. An elevated life is our default position. It’s our natural state. We don’t’ have to push ourselves up into an elevated life. That is our natural tendency. It’s these ropes that tie us down – these uncomfortable feelings and old limiting beliefs that hold us back. So as we release and untie these ropes we naturally rise to a more elevate life,” Yates said.



Uncovering Synchronicity & Living an Elevated Existence

As part of our current “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit,” I taught a 1-hour class called “Uncovering Synchronicity & Living an Elevated Existence.”

During the class, (listen to it here) I shared the story of how my mother’s death from a sudden brain aneurism three days after Christmas in 1999, ultimately sent me on a search for more – more answers, more meaning and more understanding.

Only 10 months after she died, my sister and I went to see a psychic medium named George Anderson, and after the one-hour reading my entire life changed (even though I was totally skeptical beforehand). I realized there was so much more to life – and death – then I had ever imagined, and my life has never been the same. I was 22 years old.

At age 29, I began to notice synchronicity in my life, and looking back now, I can see how it led me to create Elevated Existence Magazine a year later at age 30. Signs and synchronicity continue to lead my life today, and I also continue to hear from my mother – usually when I least expect it, but always when I need it most.

I decided to make the class available online because of the amazing and loving response I got from it. You can click here to listen to the talk in which I reveal:

— How to uncover synchronicity in the past to help with your future (an exercise)
— The key to any lasting change
— How to call in “elevated reinforcements” for help
— The prayer I start every day with after meditation
— Tips to increase your awareness of signs & synchronicity in your life
— My 5 “R’s” or Recommendations for Living an Elevated Existence

I hope you enjoy the class, and please leave comments below or email me at to let me know what you think!