Sarah McLean: Meditation Tips and Awakening

Meditation can increase our creativity, happiness and fulfillment, and is known to have many positive effects on the physical body. It is often the foundation of many spiritual practices and teachings, and assists in calming the mind, enhancing intuition and awakening the soul to connect us with our higher self.

Sarah McLean, bestselling author of the book “Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation,” and founder of the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Ariz., joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, to kick off the new year as part of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body and Soul Summit, and revealed her 5 Essentials for meditation, sample mantras to use when first starting out, and so much more.

She started by explaining there are a variety of forms meditation can take, including two overall types – Open Awareness, which is where you focus on sights or sounds – and Focused Meditation, where you use a mantra, or focus on a candle flame, sound you chant or movement. The most highly researched form of meditation is mindfulness meditation, also known as insight meditation or breath awareness meditation, and there is also meditation for transcendence.

“Meditation that allows for transcendence is transcendental meditation, primordial sound meditation or other forms of mantra meditations,” said McLean. “When you start the mantra you are aware of where you are and what you are doing, and then you transcend body awareness and breath awareness. You transcend time and even who you think you are and your ideas about yourself and the world.”


However, meditation only works if you do it and if you choose one that you like to do, she said, explaining there are a number of myths that come along with the practice. The first is looking for a mystical or spiritual experience to happen during meditation.

“When we are looking for an experience like that in meditation, it can really inhibit the natural unfoldment of your spiritual awareness,” she said on the call. “The true mystical and spiritual experiences happen as we are living our lives. When your intuition is so strong and you know that you are suppose to go and talk to that person, or you know you are suppose to take a left and you do and it takes you into a magical experience.”

Another myth is meditation is only done correctly when the mind is totally clear. Meditation does help one to clear the mind, but the benefit of the practice often happens when you are not on the meditation mat, said McLean.

“What we learn to do in meditation is to create a different relationship with our mental activity. We learn that it is going to go on anyway because it’s the nature of your mind to think, just like it’s the nature of your mind to see,” she explained. “Your job in meditation is to shift without too much effort, to the focus of your meditation, whether it’s a mantra, the candle flame or breath awareness, and just keep coming back without judgment. Without adding more thoughts to it. There is a coherence created and a clarity created. Even if you sit down and all you do is have thoughts, as long as you keep coming back and refocusing on your meditation with a gentle awareness, then you transform that reactivity center of the brain.”

There is so much research available now showing the amygdala – the part of the brain that is reactive – is where benefits of meditation can be seen. This part of the brain starts to loosen its hold on us in terms of our reaction, and by retraining the brain to go back to the mantra or the breath, we are creating more spaciousness, she said.

“Sometimes we get an impulse in meditation to get up and send that email or make that phone call or go have some food, but if you sit through it, you are transforming your response, you are changing the habits, the neuronal pathways, so that you shift that reactionary response,” McLean noted.

She also shared her 5 Essentials for Meditation, which are:

1. Treat Yourself Well, and Be Kind to Yourself
2. Have No Expectations about What Should Happen
3. Have a Beginner’s Mind Open to Possibilities
4. Don’t Try Too Hard (less is more in meditation)
5. Don’t Give Up 

Stress Relief From Meditation
Often when we are the most restless, we feel the least like sitting to meditate, but often that is when we need it most. And when we are in the midst of a meditation and become restless, this is actually a sign we are releasing stress from the mind and body, said McLean.

“Meditation is the perfect antidote for stress,” she said. “As the mind settles down and the body settles down, you start to create this coherence. What happens is this coherence helps to eliminate any built up stress in the nervous system. There is a purification process that goes on, and impurities start to move out as you are sitting there saying your mantra. They start to generate movement, whether it’s movement of the mind, movement of the body or movement of the emotions.”

One key point to remember is when our mind becomes active with thoughts during a meditation, it is often of our to-do list or current, mundane issues we have to do. But these thoughts have no relationship to the stress we are releasing, said McLean.

“The fact that you are having thoughts, the movement of the thoughts, is an indication you are releasing stress, but the content of the thoughts has no particular correlation to the stress you are releasing,” she explained.

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Dr. Emmett Miller: The Key to Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit

Dr. Emmett Miller is acclaimed as one of the father’s of holistic and mind/body medicine, and is a practicing physician, psychotherapist, musician and bestselling author of books including “Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind Body Medicine.” He joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, as part of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit” to discuss the power of the mind and spirit to heal yourself.

“The old paradigm of healing is the thought of our illnesses being caused by something from the outside – caused by germs or bacteria. Western medicine as we know it is about attacking the illness, we have anti-anxiety, and antidepressant and antibiotic and ‘anti’ everything, but in fact, nowadays 90 percent of our illness are not caused by things that attack our bodies or traumas from the inside, but have to do with the imbalances within ourselves,” Dr. Miller explained on the call.

Our poor diets, lack of exercise and sleep deprivation all play a part, but the psychological stress of living in the world today is responsible for 90 percent to 95 percent of our illnesses, he explained.

“What we treat in Western medicine are the symptoms of illness, and what it is that we need to be doing, and what I’ve been fighting for 50 years now, is we need to begin to treat the source of our illnesses, which has to do with how we are thinking, how we are feeling, how we are dealing with the stress in our lives, how we’re relating to other people, and the choices that we make on a daily basis,” said Dr. Miller. “That is at the root of most of our illnesses, from heart disease to diabetes to respiratory problems to digestive difficulties right on up to cancer itself.”

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There are two nervous systems in the body – the sympathetic and the parasympathetic, and the parasympathetic kicks in when we are relaxed. This is the mode in which the body can heal and build up the organs of the body and the brain to a healthy state. But the deeper part of the mind – the one we share with animals – is where the body shifts into the sympathetic mode of fight or flight, anxiety and stress.

“Any time there is a threat, the body shifts into this sympathetic mode, which means you pump out adrenaline and cortisol, and that is only meant for emergencies, like once every week or so when your body is really threatened, then you go into this emergency mode where the bodies chemicals secreted break down all of the tissues of the body and turn them into glucose so that you can escape from whatever the danger is and that is what we call stress,” said Dr. Miller.

However, because of the stress we live under and the emotions it triggers – whether it’s anxiety, anger, resentment or jealousy — we are kept in this constant state of chemicals and stress hormones. This makes the body more susceptible to the illnesses that are out there, he noted.

“We have tens of thousands of controlled experiements now and studies, which demonstrate that this is true. This is no longer a theory. When I began it in the ‘60s and ‘70s, it was a theory, but now we know that it’s true,” he said on the call. “Ultimately the stress comes from our belief that we are in the midst of a conflict. That somebody is after us, we’ve got to figure out this, we’ve got to get to work on time, we’ve got to avoid the idiot driving next to us. When you believe that you are in conflict that throws you into a stressful condition and starts the body to breaking down it’s tissues and inhibiting the immune function, and those are some of the reasons that we get ill.”

Part of the problem is many people have learned to suppress their emotions, so they don’t even realize they are under stress. This continued state is what is causing us to not only become ill, but stay ill.

“Whatever your condition, the greater the amount of time you stay in this unbroken cycle of stress, the more quickly you are going to become ill, and the slower that you heal when you become ill,” said Dr. Miller.

Tapping Into Healing
During his clinical work following medical school, Dr. Miller realized that mental, emotional, behavioral, spiritual and social factors all play a crucial role in human health and disease. When these are directly addressed in health care, healing is faster and more complete – and a large portion of illnesses can be prevented. He created self-healing tools including guided imagery, meditation and deep relaxation to activate the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

“What I found is if a person becomes ill, if you are able to practice these techniques for quieting yourself, for going into the health state, then the organs of your body can heal yourself more quickly,” he explained. “That means even if you are recovering form surgery or a heart attack, you can get better one-quarter to one-third faster, just by going inside and taking care of yourself in this way.”

What keeps us healthy is when the body and mind are in coherence or in harmony with one another. This creates conditions for the body’s inherent healing ability to kick in. It’s stress and anxiety that take us out of our coherent state and begin to break the body down.

Dr. Miller studied meditation, prayer, hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and began to use them in his practice with patients in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and he realized it was possible for people to enter a certain state of mind to relax deeply and activate the body’s power to heal. He created audio cassettes, and today he has CDs and mp3s available, which are in use at the Mayo Clinic and more.

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“Our brain’s are functioning the way they functioned 100,000 years ago, but we live in a very different world because it’s not saber-toothed tigers that are causing our stress. We are dealing with social stresses and the responses we are using make us sick,” he said. “They don’t enable us to deal well with the stresses around us, and they make us very susceptible to the things we become addicted to — alcohol, drugs, food, shopping and gambling — are all behaviors that bodies are using to try to relieve the unremitting stress, which is within.”

Once this stress is gone, and people can find a place of calm and serenity in the present moment – and gain the wisdom to accept what they can’t change, and make decisions on what they can change – then the addictions and the negative behaviors go away, he said.

“Instead we can focus on healing, optimal performance, being happy, and the ultimate of all is to really learn how to love because that is what we came here for. And that is the new software for the mind,” Dr. Miller shared on the call.