Tammy Mastroberte: Uncovering & Understanding Signs & Synchronicities

by Jennifer McCartney

How would your life change if you knew everything in it – the positive and the seemingly negative – was happening for your ultimate good? The truth is there are no accidents or coincidences in life. There are only circumstances and events we have not yet discovered the meaning for, and by learning to uncover and understand the signs and synchronicities sent to us from the universe (and our loved ones in spirit), we can reinforce our faith, live with joy, and experience life as a series of miracles, rather than random chaos that causes suffering.

Founder of Elevated Existence and editorial director of the award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine, Tammy Mastroberte taught a bonus class as part of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2,” where she shared a number of her tips to uncover and understand the signs and synchronicity in our lives, including:

  • Common ways signs & synchronicity show up in your life
  • Tips to increase your awareness of these in your life
  • Common ways our loved ones communicate from “the other side”
  • How to uncover synchronicity in your past to help with your future

To begin, Mastroberte explained the universe works by sending us clues or hints in our daily lives. These little clues let us know we’re on the right track or they guide us back to the right path, but we must be open and aware in order to recognize them. Whenever we find ourselves saying things, such as “What a coincidence?” “That was perfect timing” “How strange or weird that this happened,” or “How lucky I was,” it is “usually not luck, but something greater than you, working for you,” she assured listeners.

She began the class with the four beliefs that set the foundation for what she teaches:

1. There are no accidents and no coincidences. “From the guy who cut you off in traffic last week to the horrible relationship that just ended, and even the timing of that ending,” she said, are all part of the plan God, Source or the Universe has for us. “Everything that happens in your life has meaning, even if you have not found it yet.”

2. We don’t die. Only our human body dies. The soul and the spirit truly lives on. Our loved ones that have passed are still with us. “If we are still here in this physical world, its because our job and our lessons are not done yet,” she said.

3. Whether you call it universe, god, or spirit—it always has your back. No matter how far you stray from your path, no matter how many wrong turns, the universe will continue to reroute you to the best path, she said. And how do we get rerouted? Through signs and synchronicities.

4. We are never alone. “We have help available to us in the form of the universe, angels, guides, or those that have crossed over,” Mastroberte shared, explaining she envisions these helpful energies as a boardroom of people, waiting to be called on to brainstorm and help with anything we need.

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So what is synchronicity? How do we learn to recognize it? Synchronicity as an experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, Mastroberte said. The events don’t have to be simultaneous—they can be years apart. Sometimes the pattern is only clear in retrospect as you trace events from the past.

She shared an example of deciding to incorporate green juice into our lives. Maybe, we’ve read about it and know the benefits, but have not committed to it yet. Then, we are in the bookstore browsing shelves and happen to find a book about green juice we decide to buy. Later that day, our friend calls and tells us about this great green juice she just tried. Later that week, we are flipping the channels and find a documentary about a man who changed his life through juicing. These things are not coincidence—they are an example of synchronicity, and the universe giving us a nudge towards the right path.

“There really is this force that’s guiding the circumstances of our lives,” Mastroberte said.

In order to fully understand how synchronicity is operating in our daily lives, she shared an exercise called, “Follow the Footsteps” to mine our past for examples and instances of synchronicity that has already taken place. “The universe knows where you’re going, what you need to accomplish your goal, and who can help you, and the best way to uncover and understand this is mining the past for where it has already happened,” she explained.

We can start by picking a major life event—it could be the date we got married, the day we met our significant other, or the day we started college or a new job. We can begin to trace the connections by asking the following questions: How did I end up here? How did this event happen? Why did this event happen? What led me here? Who led me here? What happened next? By picking an event and tracing it back, you can see how the seemingly small and unconnected events in our life brought us to where we are now.

“You will start to see everything is connected,” she said, explaining once we can see the synchronicity operating in our lives, we begin to uncover proof that the universe does indeed have our back, that everything has a purpose and a meaning, and this helps us have more faith in our present and future, no matter what the circumstances may be at the moment. “We can be happy and we can be joyful, if we allow it,” she said.

Becoming Aware of Signs
Signs are also important to watch for in our daily lives. Unlike synchronicity, a sign is a single event that lets us know we are on the right path, or steers us in the direction we need to take, where synchronicity is two or more events. We can receive signs form our angels, guides and the universe or sprit, as well as signs as communication for a loved one who has passed on. Our loved ones want us to know they are O.K., and are still around us and aware of what is going on in our lives. They also want to help and guide us when they can, and will use signs in this way as well.

Signs from loved ones can show up in a number of ways, including a song on the radio, a particular flower with a special meaning to you, a light flickering in your home, a feather in your path, and even a literal sign you pass on by on the highway on your way to work—anything can be a sign meant just for us, she explained.

“If that sign means something to you and that loved one, they will use it,” Mastroberte said. “They will often use things familiar to you.” Our loved ones will do whatever it takes to get the sign across, she assured us.

We can also get signs from our angels, guides and the universe directing us where to go next, or reassuring us on our path. These happen every day, but many of us either don’t recognize them, or don’t believe them as a sign.

“If you’re getting a sign, and you think it’s a sign, accept it,” said Mastroberte. “It’s not a coincidence.”

She also offered a number of tips to increase our receptivity to the signs and synchronicities around us. One of the top tips is to mediate. The goal is to increase our awareness overall and slow down the mind in order to do this. She also recommended keeping a journal.

“From the present moment forward you can start jotting down things in your phone or a journal that you can refer back to,” she says. Once these events are recorded you can flip back through your entries to make the connections, and reinforce your belief in them. This will help to recognize more in the future, and even make connections from what you have written down.

Once we become more open to receiving and recognizing signs from the universe, and we realize how guided we are in all that we do, we can begin to understand that what looks like chaos now will eventually turn into meaning, and that no matter what happens in life, we will be O.K.

“The more that you become aware of [signs and synchronicities] in your own life the more that you will get,” she shared.

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Rikka Zimmerman: Activate Your Dream Life

by Jennifer McCartney

Learning to activate our higher mind can give us access to a whole new set of vibrations and energies, allowiing our lives to flow with ease, joy, and love like never before.

Rikka Zimmerman, creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker, successful author and singer/songwriter, spoke with Tammy Mastroberte, founder of Elevated Existence Magazine during the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit Season 2” to share how we can reach a higher level of vibration in order to create great relationships and financial abundance, and achieve a happier state of being.

And it all starts with love. However, activating and receiving love isn’t a case of looking outside ourselves, Zimmerman told listeners.

“This universe responds to love,” she said. “Activation is really activating who you already are — it’s not something that you’re not or something you’re missing or something that’s isn’t actually a part of you.” It’s through activation of our higher selves that we can awaken a part of ourselves that’s always been there. “Activating your dream life, the way I see it for each of you: your dream life is here. It isn’t a year away or five years away.”

So how can we find this love and energy within ourselves? It’s all about connection, explained Zimmerman, and opening ourselves up to experience that connection. “What we need to do is get you connected and allow yourself to experience that vibration so that you can live within the dream life you were meant to have. Maybe up to this moment you haven’t allowed yourself to experience that light,” she said, explaining some people may feel stuck or trapped in their current situation. “Part of it is about opening up and allowing ourselves to live a whole different universe of love.”

Opening oneself can be scary, but nothing bad is going to happen to us, said Zimmerman. Any pain we feel when we open our hearts is simply old pain that’s been trapped—and which we have the opportunity to accept and turn into love. “The fear and the hurt come from our past, and opening up to it allows us to heal, and increases possibility,” she told listeners.

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We also need to examine any negative patterns in our emotions. “Say you’re having a bad day…you’re mad at your boss…ask that actual pattern, ‘are you actually from now, or are you from a past time?’” Often, these negative emotions we experience are actually old patterns that come back to us, to be with us in new ways. Recognizing this allows us the opportunity to release and let go of these patterns.

“As these experiences come up in your life that you used to have resistance to, as you begin to experience them and let them go,” you will inhabit a whole different universe, Zimmerman explained—one without resistance and without separation. “Every meal, every dive in the ocean, every waking dream, [will begin to feel] wildly magical,” she promised listeners. “You have command over this entire universe, you always have…if you embody the vibration of fear or separations, there’s brakes on your system.”

As a practice for how to take command of our universe and release the “brakes” we’ve placed on ourselves—she walked listeners through a process to open themselves to their highest energy vibration—to breathe in, to open up to the God that we are already.

“Fully awaken and fully open, knowing that all there is, is love,” she said. “Releasing the concept of fear, because fear is actually a concept, it’s not a truth” and “allowing yourself to be loved by that love, feeling that support.”

Experiencing Activation
She invited listeners to imagine their body as pipes filled with space—room for vibrations to flow through them. “Then bring your awareness up—bringing your mind and heart up to the lightest and most spacious vibration you can find. Allow yourself to feel the vibrations coming down from heaven, and bring the vibration into your body with a deep breath. Allow the beautiful vibration to move through your system, opening yourself to the flow of that river of love and life.” Finally, she issued a command: “I command that every cell in my body absorb all of the light of God and love of God on my next in breath.” She then played a series of tones to help listeners achieve that higher state.

Our molecules hold two possibilities, “one of the old paradigm and one of the new,” Zimmerman said. “All of the molecules are waiting for that activation of love…as soon as that happens that amazing awesome future begins to happen.”

Benefits of receiving love and the activation of that love will manifest itself in every facet of our lives. “Sales will goes up like crazy, clients will show up,” she noted. “Everything is attracted to you,” including both money and love. She called this “receiving into existence” rather than “projecting it into that distance.” As we receive it we will find it anchors us more into the physical structure of this world.

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Arielle Ford: Secrets to Attract Your Soulmate

Have you ever wondered what it takes to find the love of your life? Is it your dream to find a life-partner who will love, cherish and adore you?

Arielle Ford, bestselling author of “The Soulmate Secret,” has been called, “The Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love,” and she joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, as part of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit to discuss how to attract a soulmate using the tools and techniques she herself applied to attract her husband, Brian, at age 44.

“For me, a soulmate is first and foremost somebody you can completely be yourself with, and somebody who you share unconditional love, and when you look into each other’s eyes, you feel like you are coming home . . . it can be a lover, parents, kids, business partners, co-workers, and even your cats and dogs fit into that,” Ford shared on the call.

But when it comes to romantic love, the fastest way to manifest it is to start being grateful for the soulmates we already have in life, such as family and friends, and to understand there is no such thing as only one soulmate.

“I don’t know who started the big fat lie that we only get one love in a lifetime. I know one woman who is married to her third soulmate because she outlived the first two,” Ford explained. She also pointed out there are 7.2 billion people alive on the plant and approximately half of them are single, so statistically we can’t not meet our soulmate!

Ford woke up one day at 43 years old and realized she forgot to get married, she explained. She had worked hard on her career and loved her life, but her bed was empty and she knew something was missing. Upon looking at her life and how well she had done in her career, she got the idea of using the same techniques – special prayers, rituals, intentions – to find love. Within six months she met her husband Brian during a business meeting, and three weeks later she was engaged.

“As soon as Brian and I got together, I suddenly became the poster child for women over 40 to fall in love,” she said, explaining she would share the soulmate secret process with people watch them having amazing success. Even her 80-year-old mother-in-law used it to find new love!

“I shared it with my mother-in-law and within three weeks she had a date, which led to her being with her next soulmate,” Ford said. “This has worked for men and women in over 40 countries around the world, and I get emails every single day from people about finding love. It works if you are wiling to put a little time into it.”

If we got fired from our job, we would know exactly what to do to get another one, said Ford. We would update our resume, go online to look for work, network with people and go on job interviews. We would take action, and we need to do the same with our love life.

“What happens, particularly with women, is if they have to find a job or a new car or a place to live, they go into action, but when it comes to their love life, they kind of lean back on the couch and say, ‘well, if it’s meant to be it will happen.’ You would never do that about a job,” Ford noted. “Not only are you looking for your soulmate, but your soulmate is also looking for you. But they can’t find you if your not leaving the house, or if your not online, or if your not in the game. It’s your job to put yourself in the game – that is the first thing that has to happen.”


Steps for Manifesting a Soulmate
Ford shared her key steps  to manifesting love – steps she followed herself and has taught to people all over the world.

Step 1: Forgiveness — The first step is all about forgiveness, especially forgiving ourselves for any judgments we placed on ourselves for not doing the right thing in past relationships. But we also need to forgive others we think have done us wrong. This step is about also clearing out the emotional blocks we carry from the past.

Step 2: Clarity – We need to uncover and get clear about the traits we want in our soulmate, and not jut the physical appearance, but the heart traits, said Ford.

“You want to be looking for things that are going to contribute to your long-term happiness,” she said. “Most people are clear about what they don’t want and not clear about what they do want, so they can start with the ‘don’t want’ list and then turn that into what they do want.”

We should start by looking at the last two or three relationships and list all the things we don’t want in a person, such as lying, cheating and smoking. Then write a list of things we do want, such as loyal, kind, generous, monogamous, and puts my needs first.

“Having this clarity is really critical, and in some ways the hardest because it requires the most time to really ponder and think about,” said Ford. “Then once you do that, you write out your soulmate wish list all in positive statements.”

This is also when we can add some physical qualities we would like our soulmate to have, such as gray hair – something Ford had on her list and actually found in her husband Brian.

“I also had on my list that English would be a first language because I had dated a lot of foreigners and even thought they spoke English it’s different from having it as a first language,” she said. “I also wanted somebody who could walk unassisted because I like to go for walks every single day, so it was a mix of heart traits and physical qualities.”

Know what your ‘must have’s are,’ she explained. We don’t always get everything we want, but be specific on the things most important to you. After you have the list, give it to a trusted friend to make sure you have not missed anything important.

“For example, I’m a big cat lover, and I always have been, but I once dated a guy who is allergic to cats and the first time he came to my condo he started coughing, sneezing and chocking. So a cat lover was on my list,” she shared.

Step 3: Release Ceremony – We need to release the list to the universe, and while we can keep a copy, we should not be obsessive about it or checking it every day, said Ford. For her release ceremony she looked on the calendar for the next new moon, and she wrote out her list on a beautiful piece of stationary, and took it to the cove near her home at noon. She read through the list, said a prayer of gratitude to thank the universe for sending her the perfect and right partner, and then burned the list and tossed it into the ocean. Then she took herself out to lunch, ordered a glass of champagne and toasted her soulmate.

“I said, ‘wherever you are right now, just know that the cosmic welcome mat has been put out for you, and I’m ready whenever you are,’” she explained.

Some of the things we can do with our list include:

— put it above or below an altar

— put in under our pillow or a mattress

–put it in our favorite spiritual book

–roll it up into a scroll, put it into a red or pink helium balloon and release it into the heavens

“The point is just to let it go,” she noted. “Of course, keep a copy. Three years after Brian and I were married, he came running down the stairs holding this beat up yellow legal pad, and he was saying, ‘I found your list, your soulmate wish list, and I’m everything but two.’”

Feathering the Nest
It’s important to get into the state of the mind where our soulmate is already with  us – even before he or she arrives, and Ford calls this “feathering the nest.” It starts with literally preparing our home energetically to receive our soulmate.

“If you were living with an ex, or they spent time there, even though they are not physically there anymore, they have left invisible energy that you need to clear out,” she explained.

There are several ways to do this. Here are a few of her suggestions:

— Hire a professional energy worker or feng shui expert

— Buy white sage and burn it over a bowl while walking around the house. Pay special attention to the window jams, door jams and inside the closets.

— Open all the windows and doors on a nice sunny day, and take a broom in your hand. Using your imagination, literally sweep the other person’s energy out of the doors and windows of your home.

Additionally, if there are photographs, souvenirs, or momentos of things that are from an ex, they should be removed from the home. Even if we are not conscious of them, they are having an unconscious effect tying us to the person and our past. We can get rid of it, or at least put it in the garage. If we don’t have a garage, give it to a friend to store for us.

“I was talking to a friend of mine who is a well known tapping expert,” said Ford. “He was recovering from a breakup and tapping about it, but he still was not meeting anyone. I had a conversation with him and he found photos of his ex in the home. He got rid of them and then two days later he met the women he is now married to. This stuff is really important to do, and it really works.”

It is also important to physically make room for our soulmate in our home. Even if we live in a very small apartment, it is showing a sign of faith to make room for them. This can be an empty drawer in the dresser, half of a shelf in the bathroom, or an inch of space in the closet, she said.

“If you are living in a bigger place and have two car garage, park on your side of the garage and not in the middle. If you have a bigger bed, sleep on one side and not in the middle,” she noted. “Start to symbolically show the universe you literally have room in your home for another.”

We can also do this with our time, and start scheduling time in to spend with our soulmate. For example, block out three hours on a Thursday night. If that time comes and your soulmate is not there, then go out and get a manicure, or go to the movies with a friend, said Ford. But actually put it into your schedule.

“I call this ‘living as if,’ when you’re ‘living as if’ you are knowing and trusting what you’ve asked for is already yours and your behavior is following your beliefs,” she said. “One of the things I did when I was manifesting my soulmate was every time I passed a card store I went in and bought birthday cards, anniversary cards, I Love You Just Because cards, Valentine’s Day cards – I had dozens of cards, all of which Brian now has because I knew that someday I would be giving it to him. So it wasn’t like I was waiting for the soulmate to buy the cards. I was anticipating and trusting that the soulmate was on the way.”

She told the story about a Hollywood actress who loved to cook, and every night she would come home from the set of her TV show and set the table for two. The woman would use the good China and silver, and have flowers, candles and music. She would make a delicious dinner, and by the end of six months, her soulmate was there at the table with her.

“We can’t see gravity, but we know it’s there, and it’s is the same thing with the law of attraction. It’s working all the time whether or not you believe it, whether or not you are using it in your favor,” Ford explained. “The law of attraction states, we draw to us the people, places and experiences that match our state of being, so if our state of being is –‘I am so lovable. I am so grateful for all the love in my life.’ – you will have one experience. If it’s, ‘I’m such a loser, nobody will love me, I’m too old, I’m too fat, I’m too broke,’ the experience you are going to have will be that.”


Marilyn Alauria: Connecting With Your Guides, Angels & Ascended Masters

We are all born with intuition or what is sometimes called a gut instinct, and with the right tools, we can learn to develop our intuition, which can really help us navigate our lives.

Internationally known psychic medium Marilyn Alauria joined Elevated Existence Magazine founder, Tammy Mastroberte, as part of the “Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit,” to explain how we can access our guides, angels and more by balancing the chakras.

“I want everybody on this call to know that whether you feel like you didn’t have gifts at 5, 10 or 15, you can develop gifts at 25, 35 or 75. What you are doing is waking up to your natural essence,” Alauria said on the live call.

She inherited her psychic gifts from her grandmother and has been having psychic experiences since the age of five. When she first began studying and giving readings, she didn’t know a lot about the chakra system or how to open them. But after being introduced to them by her guides, she saw a huge difference in herself and her readings.

“My readings got even stronger, but what also got stronger was my consciousness about myself, and my sitting in my soul got stronger because each chakra really helps us to become one with ourselves,” she explained to listeners.

Each chakra has a gift, whether psychic or emotional, and they are all important because they all effect our consciousness, and our ability to access our intuition and the messages sent to us from our guides, angels, and even our loved ones who have passed.

“Each one has a gift . . . being clairvoyant, which is seeing, or claircognizant, which is knowing, is also about being conscious, and you have to be conscious and awake to recognize the signs your guides, the universe and angels are bringing to you. Unless these chakras are balanced and opened up, you are not seeing it. You’re missing it,” Alauria said.

She also cautioned not to wait for an earth shattering moment from our guides or angels. They often connect with us in subtle ways that at first may seem like a coincidence.

“Your guides are talking to you every day, but we are all expecting a being coming over and shining green lights into our apartment, and our apartment shaking, and it doesn’t work that way all the time,” she noted.

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Chakra Gifts
Alauria walked listeners through each chakra and the gifts contained with them on the call, explaining each chakra connects to different guides, angels and ascended masters.

1st Chakra – This is connected with safety, material instincts and living in the world, said Alauria. “When you are psychic you can get very spacy. I used to walk into things, break things and constantly fall, and it’s because I wasn’t grounded. It’s extremely important that you ground into the earth and you feel safe in the work,” she said.

To ground ourselves, we can go outside and put our feet in the grass, touch a tree or eat root vegetables. Also, chocolate and peanut butter are very grounding. For those who work in an office building, simply finding a window and looking outside at a tree to bring the essence of the tree in can ground a person, Alauria shared.

“You can also bring attention to your first chakra and picture a colored light going from first chakra down to the center of mother earth,” she explained on the call. “Allow that colored light to become something very strong like a tree trunk or cement pole, and write a word on it that helps you to feel safe. This can be a name, your animals name or religious name. Fell the end of the pole getting roots and grounding even further.”

2nd Chakra – Representing creativity, Alauria teaches psychic ability runs in alignment with imagination, and many get confused if a message is in their imagination or their guides. “I just say go with it at first because you will learn the difference,” she noted. “You will start learning the energy from your guides versus your imagination.”

3rd Chakra – This is above the navel and is the color yellow. It is where our clairsentience comes from – where our gut instinct or intuition lives.

4th Chakra – The heart chakra is where our empathic abilities come from – or our ability to feel the emotions of others. “It’s picking up people’s energy and emotions and its green,” said Alauria.

5th Chakra – The throat chakra is usually represented by sky blue, and is where our clairaudience or psychic hearing is from. It’s also about speaking our truth to ourselves.

6th Chakra – This is known as the third-eye chakra, and is the color indigo. There is where clairvoyance or seeing comes from.

“We all have it,” she noted. “Our guides speak to us in symbols, and even everything you dream about has a symbolic meaning. If you are out and about, and you keep seeing bees everywhere you go, don’t take for granted it’s bee season. They are there for a reason, and they are communicating something to you. You can go and look up the meaning of bees and see what it is the universe is trying to tell you. For me, bees represent creativity, so maybe you are opening up to creativity. Or you are not living enough in the honey or nectar of life.”

7th Chakra – The crown chakra is white with lavender specks, said Alauria, and connects us with our guides and angels.

Opening & Balancing Chakras
If a chakra is shut down or blocked, we have the ability to work with it and open it back up. Alauria views each chakra as a room with four walls, a ceiling and a floor.

“When working with a particular one, we can wake up in the morning and begin paying attention to it right away,” she said. “If it’s the throat chakra, I would paint the walls of the room or chakra with a light blue color. The throat is clairaudience and thoughts, so I would say pay attention to the thoughts you are having in the morning. You would be amazing what your thoughts are when you first wake up in the morning. Paint the walls blue, and write vibrant words and your name on the walls. You can even vacuum the blocks to get rid of them. If you work with one chakra for three weeks like that, it will start clearing. And the process doesn’t have to take long.”

When it comes to balancing the chakras, Alauria does it every day before her morning meditation. She balances them and releases anything she may be struggling with at the time, which may be keeping her from her true self or her fullest expression of herself, she said.

“I don’t need to know what it is. I’ll say to my guides, ‘Please release me from anything that is keeping me from being the fullest expression of myself, from living in truth, being an authentic medium and really being with my true gift,’” she noted. “I’ll release it and then I open my chakras and balance the energy. I invite the God inside of me and the God outside of me, and all my guides and angels and the light in. I open up into the gifts, and I ask that my consciousness in those gifts open up to the highest level. It takes less then five minutes.”

The energy coming from our angels and guides is infinite, and we can always ask for their help and protection. They are never too busy or unavailable to us, according to Alauria.

“We can’t even understand what their energy is like. Our energy is in containers almost, but they’re not. Their energy can be everywhere at once. So know that their energy can always come in,” she said.

For protection, she calls in Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and we can do the same. By surrounding ourselves with their loving energy, we can ask what color we need for protection, and take it around our body, extending out six inches or more until we feel safe and not suffocated, she said.

“There are many ways you can protect yourself, but the main thing is that you always have free will, so if there is some negative energy around you, you have free will to say you will not allow that to effect you,” she noted. “I surround myself with angels, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and God. I ask the archangels to cut the cords of any negative situations attached to me, and I ask Archangel Michael to throw a platinum net around my body to remove anything that got stuck, and to get rid of it.”


Margaret Ann Lembo: Chakras, Awakening & Manifesting

It is possible to design our own reality and live each day with prosperity, joy and complete health. With the power of focused intent, we can transform our life using the amazing energy within — the chakras.

Award-winning author Margaret Ann Lembo, whose books include “Chakra Awakening,” “The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals & Stones,” and “Color Your Life with Crystals: Your First Guide to Color, Crystals and Chakras,” joined Elevated Existence Magazine Founder, Tammy Mastroberte, on the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body & Soul Summit to talk about “Awakening Consciousness: Step into the New Year with Clarity and Divine Connection.”

“We have these seven energy centers that are almost like s storehouse of information for our thoughts and belief systems – and the belief systems are the most powerful – that hold the vibration of who we are,” Lembo explained on the call. “So we are constantly broadcasting our essence, our energy field, our belief systems and emotions through these energy centers.”

She gave listeners a brief overview of each chakra:

1st — Root Chakra – This is from the hip bone all the way to the soles of our feet, and the colors associated with it are red, brown, black and grey. This center holds the energy of stability and being a human being on the planet, as well as our belief systems for prosperity, right livelihood and things that have to do with food, shelter and water.

2nd – Sacral Chakra – Associated with the color orange, this chakra is all about our ability to create and give birth to a project, book or a beautiful meal. This vibration is about manifesting, taking action and moving forward, and is where many people have challenges, said Lembo. They have a great idea, but making it happen is another issue.

3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra – Represented by a golden, yellow light and is all about our self esteem and our self confidence. This chakra is about being comfortable to show our light and our magnificence in the world. This is a big one for a lot of people because many of us are walking around with self-esteem issues, said Lembo.

4th – Heart Chakra – This vibration is represented by green and pink, which is love, compassion and kindness. It is the energy of being able to be loving and allow yourself to be loved.

5th – Throat Chakra – It’s colors are pastel blue or turquoise, and the vibration is being able to express oneself and listen – to be heard and to hear.

6th – Third Eye Chakra – This represents our intuitive nature, and the colors are cobalt blue and Indigo. The vibration is about being intuitive and psychic.

7th – Crown Chakra – This is the golden globe of light around our head and connection with the divine, said Lembo.

Chakra_Awakening_final1-200x300We have beliefs and thought forms stored in each chakra, and when we become conscious of them, we can have an awakening, Lembo explained. For example, those who struggle with the ability to speak up for themselves will find these challenges in the throat and solar plexus chakras. By going back in time, and investigating our beliefs, and where they came from, we can bring them to the surface and transform them.

“We can awaken and realize it is old programming and old information that doesn’t apply now,” she said, comparing it to a computer system running an old and incompatible program. “Windows XP doesn’t work on the computer anymore if you have Windows 7 or 8. You have to buy a new program. This is the same as our programming from the past. We need to uninstall the old programs.”

These are easy to uninstall once we realize what they are, and making the conscious choice to change. An awakening is that easy, she said.

“We don’t often have to do much more than have the awakening and have the realization. Once we know where the source is and realize that was then and this is now, then we can make a conscious choice,” said Lembo. “Once we have the realization, it’s up to us to take action and replace that space with positive affirmations.”

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Chakras & Manifesting
During the call, Lembo told listeners how our chakras store thought forms, and when it comes to the law of attraction, all of our thoughts produce energy because everything is energy.

“Energy is vibrating and all vibrations travel on a sound wave. All waves of energy travel in a circular direction, which is where the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ comes from, and it’s not just an expression,” she said. “If we really knew that, we would be very mindful of what kind of thought forms or emotions we are holding onto.”

Once we realize the thoughts we are broadcasting into the world – especially those that are worried or negative thoughts – we can pinpoint which chakra system might be associated with it, and work to change it.

“We can realize, ‘Ok, if this is a self esteem issue, and I’m going to work forward being more comfortable with shining my light, then today I can use some yellow clothing, and I can wear citrine crystal, and maybe some lemon-scented or citrus-scented perfume to constantly remind me to replace those negative thought forms with a positive thought form,’” Lembo explained.

Then we can begin broadcasting something like, “I am so excited that I am attracting people around me who totally support me and recognize how amazing I am, and likewise I am happy to do that for them and support their journey. We all can do that for each other.”

These thoughts versus negative ones, will help us begin attracting people like that into our lives, she explained. Another example is, “I am so lucky. I have so much prosperity in my life because of the work that I do,” and we can wear green clothes and an emerald ring, while using a peppermint scent.

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Using Crystals & Stones
Lembo also shared a variety of crystals that can be used to change our energy in certain areas of our lives.

“The gemstones are tools that activate our energy and amplify it,” she shared.”

For example, to curb negative thoughts, and to ground ourselves to focus on where we really want to go, we can use hematite and black tourmaline – any black, brown or gray stones are good for this, she said.

Additionally, carnelian is good store for someone who wants to take action and get moving on something, as well as for those who procrastinate.

“You could hold it in your hand or wear a carnelian ring,” she noted. “Then we you look at it, you will remember to take action on that to-do list.”

Citrine is good for raising self-confidence, as well as golden topaz or golden calcite, and rose quartz is typically used for the heart, but Lembo also recommends green and pink tourmaline or emerald kunzite. Pink and green stones are usually associated with the heart chakra, she said.

For those working on issue with the throat chakra, blue topaz and aquamarine are ideal, and if we have to have a conversation, for help speaking our truth, amazonite and other pastel blue stones are good. She also reccommenede Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst for the third eye, which is associated with intuition or connecting to the divine, and for the crown chakra, clear quartz can offer clarity and connection with “all that is,” Lembo shared.

“Wear the stones as jewelry, or put it in under the pillowcase at night so we are working on awakening our consciousness even in the dream time,” she said. “Even on the nightstand is good.”

A New Year Intention Ritual
Setting intentions for a new year, is important, but Lembo adds an extra spin to the goal-setting or resolution process – clearing out the old to make space for the new.

“At the end of the year, and you still can do it at beginning, you need to get clear on what you are going to release. What are you not going to bring forward in time with you? What people, places, situations are not of the level of integrity, truth and honesty, and aren’t really serving your highest good that you want to leave behind? It doesn’t’ mean you don’t like them anymore, or don’t love them anymore. It’s just maybe not where your energy needs to be.”

Sometimes it’s just energetic and a matter of cutting the cord, she noted. We all have energetic cords or thought forms attached to people, places and situations, so we have to make a conscious choice to cut the cords. Lembo works with various archangels for assistance in the process.

“I ask Archangel Michael on my right-hand side to cut any cords that are not for my highest good, and the ones I specifically ask to be cut as well. Then I have Archangel Raphael on my left so he can drench me in emerald green healing salve to seal off or almost cauterize the places where those things were cut off my energy field or my emotional field so that way they can’t reattach.”

She also calls in Archangel Gabriel behind her and Archangel Uriel in front of her for more guidance and protection. The next step is to make a clear and concise list of what we want to achieve in the new year at all levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

“Write as many things as possible, up to 100, in a stream of consciousness process to get it out onto paper,” she said. “Handwriting is better for this then the computer. Then we can use crystals, aromatherapy and more to help them become a reality.”

She repeats the intention setting every solstice and equinox, but also keeps it in mind each and every day.

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