New “Living in the Now” Music CD by Chris Chickering

Singer and songwriter Chris Chickering’s sophomore album, Living in the Now, is a record with transformative lyrics, and will speak to anyone on a spiritual path.

Co-written and produced by Grammy-nominated and Emmy award-winning songwriter Greg Barnhill, the songs reference timeless, universal truths about the human condition with a focus on connection, love, acceptance, gratitude and peace.

With songs including “Living in the Now,” “Gratitude,” “Won’t Stop Trying,” and “The Revolution,” the album is part of a new music venture called Music for Positive Change – a project to utilize empowering music to bring people together, lift their spirits and create a brighter, more unified world.

His new album, available through iTunes and other digital retailers, won “Popular Choice Award,” at The Best Santa Fe Albums of 2013, and was ranked one of the Top 20 Albums of the Year by Transitions Radio Magazine. Additionally, seven of Chickering’s tracks are featured on’s Top 10 Songs – Best Indie Music: New Mexico, with his song “Getting Pas the Past” taking the No. 1 Spot.

To preview the album, and for more from Chickerling, visit:

Deva Premal’s Healing Mantras CD

Mantras are often used in meditation to maintain focus, and in her newest CD, “Deva Premal’s Healing Mantras,” the artist presents 17 Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist chants to call in healing energy.

A combination of two previously released albums, “Mantras for Precarious Times,” and “Tibetan Mantras for Turbulent Times,” each mantra is repeated 108 times, and the 2 disc CD – running for two hours – includes mantras for removing obstacles, healing, abundance, compassion, peace, joy and more.

Premal’s voice will enchant the listener, whether used during or in addition to a meditation session.

“A Time for Healing,” CD by Mike Wall

Combining Native American flutes, Tibetan singing bowls, guitars, strings, violins, piano, drones and world instruments with nature sounds, “A Time for Healing,” is a on-hour long CD, featuring 10 compilations by musician, new age composer and massage therapist, Mike Wall.

Wall plays, engineers, and produces his music, and records the nature sounds, primarily around his home in the Pacific Northwest, and while the CD is ideal for massage therapists and other healing practitioners, it can also be used at home as background music, during meditation and more.

“I composed this music for massage with the intention of creating peace, calm, and a place of deep healing for the listener,” Wall said. “I used sound healing principals along with cadence, space, instrumentation, tones, intervals, and timbres that are completely supportive of that intention. The nature sounds were carefully selected to make sense in the context of the music. While composing, I often improvised along with the natural recordings. Throughout the developmental process I consulted with many therapists and their clients and received valuable feedback on the music and how it enhanced their sessions.”

Wall first solo release “Passage” was nominated for Best Ambient album in the 2007 New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards, and charted #11 on the NAR charts. The new CD is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Samples of the music on “A Time for Healing,” are also available on Wall’s Web site,