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Walking on the Sunny Side

Learning to generate positive energy from every situation can go a long way in helping attract all you desire.

By Sonia Ricotti

I remember watching the blockbuster hit movie The Secret when it came out, and like many people, I watched it more than once. I was thrilled because I knew the movie was going to awaken mass consciousness and make people realize just how much control we really do have over the outcome of our daily lives.

My proverbial bubble was burst, however, when I came to realize something very important was not adequately explained in the movie. I was concerned that people would attempt to deliberately apply the Law of Attraction and not achieve the results they were hoping for, and then eventually give up and develop a large dose of cynicism toward this universal law.

Of course, the Law of Attraction does work—if deliberately applied correctly. The truth of the matter is you need to generate positive energy all the time to attract everything you have always wanted in life—and that’s no easy feat.

It is fairly easy to generate positive energy when everything is going well in your life, but how do you generate positive energy when things are not going well (i.e. divorce, financial troubles, illness, job stress, etc.)?

You must achieve inner peace and happiness no matter what the circumstances are in your life. If you master this ultimate state of mind, you will generate positive energy all the time. You will master your life and attract all you ever wanted and dreamed of.

Here are a few steps that will help you on your way to achieving inner peace and happiness, no matter what:


Become aware of your thoughts. What are you thinking? Are they positive thoughts or negative ones? Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, be sure to consciously turn them into positive thoughts.


We each interpret situations in our own unique way. There may be 10 people who have experienced the same situation, but each will have a different interpretation of it. If you are unhappy or don’t feel good about a situation in your life, then you are probably interpreting it in a negative fashion. Since we are the creators of these interpretations, then we may as well consciously interpret each situation in a positive way. Sometimes it’s hard to do, but if you dig deep enough, you will find something positive in each situation. For instance, if you were laid off from your job and feel angry about it, your interpretation may be, I can’t believe I was laid off. I worked so hard for them for so many years and this is how they treat me? I wasted so many years of my life working for them! I’ll never find another job in this recession! Instead, you can change your interpretation to, Wow, that was a surprise. Now what am I going to do? Well, maybe now I can start looking and find a job that I really like and even get a bigger salary. This is the kick in the behind I really needed! In the second reaction, you have turned the experience into a positive one, and are now looking at solutions rather than focusing on the problem.


Stop resisting what is going on in your life. Anytime you feel angry, sad, frustrated or discouraged, you are resisting what is. You are not accepting what is going on in your life. Now whether you accept it or not, it is still happening, right? So simply accept it exactly the way it is and stop resisting. It is not bad. It is not good. It just is. Once you stop resisting, you will release the negative energy and the positive energy will begin to flow.


If you are holding a grudge toward another person (i.e. an ex-spouse, boss, parent, etc.), then you are generating negative energy. You must learn to forgive to truly release the negative energy around a particular situation or relationship. Focus on what you have learned from that experience and how you’ve grown. Look for the silver lining. Sometimes simply knowing that hurt people, (will) hurt people can help with the forgiving process.


Are you still holding on to your negative past? Do you still relive those negative experiences in your mind? Did you know the past doesn’t even exist? The only place it exists is in our minds. We are keeping it alive with our thoughts. Those negative feelings that come with those thoughts are causing you to generate negative energy. Become aware of when you bring your past into the present and consciously release it. It is done. It doesn’t exist anymore. Focus on the blank slate in front of you (called the present) and focus on creating anything and everything you want.


Be grateful for what you already have in your life. Recognize your great fortune and appreciate it. This will automatically put you in a positive feel good mood. Keep what I call a gratitude manifesto, a journal of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Add to it every day, and it will help you appreciate what is already there. It will move you into a positive energy mode.


It is important to surround yourself with people who elevate you. Stay away from energy drainers. Those are people who complain all the time, are miserable, and always seem to be angry about something or someone. Those people will drain your positive energy and replace it with negative energy.


Set aside time for you each day. It is important for your mental well-being, your physical well-being and your spiritual well-being to do so. For instance, go for a walk in nature, exercise, meditate, read or write in a journal. Ensure that you are connecting your mind, body and spirit each day, and this will connect you and positively align you with the universe.

About Sonia Ricotti
Sonia Ricotti is a No. 1 best-selling author of The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple, and a renowned international speaker. She is also president of Lead Out Loud, a self-development transformational company. To find out more about Sonia and her programs, products and workshops, visithttp://www.leadoutloud.ca/