December 2013 Issue: Ram Dass


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Cover Story: Ram Dass – Living From the Heart
Spiritual teacher and bestselling author. Ram Dass, shares his insights on love, compassion, and the spiritual journey of the soul.

Editor’s Letter: A Higher Connecttion (FREE Preview)

2013 Editor’s Inspirational Gift Picks
Elevated Existence editors selected some of their favorite gift ideas to spread spirituality, love and inspiration to others.   

The Meditation Room
Elevated Existence bringing readers the latest meditation research, resources (books, CDs, DVDs), and products. This issue features our picks for tabletop zen fountains.

Awakening With Kundalini Yoga by Tammy Mastroberte (FREE PREVIEW)
Known as the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga connects one with their highest self, elevating consciousness and facilitating greater health and happiness.

Book Spotlight: Earth Angel Training
In her new book, “Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How to Be Loving Instead of Too Nice,” best-selling author Doreen Virtue teaches Earth Angels to create boundaries, and explains how to still be a nice and loving soul without getting taken advantage of by others.

The Power of a Personal Altar by Sonia Choquette
Whether connecting with guides, enhancing intuition or simply disconnecting from the outside world, a personal altar can be a powerful tool.

Food as Medicine: The Truth About Sugar by Christine M. Okezie, CHHC
Understand how the body uses it, the problems it causes and healthier alternatives to sweeten your life.

Healing Corner: The Basics of “Biotics” by Cathi Stack, ND
Probiotics and prebiotics work together to create intestinal wellbeing—which extends to overall health and a strong immune system.

Soul Connections:The Fertile Earth of Love by Dr. Craig Martin
Our intimate relationships provide the path to our greatest soul growth.

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