December 2014 Issue: Debbie Ford

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Cover Story: Debbie Ford – Honoring a Spiritual Visionary
Known for her innovative work, Debbie Ford taught others to embrace both the dark and light within and uncover their true power. Elevated Existence honors Ford with the 2014 Spiritual Service Award, and talks with family friends and fellow authors about her life, work and messages from the afterlife.

Editor’s Letter: Service and the Afterlife (FREE Preview)

2014 Editor’s Inspirational Gift Picks
Elevated Existence editors selected some of their favorite gift ideas to spread spirituality, love and inspiration to others.

The Morning Spiritual Practice (FREE PREVIEW)
Seven spiritual teachers and authors share their morning routines to start the day in peace instead of chaos.

Book Spotlight: “The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You,” by Mike Dooley
In his new book, Mike Dooley draws from more than 40 years of studying the truth of our existence, as well as the last 14 years of teaching the nature of reality to share the top lessons of life from the viewpoint of those who have already passed on.

Go Into he Woods by Sonia Choquette
Connecting with nature is the best way to enhance intuition, connect with your Spirit and soothe stress, worry and fear.

A Course in Miracles Column
A Whisper in Your Dreams by Gary Renard
The Course teaches this physical world is nothing more than a dream – an illusion – and we have the opportunity to awaken any time.

Pet Talk: Quiet Time With Your Pet by Joan Ranquet
Devoting time to mindfully connect with our animals can open the door to communication of thoughts and feelings.

Food as Medicine: The Power of Protein by Christine M. Okezie, CHHC
Whether animal- or plant-based, adequate protein on a daily basis is key to supporting, organs, tissue, hair, muscles and more.

Healing Corner: Natural Cold & Flu Remedies by Cathi Stack, ND
While prevention is the best medicine, here are a few natural ways to kick out a cold or the flu this season.

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