December 2016 Issue: Marianne Williamson


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Cover Story: Marianne Williamson — Honoring a Miracle Worker
Presented with the 2016 Elevated Existence Spiritual Service Award, New York Times bestselling author and spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson talks relationships, anxiety, depression, politics and more.

Editor’s Advice: Miracle & Service

2016 Editor’s Inspirational Gift Picks

Sonia Choquette: Tapping Into Our Super Powers
Bestselling author and intuitive teacher, Sonia Choquette, shares how to use meditation, imagination and intuition to create and live our best lives.

Book Spotlight: “Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Powers of Fruits and Vegetables,” by Anthony William
In his new book, Anthony William reveals 50 life-changing foods that can not only help us heal, but can also help us maintain our help.

Spirit Connection: 5 Habits that Block Love by James Van Praagh
Letting love flow starts with loving ourselves, and by breaking the habits that block it we can increase it in all areas of our lives.

A Course in Miracles Column
When a Friend Passes Away 
by Gary Renard
A Course in Miracles reminds us our bodies are an illusion, and death is simply a transformation or transition to the true reality

Food As Medicine Column
Could It Be Adrenal Fatigue 
by Christine M. Okezie, CHHC
Fatigue, chronic stress, belly fat and salty cravings are just a few symptoms of adrenal fatigue, but it can be healed naturally through diet and lifestyle changes.

Healing Corner Column
Natural Remedies for Angry Skin 
by Cathi Stack, ND
From eczema and psoriasis to insect bites and poison ivy, there are all natural remedies that can help clear up these skin conditions without steroids and chemicals.

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