June 2012 Issue: Marianne Williamson


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Cover Story: Marianne Williamson – A Course on Love
Best-selling author Marianne Williamson reveals how intimate relationships are vehicles to heal, and how to navigate the winding path of love.

Editor’s Letter: What is the Perfect Relationship? (FREE Preview)

The Meditation Room
Elevated Existence bringing readers the latest meditation research, resources (books, CDs, DVDs), and products. This issue features our picks for the best lighting, a new book from meditation expert Sarah McLean and more.

Book Spotlight: Learn to Love Again
Known as The Love Doctor, Dr. Terri Orbach, spent more than 20 years researching love, dating, marriage and relationships, and is sharing what she learned in the new book “Finding Love Again: Six Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship.”  

Self-Care the Crazy Sexy Way – Omega NYC Coverage
Kris Carr’s workshop at Omega NYC teaches attendees how to feed the body, mind and soul for ultimate wellness.

Healing Corner: Stop Hiding From the Sun by Cathi Stack, ND (Free Preview)
Sun exposure can boost our health, mood and vitamin D levels, and believe it or not, can also prevent us from cancer.

Soul Connections:Should I Stay or Should I Go?by Dr. Craig Martin
Intimate relationships take work to maintain, and knowing when to work through it and when to walk away is part of the journey.

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