September 2011 Issue: Jane Fonda


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Cover Story: An Interview with Jane Fonda
In her latest book, “Prime Time,” Jane Fonda reveals new research, along with personal stories, to help others live a healthy, long and fulfilling life, no matter what age.

Editor’s Letter:  It’s Never Too Late to Start Again (FREE Preview)

Yoga: Finding a Style That Fits
Whether it’s a fast-paced workout or a slow-moving meditation, yoga offers a variety of styles to fit every personality. Elevated Existence talks to top yoga instructors in order to break down each popular style, helping you choose one that is right for you!

The Meditation Room
Elevated Existence bringing readers the latest meditation research, resources (books, CDs, DVDs), and products. This issue features our picks for meditation timers.

Book Spotlight:  Small Changes, Big Results
The latest book by best-selling authors, Louise Hay and Chery Richardson, “You Can Create an Exceptional Life,” teaches others how to make small changes in their lives that can produce big results when it comes to the health of their body, mind and soul.

Healing Corner:  The Healing Art of Naturopathy by Cathi Stack, ND
Naturopathic medicine aims to prevent disease and assist the body in healing itself through nutrition, lifestyle changes and other holistic approaches.

Emilio Estevez Interview: A Father’s Journey (FREE Preview Article)
Emilio Estevez reveals the story behind his new movie, “The Way,” in which a father, played by his dad, Martin Sheen, embarks on The Camino de Santiago after finding out his son died on the same trip.

Soul Connections: A New Way to Date by Dr. Craig Martin
Getting beyond the stereotypical dating model and learing to impress yourself first can lead you to the right person.

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