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Cover Story: The Wisdom of Wayner Dyer
Known as the Father of Motivation, Dyer talks about health, manifesting desires, his book “Wishes Fulfilled” and more.

Yoga: Finding a Style That Fits (Won a 2011 Folio Award for Best Single Article in Spiritual/Religious Magazine Category)
Whether it’s a fast-paced workout or a slow moving meditation, yoga offers a variety of styles to fit every personality

Book Spotlight: “Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow and Finding Your True Purpose,” by Gabrielle Bernstein
BONUS: View a video interview with Gabrielle about the book!

Healing Corner: Natural Cold & Flu Remedies
While prevention is the best medicine, here are a few natural ways to kick out a cold or flue this season.

Spirit Connection: Tapping Into the Magic of Synchronicity by James Van Praagh
Becoming aware of the coincidences in life can reveal messages from God, Spirit and our loved ones on the other side.

Real Spirituality by Gary Renard
When we remember and connect with who we really are, happiness and peace exist no matter what conditions surround us.

Pet Talk: How Our Animals Communicate by Joan Ranquet
Using telepathy, we can learn to send information to our pets, and pick up on the signals they send back.

Food as Medicine: Embarking on an Anti-Inflammatory Diet by Christine M. Okezie
By adding certain foods to our diet — and cutting back on others — we can put out the fire of inflammation and activate the body’s natural healing ability.