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Cover Story: Arielle Ford — Reviving Soulmate Love
Bestselling author Arielle Ford shares how to rekindle romance and improve our romantic relationships to find happily ever after.

Editor’s Advice: The Truth About Soulmate Love

Illuminating Your Soul Path by Linda Howe
Moving self-judgement and self-criticism aside, we can discover the true path our soul is meant to take in this life.

Book Spotlight: “Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life,” by Louise Hay
In her new book, Louise Hay walks readers through 21 exercises to heal thier lives and help them tap into self-love.

Spirit Connection: Postmarkes from the Spirit realm by James Van Praagh
Using the “Letter to Spirit” exercise, we can connect with loved ones who have passed to ask a question, resolve and issue and more.

A Course in Miracles Column
The Art of Not Making It Real 
by Gary Renard
Remembering this physical world, along with everything and everyone in it, is an illusion can unlock the door to true enlightenment.

Pet Talk: Understanding Your Pet’s Chakra System by Joan Ranquet
Animals have chakra systems just like humans, and both physical and emotional problems can result when something goes off balance.

Food as Medicine: Snacking — Friend of Foe by Christine M. Okezie, CHHC
How healthy snacking can help manage weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healing Corner: Love Your Liver by Cathi Stack, ND
Making simple changes to diet and adding in supplements can help us detox the liver and have a huge effect on our overall health.

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