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How to Relieve Stress Naturally

Have you ever met anyone who said, “Nope! I have no stress in my life!” Neither have we … so when we came across recommendation by Dr. Manny Alvarez on FoxNews.com, explaining natural ways to relieve stress, we just had to share them!

Passionflower — Often used for anxiety and insomnia, Dr. Alvarez said studies found the herb may be comparable to benzodiazepine drugs. It is available in teas, liquid extracts and tinctures. Also, it’s not recommended for children or women who are pregnant or nursing. Consult a doctor before adding it to your diet.

Massage — Listen, if a doctor says this will help relieve stress, I say let’s give it a try! Who doesn’t love a massage – the ultimate in relaxation?

Meditation — Even if your day is packed, you can take a few minutes to quiet your mind. Looking for the right method? Read our Free article on Finding the Right Meditation for You!

Exercise — Yoga is amazing for stress, but Dr. Alvarez said any type of exercise can help to relieve stress.

Organization — We have read that if your environment is cluttered, it is often a direct reflection of what is in your mind – so start by organizing your surroundings. Believe it or not, it will help you relax much more when you are not surrounded by clutter! Also, Dr. Alvarez said if you are the type of person who is always running around with things to do, start by making a list each day. (We always find this works – empty the to-do list running through your mind onto paper and the stress goes right along with it!)

Eating Healthy — Junk food can actually make us depressed, said Dr. Alvarez. A diet with whole grains and protein can improve the mind and provide extra energy! “Foods that are especially effective for stress-busting include blueberries, salmon and almonds, according to scientists,” Alvarez says in his blog, along with recommending we put down that extra cup of java!

Limit Technology — Disconnecting from the Internet and cell phones (no matter how entertaining or convenient) can block out some of the stress in our lives.

B Vitamins — Known to promote proper functioning of the brain and nervous system, these vitamins also can help reduce relaxation and fight fatigue, said Dr. Alvarez. B vitamins can be found in the germ and bran of cereal grains, along with beans, peas, nuts, liver, eggs and dairy products, he notes.
Aromatherapy — Popular oils for both stress relief and mental fatigue are lavender, cypress and rosemary, Dr. Alvarez said in the article.

Sleep — Sleep can be key to our mood and stress level. Creating bedtime rituals to “signal the brain it is time to go to sleep,” said Dr. Alvarez, as well as avoiding exercise three hours before bed or taking a warm bath can help. Foods with tryptophan can promote sleep too, such as carbohydrates, bananas, peanuts, figs and dairy.
Thanks Dr. Alvarez!

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