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5 Simple Ways to Get Present

By Keri Nola, MA, LMHC

You know those times when you feel really scattered, overwhelmed and checked out? There’s no shame in getting unbalanced from time to time, and the truth is, we all do it. I have found it helps when we have some quick tricks in our toolbox to support us in re-centering.

Empower yourself now with these 5 simple ways to get present:

1)      Breathe. The breath is simply our most powerful resource for returning to inner peace and calm. Allow yourself to breathe in and out through your nose slowly and mindfully. Shifting your awareness to the breath helps to bring you back to the here and now quickly.

2)      Blink Mindfully. Opening and closing the eyes with intention is another quick and easy way to bring you back to the here and now.

3)      Go Barefoot. Walking barefoot, especially outside on mother earth is a wonderful way to awaken and rebalance your root chakra, which helps keep you connected to the present moment. If you are unable to go outside or take your shoes off, you can simply imagine the soles of your feet coming in contact with the earth and being anchored and supported.

4)      Name Game. The senses are another power tool when it comes to getting grounded and returning to the present moment. This technique is as simple as naming three things you see, hear, smell, and/or physically feel to help bring you back to the now. Tuning into the reality of what is around you is a quick way to anchor yourself.

5)      Gratitude. Think of and/or write down three things you are grateful for in this moment and allow those feelings of gratitude to awaken in your mind, body and soul.

These exercises can be used by themselves or paired up as you wish to create a grounding ritual that resonates with you. The good news is no matter where you are or what you’re doing, all of these tools can be quickly and easily practiced to help you show up to your life fully and completely.

Ready for another tool? Download a Free Chakra Balancing Meditation to help you get present.

Keri NolaAuthor of “A Year on Your Path to Growth: Daily Inspiration to Reconnect With Your Soul,” and “44 Holistic Tips for Peaceful Sleep,” Keri Nola is a highly regarded psychotherapist, and Founder of Path To Growth LLC, an integrative healing center based in Central Florida. She combines traditional and holistic techniques to create products and experiences that help people access their inner wisdom and create a healthy mind, body and spirit to live their most inspired lives. Her real life experience paired with her extensive education and work background makes her a compassionate, balanced, and sought-after professional in the areas of personal and spiritual growth and development. For more information, visit www.pathtogrowth.com; follow Keri on Twitter @PathtoGrowth; or on Facebook

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    Thanks! My effort on being in the present made easy! 🙂 Love ya Keri Nola!

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