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Actor Derek Luke Puts “Spirit First” in Life

Derek Luke recently joined the cast of “Hawthorne” on TNT, starring Jada Pinkett Smith (who plays Christina Hawthorne). His character is a doctor from Chicago going through a divorce, and the new love interest of Hawthorne’s daughter.

When interviewed by “Shadow and Act,” a blog on Indiewire.com, Luke discussed his personal views on spirituality, explaining: “It allows me to have peace no matter what kind of storm is happening … I believe when you find a plan and purpose that God has for your life, there’s not anything man can do to you …”

He also explained in the interview that his character on the show, Miles, is going through a divorce and facing “tough decisions,” after his move from Chicago to Richmond, Va.

“It’s a right career move but he’s finding out if it’s correct for his family. He’s presented with some escape routes and he has to decide whether or not those escape routes are appropriate to whom he is as a person,” he said in the article. “That’s what I love about having spirit first … when you put spirit first, you have a reason for why you do heart.”

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