June 2010 Issue: Patrick Muldoon




Cover Story: The Awakened Artist

From Calvin Klein model to television and movie star, Patrick Muldoon is now embracing a new passion as a singer and songwriter, and creating music and lyrics that move the soul.

Editor’s Letter: New Directions

FREE Preview: Angels Column: Global Guardians

Operating at a higher level, Archangels can help us with a variety of issues, from banishing fear to finding our life purpose – as long as we ask them.

Also Featured in This Issue:

  • Publicizing Spirit: Interview with publicist and reality television star Kelly Cutrone
  • Omega NYC Conference Coverage – featuring Elizabeth Lesser, Debbie Ford, Sonia Choquette and Byron Katie
  • Law of Attraction: Coping With Negative People
  • Healing Corner: Homeopathy – Helping the Body Heal Itself
  • Healing Corner: Rewiring Your Brain for the Good Life
  • Energy Awareness Radio: The Power of Imagination – Self-Guided Imagery
  • Book Spotlight: “The Tao of Forgiveness” by William Martin