March 2009 Issue: Russell Simmons





Cover Story: The Spiritual Mogul

Russell Simmons incorporates spirituality into both life and business, leading him to happiness and success.

Editor’s Letter: The Spiritual Side of Business

FREE Preview: Love Starts in the Mirror

To receive love, we first need to give it—and the best place
to start is with ourselves.

Also Featured in This Issue:

  • Meditation in the Classroom —The David Lynch Foundation teaches transcendental meditation to children.
  • Coverage of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life Conference in NY — This article includes coverage of speakers Louise Hay, Gregg Braden, Cheryl Richardson, Mona Lisa Schultz, and Dr. Christiane Northrup as they speak about healing body, mind and spirit.
  • Book Spotlight: Pleasure is in the Process
  • Healing Corner: Gifts from Gaia – Healing with stones and crystals.
  • Evolution Revolution Radio: Become a Magnet for Love
  • Soul Communion: Spiritual Equity by Dr. Laurie Ann Levin
  • Divine Guidance: Living the Path of Compassion