September 2009 Issue: Olivia Newton-John






Cover Story: An Inspired Voice

Whether singing healing songs or speaking out for a cause she believes in, Olivia Newton-John uses her voice to spread spirituality, gratitude and love.

Editor’s Letter: Finding the Gift

FREE Preview: Tuning Into Spirit

Psychic medium Lisa Kay shares what she discovered from communicating with the other side, and how we can all learn to connect to the messages and wisdom of spirit.

Also Featured in This Issue:

  • Interview With Joe Vitale: Attracting Money in Any Economy
  • Book Spotlight: God The Universe and Where I Fit In, by Dr. Laurie Ann Levin
  • Healing Corner: Antibiotics, Biofeedback & Neurofeedback
  • Law of Attraction: The Time of Your Life
  • Divine Guidance Column by Matt Kahn: The Simplicity of Self-Awareness
  • Evolution Revolution Radio: Ushering In A New Era