September 2012 Issue: Dr. Brian Weiss


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Cover Story: Dr. Brian Weiss – The Power of Past Life Memories
Best-selling author and psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss explains how past life regression therapy can heal the body, mind and spirit, and help us in our present lifetime.

Editor’s Letter: We are Spiritual Beings (FREE Preview)

The Meditation Room
Elevated Existence bringing readers the latest meditation research, resources (books, CDs, DVDs), and products. This issue features our picks for meditation altars, a new book from Chopra Center’s lead meditation instructor, Davidji and more.

Book Spotlight: Living Clutter Free
Author Barry Dennis takes readers through the process of clearing out clutter from our body, mind, spirit – and home in the new book “The Chotchky Challenge: Clear the Clutter from Your Home, Heart and Mind . . . and Discover the True Treasure of Your Soul.”  

Robert Holden: Making the Shift (FREE Preview)
The best-selling author shares six principles to help us embrace and accept the authentic self that lies within us all in this exclusive coverage of his session at Hay House’s “I Can Do It Toronto.”

Healing Corner: Boost the Immune System Naturally by Cathi Stack N.D.
With a few simple changes to diet and lifestyle, we can experience a year free from colds and the flu. 

Soul Connections:Learning How to Love
By starting with ourselves, we can learn the true meaning of love, and then extend it to those outside of us.

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