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Barbie’s New Eco-Friendly Dream Home Gets Meditation Room

No, Mattel won’t actually be producing this house, but in a design contest held to promote its newest “I Can Be…” Barbie Doll, Architect Barbie, the company teamed up with The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and held a contest for participants to design Barbie’s next dream home, FastCoDesign.com reported.

And the winning design is an eco-friendly California home complete with a meditation or “inspiration” room. Entries were narrowed to five finalists and put to a public vote – the winners are recent Harvard master’s graduates Ting Li and Maja Paklar, with 8,470 votes.

The four-floor home includes solar panels, a rooftop greenhouse with its own efficient irrigation system, low-flow toilets and sinks, locally sourced and manufactured furnishings and bamboo floors.

Apparently it’s time for Barbie to kick off those high heels and say “om.”

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