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Bruce Lipton on 2012 & Healing the Body

Science is showing us that before us there were five civilizations completely wiped out. We are now in the sixth, and “civilization as we know it is about to end … and a new one is about to begin,” Bruce Lipton recently told the crowd at Hay House’s “I Can Do It Toronto” conference. But it’s not exactly as it seems.

“The Mayans never said it was the end of the world,” Lipton explained. “It’s the end of the way we have been living in this world. The way we have been living has been destroying the planet from underneath us.”

Life cycles of civilizations are just like humans – they grow, develop and die out – and simultaneously while one is ending, a new one is beginning. Everything in the universe is always in a state of flux and movement. Nothing stays the same. Therefore, those with rigid beliefs, who resist change, are the ones who will experience challenges, he explained.

“When you see the world changing, don’t be afraid. Actually gravitate toward the change because life is sustained by change,” Lipton advised. “It’s a time to open up and say we must look at the world in a different way.”

Looking back 10,000 years ago, people saw the spiritual and material worlds as equally present and powerful, where one could not exist without the other. They also viewed the mind and the body as equally important. But as civilizations evolved, the focus began to shift more toward the material world, and the belief became the mind and body are separate. However, the good news is we are moving back toward spirit as science continues to evolve and disprove many of the theories once thought to be true, according to Lipton.

This culture is built on fundamental beliefs that science is proving wrong. For example, Newtonian Physics, based on Isaac Newton’s view that we could ignore the invisible world has changed. Now, Quantum Physics, shows the invisible is important because the universe is actually made up of energy, which Lipton referred to as “the field.” This field controls all matter – including human beings. With quantum mechanics, the mind is once again returned to the body, and we now realize it is what controls the body.

This means, if “you change your perception [mind], you change your biology [body],” Lipton explained.

Another misperception, or what Lipton called “Myth-Perception” was that our genes control our biology.  This thinking made us victims of genes, but now science discovered epigenetics proving that we can change our genes, said Lipton.

“Epi means above, so the control of your genes is above them – your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitudes. You are not a victim of your genes,” he explained, sharing what he called “the secret of life,” which is that it’s actually our beliefs that engage the “switches” in our cells that affect our genetics.

“If you think you are going to get cancer, you can manifest cancer,” he said. “Cells respond to environment. The nervous system picks up signals, which is called perception, and then your mind interprets it. Two people can have the same perception but different interpretations.”

These interpretations are what lead to the changes in body chemistry, he noted. We are our own biologists. If we open our eyes and see someone we love, our brain releases dopamine and oxytocin and our cells grow beautifully … but if something scares us, and we are in a state of fear, our brain releases cortisol and histamine, and fear shuts down the growth of the cells, he explained.

“When you change your perceptions, you change your life. It’s your beliefs about life that is creating the life you have. When you take back control you can become that master of your own biology … it starts by changing the chemistry from your thoughts,” he noted.

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  1. Diana Wilson says:

    You continue to hit the nail on the head (without causing a headache). I agree with you wholeheartedly. Keep spreading the good news until enough people “get it” and we can start collectively defeating our dragons with positivity.

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