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Celebrities Hit the Meditation Mat

The benefits of meditation are not lost on the celebrity crowd – that is why so many turn to the practice to keep them balanced, often attributing meditation to their continued success in all areas of life.

Supermodel, Elle Macpherson, told Radio Times she practices yoga and meditation daily for both her mind and body. In fact, she attributes her success to meditation and healthy eating – she follows a strict organic diet.

“I don’t run eight miles a day like I used to,” she told Radio Times. “I eat a lot of organic food and drink lots of water, and I take time for meditation to set up my day. Beauty comes from within.”

Fellow supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, also credits meditation for keeping her healthy – especially while she was pregnant to her son.

In January, actress Gwyneth Paltrow said her New Year’s resolution was to learn how to meditate, according to The Telegraph, and singing legend Tina Turner credits her Buddhist beliefs and her practice of meditation for giving her the strength to leave Ike Turner in the ‘70s, the report stated. Even singer, Katy Perry, says she often sits to practice meditation with her husband, comedian and actor, Russell Brand – who is devoted to the practice.

And that’s not all! Actor Steven Seagal moved to Japan at 17 years old and studied acupuncture and martial arts – and has practiced meditation for more than 27 years. Actor Orlando Bloom “credits meditation and the philosophies behind it for helping him to keep away from the self-destructive path so common in Hollywood,” according to the Telegraph. And actor Richard Gere – known for being a devout Buddhist and friend/follower of the Dalai Lama, believes meditating daily helps to motivate him.

Rivers Cuomo, who is the frontman in the rock band Weezer recently attended a 45-day meditation retreat, and director, David Lynch has not only been meditating for more than 35 years, but last year, he launched the David Lynch Foundation to teach students in urban areas the technique of Transcendental Meditation.

Other Transcendental Meditation devotees include hip hop mogul and author, Russell Simmons, who has been interviewed twice by Elevated Existence and also practices yoga, and George Harrison, who even introduced meditation to other Beatles.

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler also practice yoga and meditation, and the singer has said: “Yoga introduced me to a style of meditation. The only meditation I would have done before would be in the writing of songs,” according to The Telegraph.

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