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Discover & Release the Root Causes of Stress & Disease with Dr. Darren Weissman

As the developer of The LifeLine Technique, a holistic system to discover, release and interpret the root cause of physical symptoms and stress – which is essentially emotions trapped in the subconscious mind – Dr. Darren R. Weissman introduces a new tool called the See, Feel, Hear Challenge in the book “The Heart of the Matter: A Simple Guide to Discovering Gifts in Strange Wrapping Paper.”

Using this new technique, readers can learn to uncover subconscious core beliefs and release the stored emotions causing stress and dis-ease in the body.

Elevated Existence chose “The Heart of the Matter” as one of its Read, Watch, Listen picks in the September 2013 issue of the magazine featuring a cover story interview with Jack Canfield!

For more information on Dr. Weissman and The LifeLine Technique, visit www.drdarrenweissman.com.


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