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Editor’s Advice: Repeat to Delete

When it comes down to it, the books, magazines, seminars, workshops, videos and CDs from experts can give you the tools, advice and inspiration needed to change your life, but it’s up to YOU to do the work and elevate yourself! A big part of that work is repetition.

We must repeat new behavior in order to delete old patterns.

Most of us have spent years developing the habits and ways of thinking we are now trying to change, but it doesn’t have to take years to reverse this. The key is in consistent repetition.

When I interviewed bestselling author Jack Canfield for the Elevated Existence September 2013 cover story he told me about the 30-Day Principle. This states in order to change a habit, a new behavior must be done for 30 days in a row without missing even one day. It’s the daily and consistent repetition that literally changes the brain and locks in the new habit neurologically.

How many of you go to a seminar or read a book and get excited about trying something new. You are determined to change, and begin to practice the new skill. It could be keeping a gratitude journal, practicing meditation, drinking green juice or affirmations. You do it faithfully for 10 days straight, and then you miss a day because you get busy, wake up late or are too tired at night. Suddenly the pattern becomes two days on, three days off, 10 days on, one day off. Sound familiar?

We long to manifest the life we desire — one of peace, happiness, abundance and health — but we don’t remain consistent in the practices we know will help get us there. Without repetition it’s nearly impossible to manifest our desires, change a habit or retrain the brain.

But don’t take my word — or Jack Canfield’s word — for it. Test it out! This month, try picking just one thing you want to change, and begin a practice. If you remain consistent for 30 days, I guarantee you will see changes for the better!

Here are some examples and books/CDs I recommend:

— Decrease Stress — Meditate twice a day (even once will help) for 20 minutes each time. If you find it difficult on your own, listen to a guided meditation. One of my favorites is by Joan Borysenko’s “Meditations for Relaxation and Stress Reduction.” Also, I’ve recently began using EFT/tapping twice a day to begin and end my day with less stress using the “Tapping for Stress Relief “ CD by Jessica Ortner.

— Increase Abundance — Begin a gratitude practice. Start each day listing 10 things you are grateful for in your life. It can be gratitude for the roof over year head and the bed to sleep in, or even the actors who entertain you on your favorite television show! Then end each day with 5 things you were grateful for during the day — from the quarter you found on the sidewalk to the driver who let you pass on the highway. A great book to help with 30 days of gratitude is “The Magic,” by Rhonda Byrne.

— Improve Health — Commit to making small changes in your diet, such as daily green juice to alkalize the body, or making a conscious effort to cut your sugar intake in half. Maybe it’s time to start a vitamin regimen (most of us are deficient in vitamin D) and begin taking a daily probiotic supplement since 80 percent of your immune system is in your gut.

Start with one thing, and as you see the benefits, you will be excited to change even more! Nothing is stopping you but yourself and your beliefs. Make this your new affirmation:

“I know I have the power to do, be and create anything I desire.”

And remember that you DO!

Tammy_Mastroberte_headshotTammy Mastroberte is a three-time, award-winning writer, founder of Elevated Existence, and publisher and editorial director of the multi-award-winning Elevated Existence Magazine. She started the new age, spiritual and self-improvement publication at age 30 – eight years after the sudden death of her mother from a brain aneurysm only three days after Christmas in 1999. This tragedy led her down a synchronistic path to discover her purpose and the meaning behind many of the events in her life – including her mother’s death. She now shares her guidance, and the wisdom of today’s top authors and spiritual celebrities through Elevated Existence Magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @ElevatedTammy or on Instagram: elevatedtammy. For more information, visit www.tammymastroberte.com.




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  1. EXCELLENT article Tammy!! One of the clearest and easy to apply solutions to the subject I’ve read!! Thank you and keep up the great work and helping us live an elevated life!!

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